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10 Best Bacolod City Delicacies / Pasalubong that You Should Eat

Here Are 10 Treats That Will Surely Make You Smile!

Bacolod is the city of smiles and what makes people smile the brightest? Sweetness. Not only that the people are warm and hospitable, the city itself prides to be in the heart of sweetness, that is, sugar cane is abundant. When you hear the name Bacolod, this is synonymous to Sugar Cane, the primary crop of the province.

Bacolod City is found in the Sugar Capital of the Philippines and most of the city’s delicacies are sweets. So listed below are the must try treats you definitely should try. Your visit to Bacolod will not be complete without these treats for your family. Bring these best bacolod pasalubong and expect a wide grin or a sweet smile from them #wheninBacolod.

10. Lubid-lubid /loo-bid loo-bid/

This twisted rope-like bread sprinkled with sugar a favorite amongst children for its fun twisted shape. This is good to bring as well when you walk around the Plaza or you venture into the other places in Bacolod.

9. Meringue /Me-ring-geh/

This classic that dates back to the Spanish colonialism is a favorite treat of adults and children alike. It’s whipped egg white confectioner sugar baked to crispy goodness. It actually helps if you are having hypoglycemia or low blood sugar levels during busy times of the day, either when you are in the office or at home doing the usual household chores. This will do a quick sugar fix for you. Great to bring as well during land travels on board a bus and other vehicles shared with your family and friends.

8. Barquiron /Bar-ki-ron/

If you loved barquillos, then you will definitely love barquiron. Filling the barquillos with the homemade goodness of polvoron is one of the reasons why this delicacy is one of a kind. It’s like having two delicacies rolled into one. A best way to savor the best of both worlds. And that experience is only in Bacolod.

7. Barquillos /Bar-ki-yos; -lyos/

Rolled and baked to goodness, these goodies is another favorite by locals. You can never go wrong with a stick of barquillos. It’s made of thin wafers rolled into a tube which is perfect with sundaes and ice cream towers. The unique taste of these goodies may not be starkingly sweet but it adds zest to any dessert that you might think of creating for family and friends.

6. Pure Tubo (Pure Sugar Cane)

It is not typically bought in stores but when sugar-cane cargo trucks rest for a few hours in preparation for its next half-day trip to the sugar production plants, it is always recommended for tourists to ask a stalk. Clean it first before chewing. It is also highly recommended that you freeze it before consuming. Warning: Do not swallow the fiber. You’re supposed to spit the chewed stalk after the sweetness is gone.

5. Calea’s Blueberry Cheesecake

This locally made cheesecake is popular among Bacolod netizens for its balanced sweetness and blueberriness. It has a generous amount of the berries making it a perfect cheer me up delicacy. Drop by at their cozy cafe in Balay Quince, Lacson Street, Bacolod City between 8 AM to 10 from Mondays thru Thursdays and 9 AM to 11 PM during weekends.

4. Biscocho /Bis-ko-cho/

This Spanish-originating delicacy is spanish for ‘biscuit’. It’s baked bread topped with butter or caramelized milk (condensada) that will surely captivate you. This is quite similar to the Italian Biscotti and also baked twice. The Biscocho is usually paired with hot coffee or tea during breakfast and during meriendas.

3. Felicia’s Chocolate Cake

This treat is a MUST-TRY. Bacolod foodies always suggest this lovely treat because not only does it taste extra chocolatey but the spongy goodness lasts for days even under long refrigeration. Good to bring for those relatives and family who are chocolate lovers and can’t make it through the day without chocolate. With this fix, you are bringing a fine treat that will surely make a mark to those who receive it.

2. Napoleones /Nah-pol-yo-nes/

This delicacy is a technically a cream puff but the cream is frosted and the puffiness of the bread is missing-in-action. This flaky goodness is loved by Bacolodnons and you will surely do, too. Sweet tooths will definitely love this and it will be great to bring these treats as well. Perfect for tea time.

1. Piaya /Pee-ya-yah/

This delicacy is made out of crunchy bread (unleavened) filled muscovado-based syrup. It’s one of the best selling delicacies in Bacolod City. This is best eaten with soda or for those who wanted to take this after a siesta, best paired with a cup of hot steaming black coffee. Or maybe a latte will do.

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We hope that having these treats on your bag will bring back good memories on your visit in Bacolod. As they say, one of the best way to remember the area is with the delicacies you had brought back with you in your journey towards home. And surely, these treats from Bacolod will define your day.

What different treats captured your senses? Are there any other treats you would want to share that are not found on our list? Then let’s talk! See you in Bacolod! 


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  1. Merzci is one of the best bacolod pasalubong. But for me, Merzci is the best. With so many branches and a lot of delicious and sweet foods to buy, there’s no doubt about it.

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