Pizzeria Michelangelo and Hola España: Remastering the flavors of Italy and Spain

Relaunching their brands are Hola España and Pizzeria Michelangelo, both are famous and high-toned restaurants located at the One Paseo Saturnino, Maria Luisa Road Banilad, Cebu. They offer locals and tourists alike the chance to indulge in the true flavors of Spain and Italy without the need to book a flight out of the country.

HOLA ESPAÑA – A Taste of Spain!

Señorito Michel Lhuillier
Señorito Michel Lhuillier, owner of Pizzeria Michelangelo and Hola España.

Established under the inspiration of the Spanish lineage of Señorito Michel Lhuillier, Hola España started out as a humble Deli Store which provided a variety of cold-cuts, cheese, wine, hams, sausages, and turons to its customers. This ran for quite some time until a full-fledged Hola España restaurant was established in 2007.

Hola España’s Chicken Al Horno.
Hola España’s Chicken Al Horno.

Diners will discover at Hola España a Spanish inspired feast featuring their best-selling products like Paella Valenciana, Paella Negro, Gambas, Chicken Al Orno, Tortilla de Patata, Sopa de Kalabasa, Hola Ribs, and other Spanish cuisines.

Hola Españas Embutido y quesos
Hola Españas Embutido y quesos
Amparito’s Garden Salad
Amparito’s Garden Salad









 Pizzeria Michelangelo and Hola España
An outside look of the restaurant of Pizzeria Michelangelo and Hola España at the One Paseo Saturnino, Maria Luisa Road Banilad.

Mr. Michel always had a strong interest in Italian cuisine, which is why he opened Pizzeria Michelangelo in 2010. Waiting for the diners of this Italian inspired restaurant is a delightful array of true Italian flavors and delectable choices.

Pizza Margherita
Pizza Margherita

Pizza lovers will surely get ecstatic with the restaurant options ranging from the historical Pizza Margherita to the classic Pizza Robertino, Pizza Tartufo, Carbonara, Marinara Bianca, Marinara Rosa, Contadina and so much more! All of which are Al Dente! or (prepared to be a bit firm but never overcooked)



pizza’s special preparations
A closer look at your pizza’s special preparations made by the chefs.

Pizzeria Michelangelo and Hola España are located in one building which to our delight offers you two separate menu for Spanish or Italian cuisine.

The brands are also confident about their non-stop pursuance of delivering bountiful flavors from both countries. They are continuing their research and product improvement by outsourcing chef classes from native Spanish and Italian Chefs.

Pizzeria Michelangelo and Hola España ceremonial pizza
Ms. Jaena Sanchez, Manager of Pizzeria Michelangelo and Hola España (left) and owner, Señorito Michel Lhuillier (right) are cutting the ceremonial pizza as a wish for great fortune to the restaurants.

You should also be excited about Pizzeria Michelangelo and Hola España’s imminent arrival on your favorite delivery apps. Spain and Italy will literally come knocking on your doors.

If you are a true Italian or Spanish cuisine lover you should definitely subscribe to their Facebook and Instagram page as they will be providing a lot of updates, offerings and promotions through these platforms.

 Hola España and Pizzeria Michelangelo.
Enjoying the delicacies of Hola España and Pizzeria Michelangelo.

“We welcome everyone to have a taste of these international flavors,” says Señorito Michel Lhuillier.

Food is always best enjoyed when you are surrounded with your favorite company. Discover a variety of meal bundles that are perfect for students, barkadas, and families who crave the true flavors of Italia and España.

Visit Pizzeria Michelangelo’s branches in Paseo Saturnino, Banilad, Punta Engaño Road Lapu-Lapu and inside the famous Cebu Safari and Adventure Park, Carmen.

Find Hola España’s two branches in Paseo Saturnino Banilad and the other in Punta Engaño Road Lapu-Lapu.

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