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CEBU: Hole in the Wall Restaurants

CEBU: Hole in the Wall Restaurants

Food has been, and always will be, an essential part of our daily existence. It fuels our everyday passion to live and roam the earth. Food has also been instrumental in the rise and fall of every civilization.

You should not worry if you get hungry in CEBU. Whatever your heart’s desire for, we mean your stomach’s desire for as a meal, we definitely have this cool list of Cebu restaurants for you to check out.


Wanted to taste authentic Mexican food that won’t hurt your budget? Then head on to Mactan Newton Al Fresco Dining for Meximama! This is a unique twist to the usual Mexican Cuisine you had tried.

The restaurant offers comfort food reminiscent of a good home cooked meals by our mothers. It also utilizes and maximizes ingredients from scratch to get the best and quality Fast Good Food.

Azul Cebu

Azul Cebu has been the go to place to experience the Tuslob Buwa. This dish originated from Pasil, one of the most busiest fish ports here in Cebu. For the love of the unique dish, Azul Cebu has raised the ante in preparing and savoring this dish. The mains include pig’s brain, lard, some aromatics like onions and garlic, small shrimp locally known as “uyap” and some soy and oil.

The best partner for that will be “puso” or rice wrapped in coconut leaves. It was also known as “Hanging Rice” but then, it is just “puso”. Azul Surf also served a fusion of Italian, Japanese and Korean foodie finds that will surely answer your quest for good food.

Chorizo de Cebu

Chozzo is always there to satisfy your cravings for the unique flavor and aroma of the local chorizo de cebu. It is in this humble roadside corner in Gorordo and Ayala Access Road that the delicious aroma of homemade Chorizo de Cebu wafts in the air as you pass.

It is just beside JCA Pizza, a proudly Cebu based pizza that served the freshest ingredients. You might want to dig in their pizza while waiting for your chorizo treats.

Mingnan Chinese Restaurant

Mingnan Chinese Restaurant is also one of the best places where you find Authentic Chinese Cuisine without hurting the budget. This is located in Osmena Blvd Extension, Plaridel Street, Colon Cebu City, just a few steps before Sto. Nino Basilica.

Best sellers will include dumplings, lomi and beef guisado among others. It is really a challenge locating this area since it is quite hidden in the maze of streets in Colon and Manalili.

Cadi Shack Diner

Wanting to taste the best Pork Steak in town? Cadi Shack Diner is a hidden haven for art enthusiasts as well as foodies.

Located in Pres. Laurel St., Villa Aurora, Mabolo, Cebu City, this diner is still the best place to get cozy homey meals cooked to perfection. With a retro ambiance and a 1965 Fleetwood Cadillac in its dining area.

Orange Karenderia

Elevating the humble Karenderia experience? Then head on to Orange Karenderia in Lahug!

Staples such as Crispy Tuna Buntot, Pochero, and others are the main star of the meal. It somehow elevated the status of the trusty sidewalk diner into something worth your money.

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Isidra Comfort Cantina

Isidra Comfort Cantina also offers a respite from the usual Osmena Avenue traffic.

Located in a side street near one Cebu Doctor’s Hospital, it provides options to those who would want to get their hefty fill of comfort food without shelling out too much. It is also located on a very quiet street and would attract those hungry and tired individuals doing their daily grind.

STK Ta Bai

STK Ta Bai! Sa Paolito’s Seafood House is something that would interest not just the hungry diner but also the antique collectors. Owned and managed by the Alcover Family, this restaurant has the best and the widest collections of antique religious icons.

Upon entering, you will notice heirloom pieces like chests, cabinets and fine china. You will also see their matriarch’s wedding dress and shoes displayed in a corner in the dining area. Wooden cherubs also adorn the area. Check out their menu here.

Shrimp Bucket

Craving for Shrimps? Bucket Shrimps is also something that caught the food frenzy of the Cebuanos when they opened. They specialize in shrimps that are boiled and have three different sauces like Cajun, Garlic Butter and Curry.

One thing unique here is that you are encouraged to eat using hands [though you will be given a transparent pair of gloves] so that you will be able to feel the shrimp meat. This area is accessible by people passing by the street and is frequented by yuppies.

They live up to they tagline of Yumminess in every bucket as evidenced by two other branches in Cebu Yacht Club and near IT Park respectively.

No 9 Restaurant

No 9 Restaurant has been the brainchild of brothers Iñaki and Pepin Martinez who grew up in the house that had the restaurant. This gave them the opportunity to meld both traditional and modern ways into what it is today.

It features a newly renovated interior that coexists with the original exterior façade of the 50 year old house. A new lighting system illuminates the main dining hall while guests have a floor-to-ceiling view of the old garden and trees. Spanish favorites like Arroz Con Pollo are on the mains here.

Casa Verde

Casa Verde Ramos is just a hit with the students from nearby universities due to its homey vibe and well thought pieces. Its best seller, Brian’s Baby Back Ribs, is enough to feed 2 people but due to its smokey flavor and irresistible texture, you can definitely finish it in record time.

Originally, the Ramos Branch was supposed to be just a small canteen that catered to the residents of the 2nd floor dormitory and some students from nearby colleges. Through word-of-mouth and recommendations by family and friends, the humble canteen soon became a full-scale restaurant.

After almost a decade and three branches later, CASA VERDE has grown into one of Cebu’s most popular dining destinations.

These are just some of the hole in the wall restaurants that you might want to check out when hunger strikes. It is fitting to note that most of the restaurants in Cebu started out as a family dining area and eventually branched out to a larger scale.

Craving for comfort food? Or wanting to share some bonding time with family over food? Then head on these places listed above for you to be satiated. And, Let’s Talk! WE would definitely love to hear from you.



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