How To Survive Sinulog Festival

Cebu, Philippines —How to Survive Sinulog Festival? The positive vibe and the catchy beat of the Sinulog drums wafts in the air as thousands of pilgrims and spectators from all walks of life traverse the streets during Sinulog. This annual event is the highlight of the year for Cebuanos. This is still considered as a continuation of the Yuletide Season. Being naturally warm and hospitable, Cebuanos prepare for the festival months before during the previous year. It is a time where families and friends converge and enjoy the activities set during the entire Sinulog week. Relatives coming from outside the Philippines also plan their vacations during this week.
People usually have their essentials in order to Survive Sinulog Festival. Here is our Top 10 List:

Ways on How to Survive Survive Sinulog Festival

  1. Plan your activities well to save time and effort

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    Most of the time, families will search the schedule of activities. It is best to check it in advance to avoid being caught in the crowd. It is expected that the streets will be filled with people and cars, so it is better to familiarize the rerouting scheme and the mass schedules too.
  2. Manage to sleep early on a daily basis a week before the Sinulog Week

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    This is the best way to ready yourself for the coming jam packed activity week. This is also a way to make the body recuperate from stress.
  3. Bring water bottles

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    This will greatly help you hydrate during the scorching heat of the sun. It will also make you go thru the day without any issues. Getting well hydrated also makes your body temp well regulated thereby remaining necessary body homeostasis. 
  4. Biscuits and Candies will come a long way

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    There are times that we forget to take in meals regularly especially when we are already engrossed with the series of activities during the Sinulog Week, one of these are the scheduled novena masses for Sto. Nino. The only way to get pull thru this is by bringing your own stash of candies and biscuits. This not only helps hypoglycemia but also helps you avoid unnecessary spending at the church grounds if you feel hungry.
  5. Umbrellas

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    This not only fights harmful UVA and UVB rays while you enjoy the street parade but also it is helpful when there is sudden downpours. Every year, there are unexpected downpours in certain parts of the city, so having an umbrella not only helps you against harmful rays but also keeps you dry. 
  6. Hat

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  7. Having your own head gear is not only a fashion statement, it protect your head from excessive heat from the sun. This is also a way to prevent heat loss from the head and the ears. Buri Hats are made of natural materials, and has a cooling effect in the head. And plus, it is all natural and eco friendly since it is usually made of the buri palm or any other palm leaves.
  8. Shawl/Sarong

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    This is a travel essential to help shield yourself from the unforgiving scorching heat of the sun during the Sinulog week. It has been observed that yearly, the sun intensifies at a fast rate and will definitely make you sweat in all ways possible. Having this on your shoulders will help you have a very handy improvised hanky to wipe of droplets.
  9. Comfortable Footwear

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    This is a must for everyone who will be heading out in the streets. Nobody would want to stroll the busy and vibrant streets with a very uncomfortable pair of shoes or sandals. The streets are so dusty and also a bit dirty and we all wanted to feel fresh and comfortable during these days, right? Knowing your footwear ahead of time really helps you feel less stressful and calf pain and discomfort is lessened.
  10. Pocket Money

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    This is the time when all the goodies are laid out in the streets. Food and non food items are present. Even streetside henna tattoo, face painting and also inking professionals are out and about. Having enough money during the Sinulog Weekend will let you enjoy the event with simple joys found on the side walk.
  11. Communication Device

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    A must for everyone who is joining the revelry either at the streets or at the Basilica del Sto. Nino, where the core of the celebration takes place. Even inside the Basilica, sometimes, we get lost and got separated from our loved ones so having a communication device like a mobile phone is very important. It makes communication faster and easier. There are others who would bring radio communication devices, like rescuers and medical team who roams the vicinity and on standby for any issues and emergencies. 
  12. Eye Wear

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    The blinding rays of the sun is one cumbersome thing that every traveler and participant of the street party is facing. This can be avoided by having wearing your own eyewear. This is a must have for those who would want to stay cool and chill while enjoying the day.

  13. Never Stay Near The “Caro” during the Foot Procession

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    Cebuanos has this tradition of joining the long foot procession a day before the Sinulog Festival as a way of professing their faith for the Miraculous Child. This is a very old tradition handed down by Cebuano Families from one generation to the other. Every year, there is a new route for the procession but nonetheless, it is on the same streets near the Basilica that devotees traverse. There is a grouping for students, government employees and also by businesses who wished to join the processions. Statues of the Miraculous Child are being paraded during the procession and the real image of Sto. Nino is being adorned on his parade cart. It is handled with utmost care since it is more than 400 years old already. To survive the procession, it is helpful not to go near the cart so that you wont get trampled by the military who are tasked to cordon it from the curious devotees who wanted to get a glimpse of the original image of the Miraculous Child. At a distance, you might not able to get the best vantage point but still, for safety, being at a distance is the best way to survive the throng of devotees who will join this procession.

The above list is a compilation of the best things that can be done during the Sinulog Festival. It is somehow of common knowledge but still, there are times when we forgot to value these things. Hope our list was able to give you a clear picture of what you would expect during the week long activity.


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