5 Ways HR Can Use SMS to Engage Employees and Promote Growth

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Engage Employees and Promote Growth

SMS messaging is an important tool for businesses that want to connect with their customers more effectively. It allows businesses to deliver messages efficiently, while improving customer engagement. However, SMS can be useful for internal communications as well, especially if you want to engage employees.

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Here are four ways your human resources department can use SMS messaging to improve communications with employees:

1.) Emergencies.

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In the event of an emergency, HR needs to be able to contact employees quickly. The ability to send a critical alert is crucial. For example, if the office needs to shut down because of a power outage, getting the message out immediately is essential. In the past, HR often used email or personally called employees in these situations, but this can be very labor-intensive and slow.
With SMS messaging, the HR department can send notifications to all employees with the click of a button. Because employees usually have their smartphones on hand, they will receive the message immediately.

2.) Reminders.

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Another potential use of SMS messaging is to remind employees of important events, such as upcoming meetings or paperwork deadlines. HR can use SMS to send reminders for events and deadlines at various intervals to ensure that every employee stays informed. Not only is this an efficient method of communication that won’t consume HR employees’ time, but it can also increase compliance among employees.

3.) Recruitment.

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Current employees aren’t the only ones who can benefit from HR’s use of SMS messaging. This service can also be beneficial for potential employees who want to apply for positions with the company. Jobseekers can leave their information with HR, and HR can use SMS messaging to contact them when an appropriate opening is available.
HR can also use SMS messaging to support the application and interview process by reminding jobseekers of application deadlines, keeping them up-to-date on the status of their applications, reminding them of interview dates, and following up after the interview is over.

4.) Surveys.

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Feedback from employees is a great resource to help HR improve the effectiveness of certain company policies, or HR may simply need to conduct a poll before scheduling the company Christmas party. Regardless of the purpose, SMS gives HR a simple tool that can be used to collect and analyze feedback from employees quickly. Using SMS, HR can send a series of questions to employees and receive electronic responses in real time.

5.) Incentives.

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When it comes to growing the company, employees are one of the most valuable assets. HR can use SMS to facilitate contests and other incentives that encourage employees to be more productive. For example, HR may use SMS messaging to announce a reward for the employee who brings the most new customers in a certain month.
In order to get the most out of SMS messaging, HR departments need a high-quality SMS program that provides them with advanced features. When choosing an SMS program for your HR department, make sure you select a program that offers mass texting, text-to-join services and any other feature that you may need in order to communicate effectively. Regardless of the program you choose, be sure to take time to educate HR employees so that they can use the program effectively.

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