Why You Should Visit the Newest Rico’s Lechon Mandaue Branch

Rico's Lechon Mandaue Branch

A traditional Filipino party or fiesta (feast) is always thought to be incomplete without the presence of a popular dish called “Lechon” or suckling pig. There are plenty of “lechonan” (lechon places) to choose from but check out why Rico’s Lechon Mandaue is our number one choice.

Rico’s Lechon Mandaue opened last June 28 and is the branch located at the heart of the Queen City of the South, Cebu, which is popularly known for many things such as beaches, festivals, and of course as the “Lechon Capital” of the Philippines.

George Nocom Pua stated that one of the branch’s main goals is to target tourists and provide an additional stop for their tours. This can help foreigners completely immerse the festive ambiance and local cuisine of Cebu without waiting for Sinulog and other festivals.

Rico’s Lechon can satisfy your cravings and is the best go-to place if you are craving Lechon. You no longer have to wait to enjoy this Filipino favorite.

The Best Lechon de Leche

Rico's Lechon

Rico’s Lechon Mandaue provides the best “lechon de leche”, which is a young pig fed by its mother’s milk and nothing else.

You’ll find that the “lechon de leche” has a perfect golden-brown and crunchy skin that’s bursting with the aroma from the garlic and leeks. It’s quite delicious that you can’t help but order an extra serving of rice.

To all spicy lovers out there, we do recommend that you try out their spicy Lechon. The spiciness from the chili is in sync with their flavors that really brings out that garlic and tangy flavors.

Rico’s Lechon does have its own “Suka Lami” or their blend of vinegar to pair and balance the taste of vinegar and spices.

It’s been recognized locally and internationally as one of the number one flavorful and delicious Lechon. Their slogan, “Da Best Gyud” really sticks to you as they don’t fail to meet and even exceed your expectations.

Rico’s Lechon Mandaue Can Seat 400 Customers

Rico's Lechon Manduae Branch

Did you know that Rico’s Lechon Mandaue branch is their biggest restaurant?

It is occupying a large 500 sqm space.

They must have thought that what good is food if customers can’t even find a parking spot and a seat to dine in.

Rico’s Lechon has solved this dilemma when they provided wide enough spaces that even tourist buses won’t have a parking problem.

Rico’s Lechon Mandaue has a contemporary classic interior design for an “Old Cebu with a Twist” ambiance.

The restaurant also has more than enough seats to ensure that you are well-accommodated with a robust air-conditioning unit and ventilation that keeps you cool and comfortable.

Rikki the Friendly Pig

Rikki the Pig

Rico’s Lechon unveiled its new logo which showcased their pig mascot in the traditional Pinoy garb, holding a bamboo pole of “silis” or peppers.

The peppers are there to tell the world that it was Rico’s Lechon that pioneered the spicy flavored Lechon that many people have grown to love.

Rikki the Pig
The kids do enjoy the company of Rikki the Friendly Pig so if you plan to have a party, you can book Rikki as your mascot.

Rico’s Lechon Mandaue Pick-up and Take-out Counter

If you want to bring your dishes and meals at home or to dine someplace else, the branch also has a take-out counter. Seats are provided while you wait a moment as they carefully pack your orders.

The take-out boxes are insulated to help keep your Lechon stay crispy and warm for an extended period. So don’t open the packages unless you are to consume them right away so that you won’t lose that crispy and crunchy part of the dish.

You can also call ahead of time to request that you will be picking up the whole Lechon from their Mandaue branch.

Function Rooms

Chairs Tables Function Room

The vast space isn’t just for dining in. You can celebrate a special occasion with a complete set of equipment and meals in their function rooms.

They have an elegant banquet set-up VIP rooms that can seat 15 to 18 persons, 20 to 25 persons or as many as 80 to 90 persons. This is good for a minimum of 3 hours with prior approvals needed before installing any decors.

They also have free access to Wi-Fi, a projector with a wide-screen and PA sound system. However, smoking, glitter, and candles are not permitted in the VIP rooms.

The room decorations will also be completed an hour before your guests arrive and the air-conditioning will also be provided an hour prior to the event.

Featuring New Dishes

Fish Soup

No longer is Rico’s just about Lechon, the brand is committed to providing you with the best dining experience to make you feel right at home by offering new dishes.

These dishes vary from main dishes like Grilled Pork Belly, Ginataang Lain, Chicken Binakol, Sizzling Adobong Pusit, Sisig Fried Rice, Sinigang na Baka at Baboy, Chorizo Fried Rice, Buttered Mixed Seafoods, Sinigang Boneless Bangus, Seaweed Salad, and Seafood Sotanghon.
These dishes do not lose to their main dish and will offer you a delectable and savory taste of Filipino cuisines all in one place.

Delicious and close to home

Rico’s Lechon Mandaue is the best place to enjoy fresh and crispy Lechon with your comfort, ease of access, and parking space needs put into mind. This Mandaue branch has become one of the forefronts in the continued pride of not only the Cebuanos but for the Philippines to be known by the world.


  • Contact number: (032) 283-4650 | (032) 253-4709
  • Email address:
  • Social: @RicosLechonMANDAUE

How To Get There

EXACT LOCATION: Mantawi Ave, Tipolo, Mandaue City in front of Parkmall Cebu 6014





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