Drool Over These Top 10 All-Time Merzci Pasalubong Treats

Merzci Pasalubong, the reputable brand of treats from the Sugar Capital of the Philippines has now arrived in Cebu! We all know that choosing a pasalubong or “food souvenir” can be difficult especially for our wallets.

But don’t worry as our list for today includes delicious and affordable surprises all in one place. Here are the…

Top 10 Sweet Reasons To Visit Merzci Pasalubong

Just a little background, Merzci as in “thank you” in French has been around since 1995. They are the leading brand of staple sweets and should be one of your itineraries when visiting the region and buying pasalubong to bring home.

Best of all, Merzci products are shareable treats which makes it perfect for pasalubong.

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Although they are affordable, don’t get the wrong idea that they were only made with cheap ingredients. Merzci makes its products out from the best ingredients and people have proven and tasted the quality of their brand.

Proving just how much the people love Merzci Pasalubong, the brand was able to open up its 63rd branch in Cebu as of October 18, 2019. We won’t keep you waiting and here is the first sweet reason to look out for:

10. Meringue

MERZCI MERINGUE - Merzci Pasalubong Treats

Don’t they look delectable? If you love sweets, then the Meringue is the perfect treat for you! It is a popular food that has been around since the Spanish period and these snacks were made from whipped egg whites with a little bit of confectioner’s sugar.

The mixture is then baked to get those sweet pods that you see in the picture above.

9. Biscocho

MERZCI BISCOCHO - Merzci Pasalubong Treats

The Italians have this delicacy called Biscotti. If you are familiar with it, then Biscocho is more like the Filipino version. Biscocho is a Spanish term that translates to “biscuit” as it is a baked bread that has the same texture of a biscuit.

Note: It’s probably best to enjoy the Biscocho with a cup of freshly brewed coffee or warm milk and dip the biscuit for a more comfortable snack.

8. Piaya

MERZCI PIAYA - Merzci Pasalubong Treats

Piaya is one of Bacolod’s most popular delicacies. Piaya is a soft bread product that has been stuffed with a muscovado-based syrup. These circular treats are best enjoyed after a heavy meal to help you clean your palette. However, we suggest enjoying this as a snack to really get a taste of that delicious filling.

7. Barquillos

MERZCI BARQUILLOS - Merzci Pasalubong Treats

Bacolod doesn’t just offer a picturesque landscape but they can also surprise us with their delicacies like the Barquillos. It might not look anything special, it may even look plain. However, this rolled wafer stick snack has that crunchy and tasty flavor that will shock you!

Even famous restaurants and cafes use it as toppers for other desserts such as ice cream, some also use it on the cake. It’s just that good! But you can also keep it simple, have it with coffee, tea, or juice.

6. Barquiron


You don’t want to get these two mixed up. The Barquiron is only different from Barquillos since it has a polvoron inside the wafer sticks. The Barquillos doesn’t have any polvoron in it.

Polvoron is a type of shortbread that is popular in Spain and its name comes from the Spanish word “polvo” meaning “powder” or “dust”. It’s a soft, crumbly confection made of flour, milk, sugar, fat, and nuts.

You get two surprises from this gift but it will get messy if you thought it was Barquillos so take note.

5. Butterscotch


Presenting the next on your to-buy list is the Butterscotch. This delicious butter bar is made with toasted cashews and is yet another popular delicacy of Bacolod. It is perfectly balanced in taste as all sweets should be.

Savor butterscotch during snack time and don’t forget to leave some for others.

4. Tarts


The mango tarts from Merzci are one of the perfect desserts for a gathering or snacks for your guests. The mango tarts are half-moon in shape and have this delectable crisp yellow-colored thin-crust which helps balance the sweetness of the mango jam.

3. Tarts


One of the great comfort foods from Bacolod is the Cheese Tarts. We won’t be surprised if you won’t stop munching on these three-sided snacks.

This treat provides a sweet and milky cheese flavor that simply dances with the taste of the meringue on top and is made from toasted cheese cupped in a crispy pastry. It’s the perfect snack for those who are crazy cheese lovers.

2. Pulceras


We get it, it doesn’t look like much but you’ll get a very interesting taste when you partner it with Nutella or other dips.

Pulceras is a brown ring made from baked flour and it looks like a bangle for a small child, hence the name which means “bracelet”.

The Pulceras has very little sugar and is not coated with anything but enjoy it with your favorite dip without that dampening flavor and we guarantee satisfaction like never before.

1. Napoleones


We probably should have placed this irresistible dessert on top but we must save the best for last. A soft and sweet delicacy, this pastry is incredibly mouth-watering! Its custard filling makes it a great combo with the paper-like layers of crusting, and to make it even better, a final touch of glaze just completes the package.

Never forget to order the Napoleones, it is simply one of the best desserts out there.

There are tons of delicacies in Bacolod that you should never miss out on. However, you no longer need to go to Bacolod to taste their sweets but instead, you can visit their first-ever branch here in Cebu.

What are you waiting for? Visit Merzci Pasalubong today! Sa Merzci, tanan manamit!


  • Contact number: (034) 435-4444 | (034) 707-4444
  • Email address:
  • Social: @MerzciPasalubongPH

How To Get There?

From SM CEBU, you can board the 01K or 10H jeepney and ask to be dropped off at the Gaisano Capital South.

EXACT LOCATION:  Unit 5 Arcenas Building, Colon Street, Kalubihan, Cebu across BPI.


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