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First Look: The Playground by Havaianas and Ayala

Designer outdoor playspace is every kid’s dream and a locale of Cebuano pride

First Look: The Playground by Havaianas and Ayala

How much of your happy childhood involved zipping down slides, swinging across monkey bars, bouncing on seesaws, and chasing your friends around the playground for hours on end?

You can almost hear high-pitched laughter as you relive those memories – laughter that’s rarely heard these days, as kids get used to being cooped up at home with gadgets for entertainment.

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Believers in good old-fashioned, no-holds-barred outdoor fun, Havaianas Philippines and Ayala Center Cebu have dreamed up a play destination that will have kids squealing in delight, and adults wishing they were little again – not to mention, every Cebuano beaming with pride.

Designed by Vito Selma, The Playground by Havaianas and Ayala is an inspired celebration of Cebu, with every curve and corner promising sheer delight. Just as how the Queen City is a seamless blend of breathtaking highlands, stunning beaches, and a bustling metropolis, the outdoor playground is a proud combination of three distinct play areas: Waves, Peaks, and Skyline.


The island’s world-famous beaches attract throngs of tourists each year, as the cerulean sea and its spectacular sunsets wow day after romantic day. But to kids? The beach is a place of non-stop movement – splish-splashing in the water, building sandcastles, and playing games limited but by their imagination.

With this in mind, the dynamic Waves of the sea were incorporated into the design of the playground through brightly-colored monkey bars and see-saws all with swerving curves. Hours of fun are in store for kids as they go up and down these graceful yet action-packed structures.


Fast-gaining a reputation for eco-tourism, Cebu’s highlands have piqued the interest of local and foreign tourists alike. There’s nowhere to go but up, as 70% of Cebu is actually highlands!

Amazingly both sleek and rugged, the mountain-like features that form Peaks, will be the thrilling highlight for many young daredevils. They’ll climb and traverse through each ‘mountain face’ and feel the adventurous mix of adrenaline and exhaustion as they take a moment to sit up on top and look down on the dizzying hubbub below. There’s even a tire swing reminiscent of contemplative mountainside moments; or for kids, a challenge to see who can go higher.


The ever-growing metropolis is in constant motion, with the drive to move onwards and upwards. Strategically located in the city center is Ayala Center Cebu, the region’s premier lifestyle destination for families, now with the welcome addition of a world-class playground that will soon make its way into the hearts of many.

Central to The Playground by Havaianas and Ayala is the Skyline, multi-colored stools representing the brightly lit towers of the city, with a subtle nod to treetops for we must never forget nature even as we move into a high-tech future. Amidst all the energy and movement in the playground, it’s a place to rest – or pretend to be on a rooftop, well above the buzz of city life.

About the Designer

Vito Selma, a multi-awarded furniture and industrial designer, has showcased his works extensively throughout Ayala Center Cebu, especially in the mall’s new expansion wing. People celebrate the artist for pushing the limits of his chosen materials, particularly wood. Additionally, Selma, a doting uncle, expresses his love for children through an expanding kids line that features his Cara-boo. This line is the designer’s interpretation of the classic child’s rocking horse, adapted for the Filipino sensibility.

The Playground by Havaianas and Ayala is definitely an exciting celebration of Cebu, spreading joy for years, and generations of kids to come.

“At its very core, Havaianas is all about fun and happiness; and what better way to bring those out than imaginative, active play?” shares Anne Gonzalez, Managing Director of Terry SA (Havaianas Philippines). “We hope that this playground will be a source of endless joy and fond memories for Filipino families.”

Visit The Playground by Havaianas and Ayala at Level 1, The Terraces Garden, Ayala Center Cebu. Stay updated by following @havaianasphils on Instagram and Twitter, liking Havaianas Philippines on Facebook (/havaianasphilippines), and visiting


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