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Julie’s Franchising Opens A World of Opportunities

Julie’s Franchising Opens A World of Opportunities

The past few weeks had been a wonderful informal learning sessions on franchising. I think it has a lot to to with “Law of Attraction”.

After reading E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber, I was invited to witness the launching of the Franchise Asia Caravan 2011 here in Cebu. Before the other week ended, I had wonderful time talking to prominent figures of the Julies Franchise Corporation: National Marketing Manager Paul Pereyra, Franchise Development and Services Group Manager for the Visayas Buen Bontigao, with Trade Marketing Head Norie Ann Uy and Public Relations lady Anna Conejero.

Franchising is the most dynamic business model in the world and it has been going on since the early 80’s and 90’s. In many ways, being part of a franchise system offers immense advantages such as instant brand recognition, among others.

Mature entrepreneurs looking for a business opportunity understand this concept. In a way, they are best described as “Franchise Hunters,” realizing that no business is simple and that successful franchises are bound by corporate structure and operational safeguards.

Here are four specific strengths of Julies Bakeshop that make it an ideal franchise business:

1) Franchise hunters are NOT looking for something to operate but something that sells – BRAND LEADER.

Why Julie’s Bakeshop?
In the market for a brand that sells? Join the country’s number one bakeshop – Julie’s Bakeshop!
With over 130 successful Franchisees in the Julie’s Bakeshop family operating close to 500 profitable Julie’s Bakeshops nationwide, you too, can be part of the country’s strongest bakeshop brand!

Julie’s Bakeshop’s (JBS) leadership in the neighborhood bakeshop category is unquestionable. The many innovations and best-practices JBS introduced when it started in 1981 are now considered industry standard and are imitated by other bakeshops. And while the rest are still catching up, JBS continues to bring more innovation and expansion models. Now, JBS is not only considering expansion in the Philippines but outside of it as well.

Ultimately, the foundation for the extreme popularity of JBS is the high quality of its bread products. Years of experience have translated into making a proprietary JBS blend. A blend sure to keep customers coming back for more – daily! Add to that the efficient and professional Franchise Support Group systems and you have a bakeshop’s recipe to success!

2) Franchise hunters want efficient financial and operational control systems.

Full Support
Until recently, franchising used to be thought of as a principle reserved for multi-billion dollar foreign food chains. Small and medium scale entrepreneurs have quickly followed suit and in turn created a world of opportunity accounting for 15 percent of total retail revenues in 2010.

In principle, it is simply “the practice of using another firm’s successful business model”. So what small and medium entrepreneurs lacked in competence and operational expertise, franchisors offered and together, these partnerships flourished.

Profitable franchises are those with highly efficient financial and operational systems. Systems already tried, tested, and put in place to protect a franchisee’s investment. Created and supported by trained and experienced professionals who have mastered their fields.

Julies’s Bakeshop is managed by a team of professionals who provide support in all store operations including and not limited to: Operations, Marketing, Accounting, Construction, Franchise Development, and Human Resource Development. Its Research and Development Department runs a fully operational laboratory to continuously improve on over 200 varieties of bread and other bakery products.

It has three fully-staffed Franchise Support offices – the Head office in Cebu, and full-management offices in Davao and Metro Manila. Each office more than adequately staffed to meet the needs of the growing number of JBS Franchisees.

3) Franchise hunters want wide marketing support scope and community exposure

Always Number One
To maintain market leadership and spur sales growth, Julie’s Bakeshop employs a wide range of Marketing and Advertising Support systems. Working with experienced Marketing Communications groups, JBS has well-placed and effective material in tri-media as well as a comprehensive Public Relations program. All planned for JBS to remain on top-of-mind of its customers.

Julie’s Bakeshop has also taken to heart its commitment of giving back to the community thru numerous Corporate Social Responsibility projects throughout the whole year. Among them are feeding programs, supporting medical missions and educational programs and scholarships because beyond the business is a heart that cares.

4) Franchise hunters look for efficient supply systems. – Quick availability of supplies from highly reputable sources at fair market prices

Strong Partners
To ensure product quality and profitability, Julie’s Bakeshop partners with many of the Philippines’ food groups to guarantee quick availability of supplies from highly reputable sources at fair market prices.

All Julie’s Bakeshops carry more than just bread and bakery products. Always ahead to ensure that customers get a little more than expected, Julie’s has partnered with Coke, Selecta, Nature’s Spring and very recently Purefoods. This partnership with industry leaders has catapulted Julie’s into new heights.

5) Julie’s Proven Track Record

Julie’s has over 30 years of experience in the bakeshop industry and over 500 Julie’s bakeshops operated by about 130 franchisees. No other bakeshop can boast of having more franchise success stores in various parts of the country. Julie’s is undeniably the country’s strongest bakeshop brand and the nation’s largest bakeshop chain. Proof that the Julie’s system works.

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