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Top 25 Travel Bloggers of the World That You Should Follow

Top 25 Travel Bloggers of the World That You Should Follow

Traveling is a second nature for me. Ever since I gained thought and recognition, traveling has already been a part of my daily routine.

My school work and extracurricular activities did not hampered the fact that I regularly travel with family. My late uncle was a visionary. He had been inculcating the passion for off beaten travel pursuits as well as being independent at such a young age.

Looking back some 20 years ago, travel for me was just a pastime, but eventually became a part of my daily system and undeniably, governed my nature as a person. It molded me to who I am now and how I analyze and diversify my challenges in a daily basis.

Travel has taught me the following [in no particular order]:

Time Management. Being on time on the planned or unplanned switchbacks during travels made me multitask and think in a real time manner.

Flexibility. Being a frequent traveler made me anticipate on what’s next or being able to react accordingly in times of unstable itineraries, peer pressure, delayed flights/ travel times, lack of information on a certain place, etc. It also helped me focus on the limited possible options for change of itineraries, etc.

Tough Decision Making Skills. This goes beyond choosing your meals and your place to stay. In the mountains, this can also make or break your climb. It is also important to decide when to stop and set up camps or to continue walking and when to take five. Being in the outdoors will surely teach you the value of patience, perseverance and being positive.

Minimized whining and instead, became thankful to the bumps ahead and the sudden twists on every journey.

Enjoy each brand new day. No ifs or buts.

So as I continue on this, let me show you the following Top 25 World Travel Bloggers to Follow. [These individuals shape the blogosphere with how they see things differently with each travel.]

1. Y Travel Blog

We’re here to show you that you can travel anywhere in the world on little dime, you can rock up in a
country where you know no one and have life-changing experiences, you can travel with the one you love and have a thriving relationship, and you can create a strong life-long bond with your
children through the shared memories of travel.

And just to be clear, we’ve traveled long-term without a trust fund, without special privileges, or well-connected friends. We’ve made it happen with an intense desire and by putting one foot in front of the other. It’s all about life by design and we’re here to show you how.

We share all our tips and strategies for traveling in a way that you love WITHOUT costing a fortune. — Caz and Craig Makepeace, y Travel Blog @YTravelBlog

2. The Poor Traveler

We travel at our own pace, in our own way. What makes us Poor Travelers is that we are new in this field, we have so much to learn, and we wish to learn ’em along the way.

This blog is a diary of two suckers who always find themselves getting ripped off, whose time is always wasted getting lost, whose trips are always spoiled by the rain, and whose bowel movement always gets in the way.

We make mistakes, lots of them. Poor us. Yes, you’ll find mistakes on this blog. But here’s hoping you’ll learn from them. — Yoshke and VinsThe Poor Traveler, @ThePoorTraveler

3. A Little Adrift

This is not just a plain travel chronicle. It goes beyond travel but the whole experience as well. A Little Adrift’s ultimate goal is to better empower and motivate all interested travelers with solid advice on how to travel the world.

Over the years, A Little Adrift evolved from a pure travelogue into a resource point to motivate and encourage other travelers through stories, advice, and photography.

Many readers dream of taking a similar trip and they join the community to find the courage and resources to make international travel a reality. — Shannon O’DonnellA Little Adrift, @shannonrtw

4. FlipNomad

We’re all travelers regardless of where we go. Traveling starts when we close our eyes and open our minds to all the possibilities in this journey called life. Let go and trust your instincts and don’t forget to have fun.

Smile and everything will just be fine and you’ll be surprise to where your feet will lead you to. — FlipNomad, @FlipNomad

5. A Week at the Beach

I love inspiring busy Moms to travel more, including planning solo getaways. Solo travel doesn’t have to stop once you become a parent. In fact, it may become even more important.

Getting away, even for a day or two, is an important way to maintain balance and mental clarity, as well as have some fun! — SarahA Week at the Beach, @Aweekatthebeach

6. Our Oyster

We realized that budget travel is more than just about doing more for less…. but it is also about realizing your dreams today. What if there is no tomorrow?

We realized that we can not put off the things that mean the most to us for “later”, because there might not be a later. — Jade and Daniel, Our Oyster, @our_oyster

7. Rocky Travel

One thing that most impressed me is the feeling of freedom and lightness that reigns everywhere, in the outback, in the countryside, in the vibrant cities.

And this is something I very much appreciate when I travel alone. If you love freedom, unspoiled nature, then Australia will offer you unique travel destinations with stunning places, lots of adventure opportunities along with fun lovely local people.

On Rocky Travel you will find lots of travel ideas, travel tips, useful and practical information put it in an easy form to help you better planning, and organizing your trip to Australia. This will save you long hours of searching online. — MichelaRocky Travel, @RockyTravel

8. Don’t Forget To Move

We believe that everyone should be able to travel, regardless of financial limitation, physical ability, age or experience. Wait. Scratch that. Everyone should travel regardless of their situation. Don’t Forget To Move is the ultimate budget backpacking resource for those already on the road, or wanting to join it!

More than just travel tips, we chronicle our adventures through unique stories, beautiful photography, inspiring video, honest reviews, volunteering info, delicious food and all you’ll need to have an authentic travel experience. — Christine and JulesDon’t Forget to Move, @dontforget2move

9. One Step 4Ward

The purpose of my blog is to chronicle my travels and my lifestyle in the hope that it will inspire other people to realize how easy it is to live the life you want to live right now.

Honestly, this is not any attempt at bragging because I am nothing special, just an average guy who wanted to live his life to the fullest imaginable degree.

So I have chosen to do that and, if you really want, so can you. Live the life you want before it’s gone right past you. — Johnny WardOne Step 4Ward, @OneStep4Ward

10. The Frugal Wanderer

Frugal travel has been a passion of mine for years, and I thrive on adventure.

I enjoy the exhilaration of climbing mountains, the hustle and bustle of a working city, the peacefulness of being surrounded by nature, long train rides, and eating interesting foods from around the world. — Krystal YeeThe Frugal Wanderer, @frugalwanderer

11. Backpacking Matt

Through this blog, I aim to offer you destination specific travel advice, stories of adventure and exploration, travel reviews and inspiration to get out and travel the world. is dedicated to giving you tips on how to travel the world and showing how living an alternative, unconventional life can be satisfying, rewarding and realistic. — MattBackpacking Matt, @BackpackingMatt

12. The Travel Chica

I write about independent travel and my attempt to live simpler, consume less, and experience more.

I hope to introduce you to new places and experiences, inspire you to go out and explore the world, and perhaps provide a little entertainment. — StephanieThe Travel Chica, @thetravelchica

13. The Travel Hack

Composed of Travel Bloggers who share the love for stylish adventure travel. We all love exciting adventures and experiencing new things when we travel.

We want to get out there and discover as much as we can. — Monica StottThe Travel Hack, @thetravelhack

14. Wanderlust and Lipstick

Beth leads women-only and co-ed trips to many off-the-beaten-path destinations including India, Papua New Guinea, Bhutan, Vietnam & Cambodia, Burma, and culinary tours to Santa Fe, Seattle, and New Orleans. She has always believed that we should tread lightly on the earth, whether in our own backyard or someone else’s.

And that we all have a responsibility to act as ambassadors of our own country by treating other people and their village or city with respect. — Beth WhitmanWanderlust and Lipstick, @wanderluster

15. Atlas Obscura

Atlas Obscura is a collaborative project. We depend on our far-flung community of explorers (like you!) to help us discover amazing, hidden spots, and share them with the world. If you know of a curious place that’s not already in the Atlas, let us know.

There is plenty out there to discover, so let’s start looking! — Joshua Foer and Dylan Thuras, Atlas Obscura, @atlasobscura

16. Johnny Jet

I used to be afraid to fly and at times even leave the house! I conquered my fear (long story) and now I travel to 20+ countries a year sharing my firsthand knowledge, tips and deals with friends, family and readers. — Johnny of Johnny Jet, @JohnnyJet

17. A Luxury Travel

Being in a the travel industry for more than 25 years and focusing on the finer aspects of travel and serves as a gateway for the discerning traveller, providing information on the most luxurious hotels and resorts, the finest restaurants and news from within the luxury travel industry, this is just one of a kind. — Dr. Paul JohnsonA Luxury Travel, @luxury__travel

18. Vagabondish

A collaboration of travel bloggers who had an unhealthy addiction to backpacking, travel and seeing the world in a different perspective since 2006. Led by Mike Richard, he and his team are still enjoying the world one blog at a time. — Vagabondish, @vagabondish

19. Rick Steve

I’m sharing my travel experiences, candid opinions and what’s on my mind. If you think it’s inappropriate for a travel writer to stir up discussion on his blog with political observations and insights gained from traveling abroad, you may not want to read any further. — Rick Steve, @RickSteves

20. The Cheapest Destinations Blog

First and foremost, I am a travel writer, author, and editor. I have circled the globe three times and dispatched articles from five continents.

I am the editor of the narrative web publication Perceptive Travel, which is known for publishing the best travel stories on the web, and the leading travel gear review blog Practical Travel Gear.

Also, I run this travel writing blog connected to the writing book. Hopefully all this means I am going to give you worthwhile advice. — Tim LeffelThe Cheapest Destinations Blog, @timleffel

21. Uncornered Market

We have been described as adventurers, professionals, and – most recently – as full-time travelers and storytellers. Our passions: creativity, personal development, technology, public diplomacy, travel and street food.

And yes, we do believe there is a common thread woven between them all. — Dan and Audrey ScottUncornered Market, @umarket

22. Nomadic Samuel

I´m a bit of a jack of all trades and a man who wears many hats – the kind of individual that doesn´t like to stay in any one place for any serious length of time.

I´m thrilled that you have taken the time to check out my website. I hope that it offers the kind of travel photos/videos, quirky travel stories and photography tips that will tickle your fancy.

In my opinion, travel is filled with moments of splendor and moments of woe and I hope to capture both sides of the coin – at times not afraid to touch upon subjects that are off limits to others. — Samuel JefferyNomadic Samuel, @NomadicSamuel

23. Wandering Trader

Just as I was looking to obtain my dream when I was young I continue to want to help others both reaching their own dreams whether they are financial or based on travel.

With this website I will be able to share everything that I have learned about traveling around the world. These are tips that I have used for the last five years to travel around the world.

Whether looking for information for a two week vacation, or looking to change your lifestyle. — Marcello ArrambideWandering Trader, @Wanderingtradr

24. Art of Adventuring

I wanted to share the experience of travel through media. My articles include personal essays, travel videos, food challenges and discoveries, adventurous activities, cultural knowledge, going beyond the tourist route, natural wonders, and local experiences. — Michael Tieso, Art of Adventuring, @artofadventurin

25. Aaron’s Worldwide Adventures

When I’m not blissfully on the road, I reside in New York City where I become the ultimate travel junkie and spend my days dreaming up my great adventure! — Aaron of Aaron’s Worldwide Adventures, @adventurousness

So there you have it, folks. It does not necessarily require you a fortune to travel. All you need is good sense, creativity, passion and eagerness to explore and learn.

I had been subjected to the harsh weather and the probability of a great, well planned travel absolutely gone wrong. But at the end of the day, it will always be a learning opportunity. Sunrise will definitely mean another day to explore and be awesome.


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