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CEBU: Foods That You Should Eat

CEBU: Foods That You Should Eat

Gastronomic delights abound here in the island. It is common knowledge that if you are hungry, CEBU has a myriad of places where you can satiate your hunger pangs.

Be it in the urban jungle or in the laid back countryside, food finds still will make your head spin in the options available.

Pescatarian or Seafood?

Whether you choose to be a veggie loving individual or an adventurous foodie junkie, CEBU has prided itself being one of the most diversified places where you can find good food with good vibes. In the hinterlands of the West, CEBU has received blessings with favorable conditions for cultivating beloved garden greens.

You can also definitely enjoy the best vegetables grown traditionally and picked just minutes before they go on sale in Busay. Peppers, String Beans, Tomatoes, and other vegetables are on display by the roadside for those traveling to Balamban. It is also where the sweet corn are an instant hit to the travelers.

And while you’re at it, stop and smell the flowers! Busay prided itself for a haven for florists. The roses and other florals bloom anytime of the year at this side of the island.

Down south, CEBU is also teeming with the freshest seafood. Even in the nearby islands of Mactan and Cordova, these places has always been equated with fresh daily catch of the sea’s bounty.

SUTUKIL, or in the local dialect of SUgba “grilled”, TUla/Tinola “boiled/with broth”, and KILaw “ceviche/raw food steeped in vinegar”, has been a benchmark in the satisfying craving for these goodies. One interesting food find in Cordova is the “Bakasi” or saltwater eels served as Linarang or eel sautéed and then stewed in soy sauce, black beans and sambag (tamarind).

The dish is the equivalent of the Asian tom yum. Aside from that, there is also the “Saang” or the Spider Shell as one of the most sought after food finds in CEBU. It is usually eaten after being boiled.

The Way of the Lechon!

Your CEBU food trip will never be complete without tasting the best roasted pig in this side of the country. Even Anthony Bourdain praised it so much that it created ripples of awareness of its glory. Cebu’s Lechon is different from the rest of the lechons out there due to the following:

  • Its meat is already seasoned with the freshest aromatics here. Garlic, Lemongrass, Onions, Chives are the mains. However, in recent years, another delicious addition to this is Chili, turning it into a medley of texture, spiciness and excellent taste.
  • It’s slowly roasted and turned to get the best of its flavorful juices steep into the meat.
  • It doesn’t require much of a sauce. The meat and the crispy skin itself is already good to go.
  • Cebu’s lechon is not only flavorful but aromatic as well. You will save each bite as if it came from the gods!

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A Touch of Flare from the Rest of the World

Craving for something Mediterranean? Perhaps the inner Buddha in you wanted to indulge in a sumptuous traditional Chinese meal? Or perhaps you wanted to immerse yourself in general helpings of Kebabs? Or plainly craving for the crisp tacos and heavenly Churros?

Cebu has always been a melting pot of cuisines as seen by the abundance of restaurants in the urban area. Hotels in the metro have been offering a bit of everything that you can enjoy. Here are a list of some establishments that offers the best international cuisines there is:

  • Feria at Radisson Blu Hotel
  • Cafe Uno at Waterfront Cebu Hotel and Casino
  • Olive and Abalone at JPark Island Resort
  • Cafe Marco at Marco Polo Hotel
  • Maya Mexican Cuisine
  • Tavolata by Abaca Group
  • Sails at Moevenpick Hotel
  • Acqua at Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa

Delicacies to Finish off a Balanced Meal

Here in Cebu, you will find a full variety of delicacies to fill in the need to satisfy sweet tooth cravings.

  • Local delicacies like our own Otap, Hojaldres and Peanut Brittle from Shamrock adds a touch of regional authenticity to your desserts.
  • Needing to quench off your thirst? Then do so by drinking the sweetest coconut water there is! This is abundant especially in Summer. In the municipalities outside the city, this is the best
    Guimaras may have claimed the sweetest mangoes there is but CEBU has the biggest factory for dried Mangoes and has the first Mango Museum in the country. Ever since, people have known that mangoes from Guadalupe, Cebu exude a sweet and tempting aroma that will definitely make you yearn for more!
  • Fancy a floral salad? One community in the CEBU hinterlands had their own share of Hibiscus flowers salad. It is composed of fresh hibiscus petals and paired with bread or just simply eaten straight from the shrub. Other variety includes boiling the hibiscus flower buds and pairing it with your own dressing and other greens like lettuce, kale and others.
  • Your Cebuano meal will not be complete if you wont have Chicharon from Carcar. Its crispiness and right amount amount of saltiness will definitely add texture and a unique twist in the meal.

Whatever your choices will be to satiate your hunger, CEBU will always give you what is due for you. The choices laid ahead are endless. You might want to do mix and match on food items for a unique spread. And take note, it is best shared with families and friends.

Fancy some gastronomic delights? OR thinking of whipping up something that can delight your family? Let us know! Let’s then talk!



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