Get in Shape with these 5 Simple Tips

Get in Shape with these 5 Simple Tips

Can you feel yourself letting go? You may be one of the busiest people you know and have come to the conclusion that your body comes last and that is okay. Even with this perception, you feel guilty because fundamentally you do know that your body is the most important thing you own.

It is yours and not anyone else’s. At your core, you may even feel embarrassed about how much you have neglected your body—the most valuable thing you inherited since the day you were born.

If you think about it, your body is the first thing you have ever owned. You were not born with anything you possess now except your pliable body.

With this realization, I want to share five tips that can improve your body, helping you get to a healthier and happier place.

1. Avoid or eliminate fried and deep fried dishes from your diet.

Eating fried foods not only causes weight gain but also contributes to higher cholesterol and higher blood pressure. By avoiding these types of food, you will consume less fat and decrease your calorie intake. Some common foods to avoid include crispy pata, lechón, lumpiang shanghai, turon, sisig, french fries, fried chicken, and fried eggs.

Try this: As an alternative to frying your favorite meat(s), grill, broil, or bake them instead. The way you prepare your food can make a huge difference on how much weight you lose or gain.

2. Substitute carbs especially fake carbs and limit them from your diet.

Granulated sugar, candies, potato-chips, toast, pizza, soft-drinks, and donuts are some of the highest foods packed in with “bad” carbohydrates. Eating too many carbs will impede you from staying in shape. Foods that are so overly processed are very high in calories and stripped virtually of all nutrients. Stay clear of these so called fake carbs as well.

Try this: As a substitute for potatoes, eat squash, cauliflower, or zucchini instead; as a substitute for pancakes or bread, eat oatmeal instead; and as a substitute for sugar use honey!

3. Choose fruit instead of dessert.

When you make the smart decision to eat fruits instead of cake, cookies, ice cream, or other deserts, you immediately eliminate the risk of over-eating. Ever try to just have one or two Oreos but fail and end up eating half the container? That is the challenge, and if you combat it by eating fruit instead, you would have gotten much more nutrients.

Try this: When hungry, try eating avocados. They can suppress your appetite when eaten in moderation.

4. Take the stairs. Walk from point A to point B.

You can always add extra calorie burning activities throughout your daily routine, no matter how busy you are. When you fit exercise into your schedule throughout the day, it can add up and you may actually burn just as many calories as a 30-minute heart strengthening exercise.

And sure, walking to work or to the grocery store will not get you the flat stomach you desire, but at least it is a way to burn calories while strengthening your lungs and heart.

Try this: Instead of taking the elevator or escalator, take the flight of stairs. You will get to work on your hamstrings and gluteal muscles to get the added benefit.

5. Join a fitness gym.

When you become a member of a gym, you have access to a variety of work-out equipment and fitness activities. You will become acquainted with different workouts that target specific muscles or muscle groups, and you will gain confidence as you become more knowledgeable about fitness.

By joining a gym club, it could possibly be the turning point of your life—the first step you make into an overall healthier lifestyle.

Try this: Join a gym that is flexible to your schedule and that does not break the bank. Some gyms are even open for twenty-four hours.

By following these guidelines, I can assure you that you will see some changes. You might even be surprised at how easy it is to follow these tips, especially once they are sort of integrated into your routine that they become a habit.

It may be difficult at first, but anything worthwhile is supposed to take time and effort. Besides, don’t you agree with me that your body is worth it all?

Once you make the choice and stick to a plan that works for you, everything else will follow. You will be so proud of yourself for the progress you have made, and it will truly be one of the best accomplishments you could ever make in this lifetime.

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