How Escoopers Celebrated PH Independence Day

Weather can be unpredictable. In the morning of the Philippine Indepence Day this year, the sky was accumulating with cloud expecting for precipitation to come. And it rained. Drizzling first leading to that morning shower from the sky into a level 1 thunderstorm with the thundering noise and frightening lightning.

Spending the Sundar morning with heavy rain showers could dampen any mood. With a probability to cancel any family outing if the rain gets too heavy than expected, the situation calls for any plan B. Thankfully, the grumpy sky still loved the surface population. PH Independence Day rain did not completely soak most of Cebu. It soaked me though since I went out to meet the rain.

As the uncrowned cheerleading Escooper, it is my task to ask other Escoopers about their plans during a certain occasion such as the freedom day in the Philippines this year. I also asked a few bloggers in Cebu but I think their plans didn’t include posting something on social media. But I understand. It’s their way of coping things during Sunday morning where they can have the chance to sleep in and be a bit lazy for the day, especially on a rainy day.

Like this one…

Scotty Johnson Independence Day sleeping in
Scotty Johnson spent the day cuddling with his pillows. Awww…
As cute as it may seem, I can’t think of sleeping in all day during Sunday morning. In fact, I went out to meet the morning rain before it got too heavy.

On the other hand, Kevin Durano may have been somewhere in Danao City to do something we don’t know except for taking a selfie and be, well, cute and attractive. He was celebrating the independence day with someone other than his family. We can’t be sure.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 1.38.51 AM

The head of eStratmedia, who also happens to be an Escooper, also went to social media to make people envious of this linusak, a delicacy made of ground banana plantain, formed like a mini cylinder and gilded with minced coconut meat and sugar.


His protege also practiced taking pics of food and something on the table for possible social media sharing.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 1.39.32 AM
Perhaps, I can learn from a toddler on how to take pics using iPhone.
On other things more pressing, the Philippine Indepence Day was just like any ordinary day. There were no fireworks that night. No people being seen shouting at the street and claiming they were more patriotic than other Filipinos. Less reports about any government-related event celebrating the 118th Philippine Independence Day. In brief, it was just an ordinary day made special because of the commemoration, not because of national-wide celebration.

The waving flag, however, was the most visible.


The Love of country


And so was Google…




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