Amuma Spa Experience of Bluewater Maribago

This is Your Escape To Paradise in Metro Cebu

Amuma Spa Experience of Bluewater Maribago

Everyone has a way of dealing with our hectic and busy lifestyles. Sometimes we just want to travel and have a breath of fresh air and lose ourselves in the earthy delights and tropical shadows. Sometimes we just want to go to the salon or have relaxing massage to loosen our tired and tight muscles. But if you want to have the best of this two, Bluewater Maribago Resort and their Amuma Spa got you.

Spa came from the Latin phrase solus per aqua which means health by water. Today the concept of Spa doesn’t only revolve around water therapies but has evolved to include massages, fitness activities, rehabilitation, and spa cuisine.

Bluewater Maribago Resort’s Amuma Spa is a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation, every aspect of this spa is centered to give visitors a break from the stresses of daily life. It offers Filipino-inspired treatments, even its interior exudes a very soothing Filipino aura. Spa appointments are offered daily from 10 AM to 12 midnight.

What is Amuma?

Amuma” is a Visayan word with many possible meaning and translations. It means caring, feeding, tending, and nurturing, just like how a mother cares and loves her child. It also means “to pamper”, “care”, “spoil”, or “indulge with every attention”. True to its name, Amuma does provide their customers a pampering like no other.

Things you need to know about Amuma

Single Moms as Therapist

One unique thing about Amuma Spa is that they also hire single mothers as their spa therapists. These well-trained therapists provide traditional Filipino massage like hilot, pik pik kawayan sa siki (traditional foot massage using bamboo poles), and as well as Western and Asian massage like Watsu or Water Shiatsu, Namikoshi Shiatsu, Hot Stone, Duot, Swedish, and Travel Revive Fusion.

Farm to Spa Concept

Amuma Spa uses fresh and natural ingredients for their massage therapies. Not only that they are natural but they are harvested from their own backyard or sourced from local farmers. From their massage oils down to the fresh banana fronds they use to loosen tight muscles, everything is fresh and organic.

This concept is very beneficial to the local community business, buying from local producers supports the growth of these small businesses and independent farmers. Not only that is helps the community but also makes sure that their customers are safe from the harmful and toxic chemicals and preservatives present in some synthetic massage products. This is why Amuma spa partnered with local brand VMV Hypoallergenics to provide some of their spa products. VMV products are guaranteed natural, safe and allergen-free.

Outdoor or In-room Massages

The Spa center has 2 suites with all the basic amenities including a private Jacuzzi, steam bath with veranda, single treatment rooms with veranda, gym, hair and beauty salon, separate men’s and women’s locker rooms, a spa boutique and the Amuma Juice Bar which serves healthy and refreshing drinks. Visitors can opt for an outdoor treatment at the Hilot Pavillion, Garden Gazebo, or in their Beach Gazebo. In-room massage is also available upon request.

How to Get There

Amuma Spa is located inside the Bluewater Maribago Resort which is just 25 minutes away from Cebu’s airport. You can reach the resort via the following options;

  • Via Plane
    • From Manila to Cebu – Approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes
    • From Bohol to Cebu – Approximately 30 minutes
  • Via Vessel
    • From Manila to Cebu – Approximately 12-14 hours
    • From Bohol to Cebu – Approximately 2 hours
  • Via Car
    • From Mactan Cebu International Airport to Bluewater Maribago – Approximately 25 minutes
    • From Cebu Pier 1 to Bluewater Maribago – Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes


If you want to ensure to have your massage at your preferred time, it is recommended to schedule your treatment in advance or prior to your arrival date. Reservations at the Spa can be made through the reception desk or by calling their hotline at (032) 492 0100 local 520 or visit their website for more information. Reservations for groups or companies are also available.

What to Try in Amuma Spa?

Amuma Spa prides itself as the Best Resort Spa in Cebu for 2016. This two-storey spa offers Filipino, Western, and Asian themed treatments. Upon arrival at the spa lobby, you will be asked on what type of massage oil you want to use. You can choose from the four variants – Green Tea for a soothing and healthy massage, Ilang-Ilang for a fragrant and relaxing massage, Lemon Grass for an enegizing massage, or Virgin Coconut Oil for a more traditional one.

You also get to choose what “Music for the Mind and Body” (Zen, Water Sounds, Relaxing Piano, Relaxation, Meditation, Healing Touch, or A Day at the Spa) is to be played during your massage. After choosing your massage oil and music of choice, you will be led up to their Filipiniana-inspired shower area. The shower is well maintained, clean, and has the essential bath amenities like soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, cotton, Q tips, and towels. You can leave your belongings in their lockers made of native materials before changing into a white short and proceed to your massage treatment.

Before having a massage, your therapist will first do the traditional suob to you. You will be asked to put your feet on a basin with warm water infused with salt, herbs, and flowers. A large towel will then be wrapped around your feet, this allows the concoction to vaporize inside; this promotes better blood circulation, detoxification, fat metabolism, and nourishing the skin for a smooth and supple skin.

After the suob you will now proceed to the main massage based on your choice. If you’re still undecided on what type of massage of treatment you want to have, this list of therapies and treatment will give you an insight on what massage you should pick and enjoy.

1.) Pikpik Kawayan sa Siki

This massage treatment uses small bamboo poles to apply pressure on the foot area in a rhythmic and fluid motion. This is based on the belief that the nerve endings in the foot area are connected to specific body parts or organs. Applying pressure in this areas will stimulate those nerves and also promote better blood circulation. Gentle or rough taps on these specific areas are said to improve the condition of the part or organ it is connected to.

Aside from this health benefit, Pikpik Kawayan sa Siki is also best recommended after a day of tiring walking, running, and exploring around the sprawling area of the resort. This foot massage will surely give your feet no excuse to explore the resort for the next day.

2.) Hingut-an

Higut-an is a traditional head and shoulder massage which involves hair-pulling technique similar to the Indian practice of head massage. This massage is perfect for those who travelled for hours to reach the resort. The head and shoulder massage will surely de-stress anyone after a long journey or a long stroll along the white sand beach of the resort. The massage improves blood circulation in the head area giving the brain an increase in oxygen supply and prevent pressure build up in the head which causes headaches especially during the hot weathers. This massage is very beneficial for those who frequently get headaches due to work and life stress. It can be done prior to suob and the main massage.

3.) Makisig Treatment for Men

This one is for all the stressed dads and bachelors out there. This massage is specifically designed for men includes a skin pampering procedure followed by an invigorating massage. The first step of the treatment involves scrubbing the skin with barako coffee; this gets rid of all the dead skin cells and deep seated dirt in the skin for a clean and glowing feeling. Melted chocolate tableas, virgin coconut oil and cream are then applied to the skin for a much needed rehydration and nourishment before indulging in a Jacuzzi. The treatment is topped off with a two-hour deep tissue massage to loosen all those tensed and tangled muscle fibers called duot which you will be lucky enough to remember if you don’t doze off in the middle of the treatment.

4.) Amuma Beauty Wrap

This treatment starts off with a body scrub to get rid of the dirt and dead skin cells that accumulated over time. This is followed by strokes to energize and tone the skin and muscles. The thorough treatment of sea salts is made to develop on the skin and body. Warm, milky, and fragrant mask is covered to the whole body leaving a delicate and pleasant feeling.

5.) Pampalamig Wrap

This treatment offers a quick fix for those who got too drawn to the beauty of the beach and stayed too long under the sun. The entire body is wrapped in a mixture of banana, cucumber, and mint to soother skin discomfort brought about by overexposure to the sun. The skin is then patted with ice pack to cool it off before having a bath of flowers, lemongrass oil, and coconut milk to bring back the lost moisture of the skin.

6.) Malakas at Maganda

The Malakas at Maganda treatment is the perfect spa experience for couples in love. The treatment begins with a coco skin exfoliation matched with a hair and scalp hot oil concoction. After which, the body is applied with naturally harvested honey. The couples then immerse their selves together in a bath of coconut milk and ylang ylang flowers. They carefully choose these native ingredients and oils and also use them in therapeutic ways to enhance couples’ intimacy with each other. After the treatment, the spa serves the couple a specially prepared meal on the veranda for an unforgettable date experience.

7.) Hilot Journey

If the Amuma Spa is one of the highlights of the Bluewater Maribago Resort, then the Hilot Journey is also the highlight of the Spa. This therapy combines hilot techniques from all over the country to give a relaxing and healing experience. The therapy uses a special blend of the oil of your choice and calamansi extract to exfoliate the skin. After the massage, we apply coconut cream, calamansi, Amuma potion, as well as mangoes to the body, followed by wrapping it in warm banana leaves.

This technique of using banana leaves is said to detect areas with ‘lamig’ or imbalances. These lamigs are the cause of aches, joint discomfort and also muscle pain. Using banana leaves will enable the masseur to focus on a specific are to get rid of this imbalances. This is similar to the popular ventosa massage and hot stone therapy.

They also pay attention to the hair and scalp, applying warm virgin coconut oil to the hairline to provide the much-needed moisture and nourishment. They offer a scalp massage instead of the hot oil treatment for those who want to keep their hair oil-free.

This treatment also comes with native rituals such as dasal or prayer, orasyon or chants, and pausok or space cleansing using herbs and minerals.

Other Amuma Spa Treatments

Aside from the therapies mentioned above, Amuma Spa also offers these new innovative treatments for visitors to enjoy;

1.) Papaya Body Wrap

This therapy harnesses the exfoliating power of papaya to nourish and soften the skin. This is similar to the Amuma Beauty Wrap but uses a different ingredient.

2.) Hilot sa Kawayan

Similar to the Pikpik sa Kawayan, Hilot sa Kawayan uses bamboo poles / sticks. They oil the poles and also use them to massage the body, providing a more stimulating and relaxing experience.

3.) Hilot Lamang

Hilot Lamang is the most basic among all the mentioned therapies. It employs the traditional long and flowing strokes to relieve tension in the muscles. This treatment doesn’t involve any exfoliation or creams and concoctions applied, just the plain relaxing and healing benefit of hilot.

4.) Tropical Facial

Tropical facial makes use of natural ingredients to help get rid of the dead skin cells in the face to reveal a glowing and healthy complexion. The use of natural and organic ingredients is also a plus. You don’t need to worry about any break out or adverse reaction on your face unlike with other facial treatments.

Amuma Spa is truly a haven for Filipino-inspired relaxation and rejuvenation. It is the perfect place to restore your inner and outer beauty as well as the balance of energies in your body. So the next time you go on an adventure or vacation, make sure to include Bluewater Maribago Resort. Never miss a chance to experience their Amuma Spa.

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