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Top Things That You Should Do When You Are In Cebu

Top Things That You Should Do When You Are In Cebu

When in CEBU, you will never run out of activities that will surely get your adrenaline pumping and your taste buds asking for more.

Cebu is well known for its white sandy beaches and clear azure waters. It is also home to the finest local delicacies that captivated the palate of the world. Being dubbed as the Queen City of the South, Cebu has managed to make the tourist influx go high every summer and during the yuletide season.

Magellan's Cross Cebu

1. A trip down memory lane.

You can definitely find a rich historical and cultural heritage when walking around town. For starters, you will see the Magellan’s Cross housed in a kiosk. Walking a few steps in front of that is the Basilica Minore del Sto. Nino that holds the original image of the Miraculous Child given by the Spanish Conquistador Ferdinand Magellan to Rajah Humabon and his wife as a gift.

While you are at it, walk a few steps farther among the busy street and you will then be able to see the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral. It is the seat of Ecclesiastical Community in the region. At is left is the Cebu Cathedral Museum, formerly its convent and sacristy, but recently restored as a museum. It contains the artefacts of the late Ricardo Cardinal Vidal and some old saint images made of wood and ivory.

Walking up the streets, you will then find the Old Parian District where the Colon Street can be found. Across the street is the Yap-Sandiego Heritage House, where it is considered as one of the oldest Chinese houses preserved. On the opposite street is the Casa Gorordo Museum, house of the First Bishop of Cebu. At the neighborhood is the 1730 Jesuit House, tucked behind the gates of a warehouse owned by an affluent Cebuano Chinese Sy Family.

Taoist Temple Cebu

2. Faithfully yours.

Though the majority of the population in Cebu are Roman Catholics, still the city has welcomed other religions in its arms without question. The Chinese, who were instrumental in making Cebu what is today, had preserved their own faith and beliefs are evidenced by the Taoist Temple in Beverly Hills, as well as Buddha Light Temple in T. Padilla Extension Street, near the North Reclamation Area.

Other notable area for worship for our Muslim brothers is the Al-Khairiah Mosque in N. Bacalso Street, Mambaling.

University of San Carlos Museum Cebu

3. Museum Hopping!

If you happen to be a fan of traveling back in time [or perhaps just for the feels] and a bit fan of history too, then you definitely would want to visit University of San Carlos Museum, Museo Sugbo, and University of Southern Philippines Foundation Rizaliana Museum.

Hilutungan Marine Sanctuary Cebu

4. Under the Sea!

Fancy up some up close and personal shots of Nemo? Fret not since Cebu has a lot of places where you can snorkel all you want from the shallows. Also, when in Cebu, you can always bask in glorious sunsets when you follow your wanderlust.

Remarkable places to go Snorkeling would be the Hilutungan Marine Sanctuary, Talima Marine Sanctuary and Nalusuan Marine Sanctuary where you can go Fish Feeding as well. In Kontiki Marine in Maribago, you can still see Mackerel Runs when you go diving. Cebu never disappoints when you talk about diving.

Pescador Island in Moalboal has a rich variety of marine life. Malapascua Island is the breeding ground and the home of the gentle Pelagics, a.k.a the Thresher Sharks. Divers all over the world flock to Monad Shoal in Malapascua Island to get a glimpse of the pelagics. Other notable dive sites would include the Sumilon Island off the coast of Oslob, about 4 hours away from the city.

Mt. Manunggal Cebu

5. Scenic Ridges.

If you prefer to spend the day hiking up the hills and mountains, surely Cantipla and Mt. Manunggal wont disappoint you. This mountain in inside the Central Cebu Protected Landscape, and you will see the engine of the Mt. Pinatubo aircraft which crashed in March 17, 1957 that claimed the life of the late President Ramon Magsaysay and fellow 26 passengers, as well as endemic species like the Cebu Flowerpecker and the Cebu Cinnamon Tree.

Cantipla offers caves that are not well explored yet but nonetheless will give you a different kind of thrill. Those flower lovers will also find a different kind of bliss when journeying here. When in Cebu, we also have the Babag Mountain Ranges where you can select varied exit points to suit your adventure. Most people will do the Budlaan – Sirao day hike or do the Babag – RCPI towers route.

These trails over a spectacular view of the city and as well as test your endurance in ascents and will power and decision making during descents.

Other activities that will entice you to stay longer. These may not be within the city itself but in nearby cities and towns that is proudly #CebuPride that you can only do #wheninCEBU.

A. See Food Diet

Food is quintessential in Cebuano living. You will definitely have your fill of the best Lechon in this side of the Pacific and perhaps have your fill of the freshest seafood finds. Food is never a problem in this bustling city. From the urban jungle to the highlands down to the coast, Cebu is teeming with restaurants to satisfy your craving.

Whether Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Persian, Fusion, Mediterranea or Filipino Cuisine, we always have a place for you. Such places include Cafe Uno in Waterfront Hotel, Feria of Radisson Blu, Cafe Marco of Marco Polo Hotel just to name a few. Other foodie finds include Azul Cebu in Gorordo, where the famous Tuslob Buwa [pig’s brain in bubbly sauce] originated, and the Ginabot or Chicharon Bulaklak, great to pair with Puso and some cold beer.

B. City Lights

Wanted to experience a romantic night with your loved one? Cebu will never disappoint you when you venture to TOPS, one of the best spots to gaze over the city lights.

Another activity that will let you gaze over the city lights is to dine at Lantaw Restaurant in Busay, where there is a great chance of you seeing Mactan, Bohol and Cebu City in one setting.

C. Island Pursuits

You can definitely chase waterfalls in Cebu. We have a lot of waterfalls that lets travelers revel in its cool waters and meditate on its beauty. We have the famous Kawasan Falls in Badian, the fast rising to fame Tumalog Falls in Oslob, and the Inambakan Falls of Ginatilan and so much more. If you wanted to go Zipline and other adventures, Adventure Cafe in Balamban is the place for you. If caving is your passion, Cebu also offers its own share of caves in Cantipla.

D. Shopping Galore

Malls like SM City Cebu and Ayala Center Cebu are two of the most busiest hubs in the metro. You will find international brands on its passageways and boutiques. Also, you would find awesome souvenir shops scattered in the city that might capture your fancy. Also, you might want to visit the vegetable strip in Balamban after your day hikes. They offer local fare like corn, bananas and other root crops.

Bas Daku in Moalboal Cebu

6. Beach, Please.

Cebu has a wide collection of the best sand boxes in the country. To start with, Cebu has been popular to tourists for the white sand beaches of Bas Daku in Moalboal, Lambug Beach in Badian, Tingko Beach in Alcoy, The Sandbar of Sumilon Island, Sugar Beach of Bantayan Island, and last but not the least, Santiago White Beach of Camotes Island. It is just like Boracay sans the smoke, pollution, and crowd.

Aloguinsan also had the Hermit’s Cove in Cantabogon where you can get a glimpse of the Tanon Strait, a migratory area for dolphins and other marine life.

So whatever you decide to do #wheninCEBU, allow yourself to get a bit out of everything. A day is not enough to experience everything but it is surely worth your trip.

Do you know someone who wanted to visit the Queen City of the South and experience all of these #wheninCEBU? Then let us know!

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