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Style Up your Independence Day with these Barong Tagalogs

Style Up your Independence Day with these Barong Tagalogs

In celebration of the Philippine Independence Day, our fashion feature today is fitted to the traditional fashion of the male Filipinos: the Barong Tagalog.

Barong Tagalog is the formal men’s wear in the Philippines. It has a pre-Spanish origin and it’s something that Filipinos should take pride in.

Barong is actually short for Barong Tagalog, which describes the formal men’s wear of the Philippines. It is properly referred to as the ‘Baro ng Tagalog’ (dress of the Tagalog). Contracting the first two words produces ‘Barong,’ which literally means ‘dress of.’ So, if we want to be correct, we wouldn’t say just ‘Barong’.

But, the slang way of referring to one of the beautiful formal shirts is simply Barong. Yes, the Barong Tagalog is a dress, a garment, a coat in itself. It is not merely a ‘shirt’. If it were, then it would need a coat or a jacket over it to qualify as formal wear and would have to be worn tucked inside the trousers.

source: MyBarong

With a fabric derived from pineapple leaves, the Barong Tagalog is lightweight to wear, attuned with the Philippine tropical climate, which is hot and humid.

Worn untucked, Barong Tagalog has gone through transformations in fashion as donned by Philippine presidents, politicians and even by foreign dignitaries and leaders invited by the Philippine government during significant international events such as APEC Summits and ASEAN Summits..

Over the years, Filipino men’s famous wear, the Barong Tagalog, has undergone various embellishments, though conservatively toned and suited to the occasions for which one should wear it.

But in this age, where people are getting more experimental in their fashion sense, the Philippines national dress for men can also undergo a certain transformation with a colorful twist. You can wear the typical formal attire in a way that projects your personality, especially for modern Filipino men with a fashionable sense.

In this post, a sense of patriotism despite my half-Filipino heritage has inspired my sense of style for the Barong Tagalog.

Barong Tagalogs should have styles.

The traditional Barong Tagalog can be embroidered or hand-painted. It is boring to see a cloth that is just too plain. Embroidered Barong Tagalog can have patterns, embellished in such a way that retains the Filipino symbolism. This kind of Barong Tagalogs is really elegant to see.

Hand painted Barong Tagalogs are another variety. Designers paint the Barong Tagalog as if it is a canvas board.

Identity of being a Filipino, even if not full-blooded 

The Barong Tagalog is intrinsically linked to the Philippines. Although less than half of the world’s population may be aware of this Philippine dress, for the many globally who recognize the existence of the Philippines, the Barong Tagalog epitomizes Filipino identity.

The notion of wearing a Barong Tagalog

Sadly, most Filipinos determine Barong Tagalog as clothes for the old, for government officials and worst, a costume for the dead.

During the Spanish colonial period, Filipinos wore the Barong to signify their lowly status, but, thankfully, this is no longer the case.

We must determine the importance of our national dress to show our love for our beloved country, the Philippines. The Barong Tagalog is not merely a fashion statement, but a traditional attire suitable for anyone to wear at any formal event, anywhere and at any time.

The importance of our national dress brings a sense of worth for Filipinos who love the Philippines.

The Barong Tagalog is an elegant kind of clothing regardless of who wears it. Its fashion, though the embellishments and additions are constantly evolving, always remains to be a Filipino.

If you want to don patriotism in the Philippine Independence Day, why not choose something that is still a Barong Tagalog with a kind of style that fits your elegant personality during a formal setting.

You may receive an invitation to a certain Independence Day party today. The Barong Tagalog styles I have shared here may give you an idea what to wear in that kind of party.

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