Experience A Culinary Journey With Ulli’s Streets of Asia

Ulli’s Streets of Asia will take you on a culinary journey with Asia’s most popular street food! It is your one-stop restaurant where you can find simply remarkable selections from seven Asian countries known for their distinct taste in food, traditional recipes, and culture.

The countries served at Ulli’s are namely Taiwan, China, Japan, Singapore, S. Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines. Get to know who they are…

Ulli’s Streets of Asia

Urbina 3rd Gen Julia U, Absin and Krisha Viado together with their grandmother, CEO, and founder of Laguna Group, Madame Julita Urbina.

Ulli’s Streets of Asia is well-known to be a labor of love from the third generation of Urbinas, where “Ulli’s” comes from the endearment for their grandmother, Julita “Julie” Urbina, who evoke the goodness of home-cooked meals and delicious authentic Filipino dishes of Cafe Laguna.

Located at the ground floor Level 1, Ayala Center Mall near Uniqlo, Ulli’s doesn’t fail to give its diners a quick and easily accessible dining in the heart of the busy streets of Cebu.

Ulli’s Streets of Asia is the ideal restaurant for those with an active lifestyle, as “fast but not rushed” is taken seriously at Ulli’s as most of the dishes on their menu are freshly made and ready to be enjoyed as soon as it’s ordered or you can take them on-the-go with the take-out counter.

QQ Beef Noodles
Chilled Taho

It is also your friendly and healthy stop for those short lunch breaks as they offer nutritious options from mouth-watering soup, broths, salad, chilled fresh fruits and their famous chilled Taho.


The interior was inspired mainly by the Chinese culture of having the family restaurant on the ground floor while the second floor is the family home.

As you walk to the counter, you are greeted with polite management and staff who are open and patient in answering your questions about their menu.

QR Code Ulli’s Photo Menu

However, you still don’t want to make the people behind you wait for too long so they’ve set up a QR code that you can scan to browse while waiting for your turn on the line.

The front desk and cashier are also well-informed about each type of dish they are serving so if you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

The restaurant ambiance offers a casual meal while not losing the Instagram worthy backdrops and an exquisite presentation and preparation of delicious street food.

The restaurant offers seats for solo dining or can accommodate up to groups of 9 people for your friends or family to comfortably visit the streets at Ulli’s! Of course, if you want to have your picture taken, don’t be shy to ask the staff.

Macau inspired Ulli’s Interior Colors

Their color scheme was also chosen in resemblance to Macau’s flag namely the Tropical Rainforest, White and Yellow.

Ulli’s Streets of Asia Open Kitchen

Ulli’s stays true to the spirit of street food as all meals are prepared in plain sight. The open kitchen gives the diners a true feel of the streets where they can explore, immerse and enjoy the ambiance while they wait for the food to arrive.

According to Chef Raki, “Street food is comfort food. We’re taking the best-tasting dishes from abroad to our city and we make it so that what you order from Ulli’s are actual recipes that bring the real taste of the food like in those foreign countries.”

Chef Raki Urbina (middle) interviewed during the Media Launch last February 3, 2020.

“They are all authentic, not fusions. We stick close to the ingredients with the dishes improved along with my friends who are also chefs overseas,” says Chef Raki or Raki Urbina, the Corporate Chef of his family’s Laguna Group of Companies.

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Ulli’s doesn’t lose its glamour of being the perfect one-stop restaurant for a quick meal or for those who are looking for adventurous dishes to satiate their cravings.

Its charm lies in its originality, innovation, and the staff who are all working to provide the best customer service and dining experience.


At Ulli’s, there are a variety of choices to choose from so which one should you try first? Let Lokal Guide help you out!

Hawker Rib Rice

Ulli’s Streets of Asia actually serves a variety of noodles, salads, fish or prawns from 7 different countries. However, if you are in a hurry, we’d recommend the Hawker Rib Rice for lunch on the go.

The Hawker Rib Rice is the ultimate steamed rice with fall-off-the-bone meat that isn’t messy, easy to carry and is a full-course meal all by itself.

Daebak Chicken

We also have other selections from the Korean menu for a delicious dinner meal with your group of friends and family. The Daebak Chicken and Bibimbap are perfect starters and group meals that’ll surely satiate everyone’s hunger.

BIG F Chicken

While we are talking about chicken, you’ve gotta try Ulli’s special, crispy BIG F Chicken menu! It’s not greasy in the slightest. Instead, you bite on to a perfectly crispy skin and discover soft and moist meat on the inside.

The small bowl of mashed potatoes comes with the chicken meal but it is also a dish that can stand on its own. Together, they do make quite the pair but the blend of the potatoes and eggs made it so that we gobbled it up on its own.

Buddha’s Feast

Next up, if you are on a diet, meat and chicken dishes aren’t the only meals available at Ulli’s as they also provide vegetarian dishes.

The Buddha’s Feast is a well known Chinese and Buddhist cuisine. With it, you can enjoy a savory hotpot of tofu, mushrooms, and vegetables for a lighter meal that’s perfect for any time of the day.

Fun-Gai Stir Fry

Also, the Street Foods of Asia is incomplete without the stir-fries. The Fun-Gai Stir Fry is one dish you should try out for a quick and healthy dinner. Although there are about a zillion stir-fry recipes out there with each having something unique and delicious about them but Fun-Gai doesn’t lose to any of them.

Fisherman’s Catch

Similar to Buddha’s Feast, the fisherman’s catch is enriched with vegetables and mushrooms but is paired with slices of fish, tofu and fish balls.


Also, the Japchae which literally means “mixed vegetables” is made with bouncy sweet potato starch noodles, the Japchae is a classic Korean dish. Its main ingredient of this is the sweet potato starch noodles or dangmyeon, also known as glass noodles.


Of course, your culinary journey through the streets of Asia won’t be complete without tasting the Asian desserts. Other than Ulli’s famous Chilled Taho, they offer other fruity and berry options such as the Cheng Tng, a Singaporean delight, and your favorite chilled tropical Fruit Cups.

Cheng Tng

Even if the weather has been erratic lately, Cheng Tng can keep your body and mind in tiptop shape. It is Singapore’s delicious cup of goodies with rich nutritional value that can effectively boost your immunity.

Fruit Cups

Another healthy choice would be the freshly chopped watermelon and mango slices that are always served fresh and chilled which is a great way to end a heavy meal.


What’s a restaurant without any beverages or coffee? With Ulli’s, there are plenty of choices to choose from. You can enjoy coffee, Chinese herbal tea, milk boba, Beer and more!

Ulli’s Vietnamese Coffee

Jumpstart your day with your favorite espresso with Ulli’s Vietnamese coffee. We believe that’s it the perfect blend of a bittersweet cup to reinvigorate you throughout any busy day. If you like it sweet, then don’t forget to stir before drinking.

Milk Boba

If coffee isn’t what you are looking for at the moment, their delicious Milk Boba can keep you company as you end your meal on a sweet and milky note.

Also, the boba pearls are made of tapioca starch that comes from cassava roots. Compared to using gelatin for making these tiny balls of chewy deliciousness, the boba offers a small amount of calcium iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, and potassium.

Engkanto Beer

If you haven’t heard about the Engkanto beer, it is a craft beer founded by a Cebuano businessman, Ian Paradies. More than his love for beer, Paradies is also fond of Filipino folklore hence, the name of the brewery.

The craft beer is typically priced a bit higher than commercial brews because of the absence of adjuncts or fillers in the brewing process, but once you’ve tried it you really can taste the difference and won’t mind paying a bit more for what is arguably the better product.

If you’re new to craft beer, you might want to start with the Lager. It’s the best-selling Engkanto beer flavor in the Philippines. The lager would go great with fried food like chicken tenders and is an entry-level beer with only 4.8-percent ABV.

Wang Laoji Chinese Herbal Tea

You might also see this eye-catching red bottle as you go in the restaurant. It’s not beer but a Chinese herbal tea. What can you expect with the taste?

Every sip of this beverage provides you with a refreshing and soothing effect on the throat. It is made naturally with hints of mint and honey flavor so it is sweet but not too sweet. You’ve never tasted real tea without enjoying a bottle of this refreshing and palate-cleansing Wang Laoji.


After all those superb selections, you might still be missing one more push to fully satiate your hunger, or if you are simply looking for a snack to bite on, then Ulli’s still won’t let you down as they have three exciting sandwiches for you to try!

Thrilling fillings and tasty toppings for your bread. Ulli’s takes you to the next level with their Roppongi Fish Burger, Gua Bao, and Katsu Sando.

Katsu Sando

The Katsu Sando is a Japanese milk bread that is downright fulfilling. It’s a crustless sandwich filled with your favorite crispy juicy pork cutlets. Once you try it you can’t help but have some more.

Gua Bao

The Gua Bao or Taiwan’s Pork Belly buns have a familiar blend and flavor that’s similar to siopao but with extremely tender pork belly bites and lightly smeared with peanut butter like sauce.

Roppongi Fish Burger

The Roppongi Fish burger of filet-o-fish is a Crispy Fried Fish Burger meal that’s inspired by the flavors of Tokyo. It is the top choice when you’re craving something delicious and light but isn’t heavy.

The whole thing is generously topped with a special sauce recipe and light coleslaw. You’re gonna love this one along with the other dishes.


To end this delicious culinary journey, Ulli’s takes the best-tasting dishes from abroad into the Queen City of the South making it so that diners can order actual recipes that give you the real taste of the food while prices are kept affordable to attract the young and adventurous connoisseurs.

“Wok” right into the flavors famous all around the Streets of Asia at Ulli’s! You’ve got plenty of choices to choose from along with the varying degrees of flavor and presentation that’ll surely keep you amazed with every dish.

Don’t wait for too long and get ready to hit the streets at Ulli’s today!

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