Top 5 Social Media Tips to Boost Your Personal Professional Image Online

Top 5 Social Media Tips to Boost Your Personal Professional Image Online

I like this photo that comes with the post. It says a lot about personal branding and online professional imaging. The picture holds true. We choose what we want to place in our business card. It is us who define what we are and what others will perceive us to be.

Top 5 Social Media TipsInterestingly, creating a brand today will only take you less than a day to create and a life time to maintain and trouble shoot. Thank you to the advent of social networks and social media tools. With a solid brand done correctly and ethically, you build an indirect virtual persona that is irresistible to your future employers or clients.

As as a start you can do the following:

1. Create a readable and amiable username. This is a simple issue that people tend to neglect but in the end suffers the consequence of being stereotyped. A regular netizen wouldn’t like to connect to a “punkmoody” if it does not interest him. A lady with a username hurts directly her persona just by using “iambitchy”. If you are looking for serious professional career, “seoguru” is best for Search Engine Optimization Guru. Use this chosen username to all account creations that you will be using.

With a simple “username” you are creating a brand that people can recall and also trust. As suggested, the best username falls to this criteria:

  • simple to read
  • 5 syllables or less
  • 15 characters maximum. This is the maximum length that you can get for any twitter account you can have.

2. Open a Facebook account. Create your Facebook account. Think of it as your personal profile. If you have one already, you should adjust your privacy settings and how you are tagged. Try reviewing also the photos you have in your profile and folder. Remember that everything you put online is open for public viewing and also maybe an easy ticket for you to land a career or end a career.

3. Open a Twitter account. Use your standard username and be sure to use a very visible photo of you. Adjust the settings, and ensure that your profile contain all your target keywords of the career or job that you want to have.

4. Create a LinkedIn profile. This social networking site has built a credibility of connecting professionals all over the world. The catch is it can be your professional virtual resume. A careful selection of information with a carefully planned content sprinkled with target keywords of your chosen career will definitely land you opportunities more than you can imagine. I can attest to this because I had been one of those fortunate professionals who was able to start a career with a LinkedIn Profile.

5. Be an active participant to discussions and forums which topics are more or less related to your issues and concerns. If you are into internet marketing, find what forums and blogs do they converge or discuss. Contribute your cents of opinion. Providing expert views on things gives other users a chance to know your knowledge on the topic.

There are more things that you can consider, and these are the generalities of things that you should consider at first. If you have any suggested tips that we can add in the list, please feel free to do so and I will add it up here and attribute it to you.

PARKING NOTE: Everyone should remember that Social Media and Social Networks is a free form of media. It can either make or unmake you.

Therefore, watch- out what details you put online and how it is used. The least you want to have is a tarnished reputation because of a careless understanding of its basics.

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