Know What To Look For In A Cebu Event Venue

Holding a venue, one has to put into account a lot of things. And if you’re the planner, remember that a slight mistake could result to the dissatisfaction of the attendees as well as having your reputation as an event planner tarnished. Here are some main key points when looking for a proper Cebu Event Venue for your family, friends, and guests.

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The Area

find a place
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Pick a place that would be suitable for your guests. If you’re planning on a business conference, find a establishment catered for such – the same could be said for business meetings, retreats, etc. Hotels have a couple of function rooms solely dedicated for some events – if your events aligns to what they offer, you can pick that as well. Here’s a hotel that has a facility that’s used specifically for formal banquets and meeting conferences.

The Size

Size of the Venue
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Keep in mind that the size of the venue must be proportional to the number of the attendees coming. If it’s too small, it might become too uncomfortable to them – if it’s too large, you might end up wasting too much money. Unless you have a bottomless wallet at your disposal, it’s highly recommended that you research first who are attending and who aren’t and give yourself a rough estimate.

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The Buffet

The buffet
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Large group events like these aren’t complete without the food. And your attendees will not like it if the food prepared is subpar. And presentation won’t simply cut it either – the food has to be downright delicious. A Cebu Event Venue must prepare it’s own catering services and it must be able to satisfy your attendees’ appetites when the time comes. Otherwise, the effects of their shortcomings would also be reflected to you.

The Facilities

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Events held like these requires some other things as well. You need to be sure that the venue you’re picking has everything you need. Ask yourself these questions –

  • Are there enough restrooms for the event? How about the chairs and tables?
  • Is there a business center near here or is it included in the venue package?
  • Will you be able to put up promotional banners that will promote the event as well as other brands?
  • Can we adjust various things like the arrangement of the seats and tables?


the reputation
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You must also make sure to know if the venue has a previous reputation – both good and bad. This may come from other event planners, your peers and colleagues, etc. You need to know if they have a history of not being able to deliver the services they promised or if they have some regular patrons already. Here are some guide questions –

  • Can they adjust to sudden changes?
  • Is the manager new or is already experienced?
  • Does the venue have a bad image to it?

Additional Equipment

Additional Equipment in the Venue
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You’ll hardly find events held in specific venues that doesn’t make use of certain electrical equipment. You need to know if the venue will you supply you with the equipment you need or if you need to provide them yourself. These equipment could be anywhere from projectors, audio enhancement devices, mics and more. Also ask them if the venue has free internet access.

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Picking one venue isn’t enough. You need to look for more, pit them together and then choose which one is the best. Remember, that as an event planner, your reputation comes and goes with the success or failure of the event that you’re hosting.


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