Balance and Symmetry

Balance and Symmetry

It was 10:00 in the morning and traffic abated from snarl to easy flowing. Instead of taking full advantage, I decided to take things in stride. I refrained from overtaking and weaving around slow moving vehicles.

Instead, I listened, enthralled to news offered by my car radio. Testing my suspicion, I pushed some buttons, and, obediently, the AM station flipped to yet again, another AM band with the same commentary: Marawi Siege.

Without doubt, now I conclude, news industry really thrived on gloom, violence, catastrophe, disaster, and strife. There can only be one of two, hopefully not both: one, this just display that nothing captures human interest more than human tragedy or, two, it is only a product of overdramatized stories just to sell a paper.

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Someone has it, “biased journalism is often more colorful than balanced reporting”. It is faster and easier to write, and without doubt, sells more. Balanced reporting is cumbersome. It requires getting the flipside of the story and is time-consuming. Well, here’s what you’ve missed.

Early this month, Secretary Mark Villar announced the opening of NAIA EXPRESSWAY. Accordingly, this will connect Manila airport to SLEX and NLEX such that what ought to be a one hour of fruitless ride will only be 15 mins. And here’s more.

The 2000-kilometer Mindanao Railway is now on final hearing and approval before the month ends. This will connect agricultural product producing key Mindanao cities. And, like the Philippine-Japan Friendship Highway or more popularly known as Maharlika Highway, this Mindanao Railway is envisioned to spur agricultural production brought by reduced transportation cost and easy access to direct consumer market.

I would have given the above news their front-page prominence. They inspire and they help build nation. They impact productivity and make life bearable for our people. Sadly, in its place are stories brimming with gore or pictures of mangled bodies twisted at improbable angles.

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What have become of us? Are we now the kind, who ran into a goalpost with our head first once too often? Why have we gone so slanted to favor reporting man’s folly over fair intentions of a well rendered and balanced reportage? What’s the trouble with this headline: “2T KM Agri-Railway to traverse beleaguered Marawi”. If you find this laughable, then good luck to us.

Given that our people are easily swayed like sea anemones, one might think of dire times. These stories maybe true but they are not the entirety of the story.

Newton’s third law of motion declares: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. It talks about the story of balance and symmetry, Yin and Yang, Heaven and Hell. Given the way we are treated to news reporting these days, I find it hard to reconcile if this is the way to do it.

My Take.

By Douglas Rey B. Berido


Written by Proudly Filipino

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