Top 3 Things You Need to Know on Mobile Photography

Mobile Photography
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It is amazing that mobile phones not only serve as a means of communication to our loved ones and friends but also act as a snap device together with tablets. Times did rapidly changed given the rise of mobile communication.

In our world today, people are depending on their mobile devices for easy access, fast communication and better sharing of images through the world wide web.

Mobile photography is fast rising trend among dynamic individuals today. We see youngsters and yuppies busy with their mobile devices as they go on their activities of daily living.

So here are our Top 3 Things [or more] that you should consider when doing Mobile Photography

  • Get CLOSE. Many cell phone cameras, especially the iPhone, really start to shine when you bring them in close to your subject. The small sensor provides a relatively wide depth of field so you can get entire objects in focus where cameras with bigger sensors and longer lenses would have trouble.
  • Crop instead of Zooming In. To get the best out of your photos, crop so that you’re actually just sampling pixel info that was actually recorded. That means you can crop substantially and still have plenty of resolution left for display on the web. And the lack of gross upscaling artifacts will help mask the fact that it was taken with a phone.
  • Edit instead of Filters. For unique images, ditch the filters. Use editing apps like Photoshop Express, SnapSeed or iPhoto. They’ll let you make reasonable adjustments, like contrast, sharpness, and color temperature. Stuff you’d actually do with images from your big camera. We don’t really go against Instagram, but then, the pre determined filters sometimes gets in the way of getting unique photographs.

Aside from those mentioned above, here are other tips that you can use as well:

Fake Blurs can be omitted. Depth of field will always be one of the biggest challenges for a smartphone camera. Wide angle lenses and tiny sensors make any substantial background blur difficult to achieve. But faking it almost always makes things worse. An editing app usually applies blur uniformly across most of the frame. That’s not the way a lens works, so it looks unnatural.

Drop the Flash. Instead of having it, find another light source instead. Glorified LED flashlights thrust flashes into a duty they’re not fully prepared for. They are bright, but the color temperature can be gross and they miss one of the primary duties of a strobe: freezing the action in the frame.

The actual “flash” duration is much too long, so you end up with an image that’s both blurry and terribly-lit. Not to mention how close it is to the lens, which makes those horrible demon eyes almost a given. It likely won’t be perfect or even flattering, but it can be interesting.

Always Keep Your Lens CLEAN. Your pocket definitely hosts a myriad of different bacterias, as well as grime and dirt. The result are hazy, dark images that won’t look good no matter how many retro filters you slap on them. Once in a while, it’s worth the effort to break out the lens cleaning solution and really get the grime off of it. It may not look dirty and you might not even notice it in your photos, but often a deep clean will make a difference.

It feels different if you are taking care for your gadgets for optimum performance. Definitely, our tips mentioned above should somehow give your a bird’s eye view in doing mobile photography while traveling.

Do you know somebody who is into photography and loves to travel? What places have you been to? Let’s talk!


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