VIRAL: Make sure to lock the bathroom door or else this happens

Ohhh… mobile phones. They’re the phenomenal inventions of this generation. They’re handy to send texts or make or take calls. Used everywhere and everyday, mobile phones have been attached to almost everyone’s lives. And if you want a situation viral and upload a video on the Internet, just record an event, a circumstance, a dance or even a song  no matter how funny, catty or simply ridiculous it is.

In today’s generation, things can happen in an instant just what this girl has experienced.  Her experience may become a part in our viral and trend history.  Just see the number of shares and likes this simple video has.

In her experience, it gives us a lesson to always find any event or situation, record it and take risks to post it on social media, because in this generation, people always have a phone to record a video and make the video viral. And if you add a Duterte-sque tone and reaction to a surprising circumstance, we’ll be there to hear and laugh it off. We’re sure this girl took the hilarity to heart when she’d find out how popular (or notorious) she’s become.

But next time, be careful lads and lasses. We don’t want to see any scandalous moment that may tarnish anyone’s reputation. We’re not like that here. But if we find a video to be this funny but less explicit, then we may have to reconsider.

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Written by Proudly Filipino

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