Young Cebuanos Learn How to Combat Germs Through Safeguard’s Linis Lusog Superkid School Caravan

More Filipino children are now learning that the power over disease-causing germs is in their hands.

The Safeguard Linis Lusog Superkid School Caravan visited Marigondon Elementary School to share the knowledge of proper handwashing to Cebuanos. This is to continue the brand’s 50 year long tradition of handwashing education to prevent diseases.

Following the Luzon success of Safeguard Linis Lusog Superkid School Caravan, Procter & Gamble (P&G) Philippines through Safeguard, the country’s number 1 family germ protection soap, is reaching out to more communities nationwide as it takes the program to Visayas and Mindanao. The program, which kicked off in 2016, is a health and sanitation program that aims to teach good hygiene habits to school children and mothers. Since the program started, the knowledge of proper hygiene with Safeguard has been passed on to 1,673 schools, 611,310 students, and 207,992 moms and counting.

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The practice of proper handwashing is a critical part in aiding absenteeism. The American Chamber Foundation Philippines, Inc. (AmCham Foundation) observed that absences caused by common illnesses decreased by 66% a month after sinks and Safeguard soaps were provided and the Linis Lusog Caravan was held in Timoteo Paez Elementary School in Pasay.

Students, moms, and guests were taught of the proper way of washing their hands using Safeguard while singing Hugas Hugas Kamay.

Just before 2017 ends, Safeguard is going to Mabolo Elementary School in Cebu City and Marigondon Elementary School in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu to teach young Cebuanos and their parents how to maintain good hygiene through proper handwashing habits.

“Children are the most vulnerable to illnesses caused by germs which can be easily avoided through handwashing, yet the Philippine Handwashing Index discovered that many Filipinos today still have not developed proper handwashing habits.” says Jia Salindong-Du, Brand Manager of Safeguard Philippines.

A breakthrough study commissioned by Safeguard, the Philippine Handwashing Index found that 66% of Filipinos have noticed or witnessed children not washing their hands after using the toilet. Up to 40% don’t wash their hands before touching young children. Before feeding kids, 40% washed their hands with water only, which is not enough to kill germs.
To address this, the Safeguard Linis Lusog Superkid School Caravan includes the donation of soap, as well as cleaning aids, educational materials and hundreds of hygiene kits.

The young Cebuanos are taught to practice proper handwashing through STEPSafeguard after Toilet, before Eating and after Playing – which is made fun and easy to remember with a jingle. To establish their commitment to practice handwashing and stay healthy and clean, students and moms fervently recite the SuperKid oath.
The Linis Lusog Caravan introduced STEP- Safeguard after Toilet, before Eating, and after Playing, a reminder to everyone on when they need to wash their hands.

Educating Filipinos about the health benefits of frequent and proper handwashing has been the advocacy of Safeguard for the past 50 years. The brand’s efforts include the annual celebration of Global Handwashing Day, directly reaching out to communities, and promoting handwashing through music videos such as the recently released “5 Hugas ng Krismas” sung by Alden Richards. It is a holiday-themed handwashing music video that emphasizes the 5 hugas non-negotiables during the Christmas season (before mag-mano, after using the toilet, before eating, after playing and before bonding). Catch the full video on this link:

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All of Safeguard’s strategic efforts to spread hygiene awareness and teach proper handwashing habits, including the Linis Lusog Caravan, only show how much the brand remains true to its commitment as the Philippines’ number 1 family skin germ protection soap trusted by many health experts.



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