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Rico’s Lechon participated in a Caravan of Love initiated by DYAR Sonshine Radio

Cebu’s Caravan of Love

Rico’s Lechon participated in DYAR Sonshine Radio 765 Cebu’s Caravan of Love, a program of giving back to the community through a feeding and gift-giving program for more than a hundred children at Brgy. Tabla, Liloan last October 26, 2019.

DYAR Staff Wilmer Promito (in Red) giving out packed lunches for the kids at Brgy. Tabla, Liloan.

There is a significant number of children that continue to go to bed hungry and eat less than three meals a day.

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) reports that every day, 95 children in the Philippines die from chronic malnutrition. Twenty-seven out of 1,000 Filipino children won’t make it past their fifth birthday. And a third of Filipino children are stunted or short for their age.

Stunting after 2 years of age can be permanent, irreversible and even fatal.

The Unicef has called on local government units (LGUs) to help stop malnutrition in the country.

“The LGUs should boost their effort to address the problem,” said Unicef Philippines representative Lotta Sylwander.

It is still happening, families still live on rice, salt, vegetables, and just dried fish to cut down on their food expenses. However, even that is still not enough to meet their three meals per day requirement.


From the left, Brgy. Captain Maria Tilao of Tabla Liloan, SK Chairman Miriam Maroliña, DYAR Station Manager Jimrey Biosa, DYAR Financial Marketing Staff Farah Lim.

Last year, DYAR decided to celebrate its future anniversaries with the community and made it their mission to start a community program of giving back to our fellow Filipino families through the Caravan of Love. This year, they are continuing the outreach program at Brgy. Tabla, Liloan which was also done in celebration of DYAR’s 14th Year Anniversary.

“We, who are fortunate, food is always within our reach. However, others aren’t so lucky and we wanted to celebrate our anniversary together with the children and to have them enjoy nutritious and delicious food that we occasionally forget to appreciate,” said Jimrey Biosa, DYAR Station Manager Cebu.

DYAR Station Manager Jimrey Biosa is giving out gifts.

With the special participation of Rico’s Lechon, Gardenia, Dunkin Donuts, Psalm of David Harmonic Orchestra, Inc., Keeper’s Club and many more, the Caravan of Love was a great success.

Brgy. Captain Maria Tilao of Tabla Liloan - Caravan of Love
Brgy. Captain Maria Tilao of Tabla Liloan (left) is being interviewed by DYAR Station Manager Jimrey Biosa.

“We are blessed to have received this blessing. Brgy. Tabla is far from the city so we never have a feeding program, this is actually the first outreach program done in the barangay. Hopefully, the Caravan of love will continue to make more kids happy and inspired,” said Maria Rosenisa Tilao, Brgy. Captain of Tabla, Liloan.

As part of their Community Social Responsibility, Rico’s Lechon prepared a hundred nutritious packed lunches.

Keepers Club Staff - Caravan of Love
Keepers Club Staff, Zai Redula (left) with Rico’s Lechon Sales and Marketing Manager, Michael Bacatan. (right)

“We didn’t think twice about helping out for the Caravan of Love program and we can only thank DYAR for letting us help out,” stated Michael “Pops” Bacatan, Sales and Marketing Manager of Rico’s Lechon.

“This is a humbling experience while this also our way of fulfilling our Community Social Responsibility,” added Bacatan.


Keepers Club Staff - Caravan of Love
Keepers Club Staff, Zai Redula (left), SK Chairman Miriam Maroliña (center), and Keepers Club Staff Meryll Ybañez (right)

Aside from providing meals and gift-giving, the Keeper’s Club International also participated during the event to raise the youth’s awareness against the detrimental effects of drugs and other vices.

According to Meryll Ybanez, from Keeper’s Club International, “Most of the out of school youth can be pressured by their peers, or have problems with their families, which can then be a factor for them to drink, and drugs.”

The Keeper’s Club reaches out to these children and invites them to get involved in the activities of the community such as mangrove planting, sports, and music.







“We teach the children whenever they are free to come and learn to play musical instruments with us and to divert their thoughts away from vices,” said Ybanez.

Supporting this notion, an article entitled “Teens and Decision Making: What Brain Science Reveals”, states that when teens who have been informed of how drugs can be detrimental to their body have more resistance to avoid trying out those vices.

“I will encourage them to join the Keepers Club as they have their future ahead of them and we can also divert the youth’s attention from vices,” said Brgy. Captain Tilao.

DYAR Caravan of Love doesn’t end there as the station is also planning to have the caravan visit Brgy. Jagobiao next month, November.

Want to participate and provide a donation for the event?  Contact DYAR Sonshine Radio CEBU for more details.

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