13 perfect lyrics to caption your IG photos at #GlobeWanderland!

Upping their Insta game is probably one of the most important things Wanderland Music Festival goers will have on their list! While it’s easy to snap the day’s most memorable events, it’s the on-point captions that tie it all together for a social feed that’s guaranteed to get those double taps.

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For those having a tough time thinking of captions, song lyrics are one way to go! Here are a few of our recommendations, based on the lyrics of the artists performing on March 10, 2018 at the Filinvest City Event Grounds, Alabang:

1. “You shine like silver in the sunlight. You light up my whole heart, it feels like in the sun, the sun.”
Taken From: Kodaline’s “Love Like This”

Perfect For: The sun setting over the Wanderland stage. Ask a friend to take your photo against it and this caption will work just as well.

2. “I do not feel the fear of fallin’, I wanna fly. If it all goes well, then I will.”
Taken From: Jhené Aiko’s “3:16AM
Perfect For: The crowd of Wanderland dancing along to Aiko’s performance. The more people throw their hands up in the air, the better the shot.

3. “Better give you up, my soul now. But I’ll never, never, never stop thinking of you.”
Taken From: FKJ’s “Better Give You Up”
Perfect For: Your favorite food or drink during the festival. Whatever your style in taking photos, food shots always do well on social media.

4. “And I’ll take some time just to be thankful that I had days full of you, before it winds down into the memories, it’s all just memories.”
Taken From: Daniel Caesar’s “Get You”
Perfect For: Your barkada, with one of the art installations in the background. It’s rare for a group to be complete so it’s best to capture this moment with Caesar’s “Get You” as the caption.


5. “Damn, I like me better when I’m with you. I knew from the first time I’d stay for a long time ’cause I like me better when I’m with you.”
Taken From: Lauv’s “I Like Me Better”
Perfect For: A photo of, or with your partner. Single? No problem. You can also use the caption for a photo of you with a cute smile so your crush can see it online.

6. “Give my love to a shooting star, but she moves so fast that I can’t keep up.”
Taken From: Bag Raiders’ “Shooting Stars”
Perfect For: You looking dramatically into the night sky. If you’re shy, you can take a photo of the stage with the beautiful sky.

Jess Connelly

7. “And you say that you want me to stay, yeah, you want me to wait here. And I don’t wanna do this no more.”
Taken From: Jess Connelly’s “Wait”
Perfect For: You, while waiting in line to get food. Plus points for looking sad.

8. “Ang sabi mo walang hanggan pero ito tayo sa dulo.”
Taken From: QUEST’s “Walang Hanggan”
Perfect For: A group shot at the end of the festival or a photo of the closing performance.

9. “Dance now! Dance now, baby! Give it all and I’m gonna start.”
Taken From: IV of SPADE’s “Hey Barbara”
Perfect For: A Boomerang video of you dancing. Plus points if you can do it clumsily!

10. “Moon has never glowed this color. Hearts have never been this close. I have never been more certain, I will love you ’til we’re old.”
Taken From: Ben&Ben’s “Maybe the Night”
Perfect For: A selfie with your BFF having the time of your lives


11. “I don’t know, I don’t know which way to go. I really don’t know.”
Taken From: Asch’s “IDK”
Perfect For: Two Wanderland stages. This photo is best for when two of your favorite bands perform at the same time.

12. “We’re in the middle of it all, take me for a spin now. I say we’re in the middle of it all, take me far away.”
Taken From: Basically Saturday Night’s “What’s That Driving Song?”
Perfect For: You and your friends, dancing in the mosh pit

13. “I am new in town with a long face and a frown. And I walked from so far just to get to this bar.”
Taken From: Carousel Casualties’ “San Junipero”
Perfect For: You and your barkada enjoying drinks at the bar

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With these lyrics, you won’t have a hard time captioning your epic shots at the festival!

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