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These triplets just danced the viral dance challenge. Find out why these guys trend on social media!

viral dance challenge

The social media right now has contagious viral dance challenges. Escoopers, Scotty Johnson and Kevin Durano, did the Runningman Challenge in a gym. Others have their own versions with cute to terrible videos of them doing the silly moves.

The Runningman Challenge has stayed for over a month in the viral top list and may be waning later or perhaps, soon. Isn’t it time to have another new dancing challenge to get the people grooving?

These three lads just want to have fun to get that boredom and Sunday blues out. So they take their mobile out and record their #TrumpetChallenge moves.

There were lots of videos showing the Trumpet Challenge but these triplet show a unique way on how to dance. Check the video above and see how unique, refreshing or downright cute they are.

Don’t forget to finish the video and watch the funny behind the scenes action of these triplets.

In other words, the world of social media is constantly evolving with new and infectious trends. From the Runningman Challenge to the Trumpet Challenge, these viral dance crazes capture our attention and bring a sense of fun and togetherness to our screens.

While the popularity of these challenges may wax and wane, one thing remains constant: the ability to connect people from all walks of life through the universal language of dance. As we eagerly anticipate the next trending dance sensation, let’s continue to embrace these moments of joy and laughter.

So, keep grooving, keep sharing, and keep the good vibes going on social media!

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