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Want to Know Cebu’s Best? Here’s Sunstar’s Best of Cebu 2019

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After a year of waiting, Cebu’s leading newspaper and digital newspaper has released this year’s ultimate list of Cebu’s Best. If you are exploring the Queen of the South anytime soon, please be sure to check the “Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019” list.

For your easy reference, LokalGuide.PH has taken the initiative of listing this year’s best in our website.


Best Chinese Restaurant: Minnan Chinese Cuisine

Minnan Chinese Cuisine - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

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With a strong Chinese expat and tourist cult following plus a growing local one, Minnan returns to the list. Remaining straightforward Chinese, it is still the closest the Cebuano could get to the culinary scene of the Mainland  around these parts. The flavorful dishes here rein in seasonings and sauces in favor of ingredient’s natural flavors that their simplest ones come out their best. Steamed dumplings and the tomato-egg stir fry are must.

Best Indian Restaurant: Cherry’s The Spice

Cherry’s The Spice - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

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Crowds can clue you in on the good stuff, and the predominantly Indian national one here not only validates the authenticity of the fare but how tasty the dishes are with what seems a unanimous home-countryman approval. The restaurant dishes out regional favorites spanning North to South in a rather comprehensive and representative menu that could turn an Indian-food newbie into an absolute fan.

Best Filipino Restaurant: Paolito’s by STK Ta Bai

Paolito’s by STK Ta Bai - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

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In Cebu, Filipino food means sugbu-tuwa-kilaw. The highlight Cebuano dishes do not take away from other Pinoy classics and all-time favorites like their also very notable Pork Sisig and Crispy Pata. Their second consecutive year on the list only supports the confidence in claim to be the “#1 pinaka yummy in Cebu”— simply the best!

Best Thai Restaurant : Little Thai Kitchen

Little Thai Kitchen - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

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We all demand some authenticity to foreign food concepts, and two decades of expat exposure in Thailand brings the spicy, sweet, salty and sour exotic flavors and fragrances of that cuisine into Little Thai Kitchen. Uncompromising in its use of Thai seasonings and other imported ingredients, the resto serves familiar “tourist” fare with a Thai home-cooked flair on top of other regional specialties.

Best Spanish Restaurant: Ipar’s Restaurante Y Bar de Tapas

Ipar’s Restaurante Y Bar de Tapas - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

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We gave Chef Ipar’s unconditionally authentic paella the nod back in 2014. Perhaps, the lips-smacking goodness of these signature dishes distracted us from his other fare back then. Remaining surefooted, even headstrong with pushing authentic Spanish flavors and preparations, as they are served in Spain, to the local palate, we’ve accounted for this zeal both palpable and palatable across the rest of his offerings to award him the menu encompassing Best Spanish Restaurant, this time.

Best Mexican Restaurant Joint and Best Margaritas: Pueblo Mexicano

Pueblo Mexicano - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

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This gringo add another feature on his sombrero by retaining the Best Mexican title for a second consecutive year. Discover other Mexican and other Latin American specialties here on top of the more familiar fare, like tacos and burritos, done  oh-so-right. Their Margaritas – in classic lime, watermelon mint, passion fruit, guava, dalandan, hibiscus and strawberry flavors — have also kept coming back to give them a nod for the drink’s threepeat.

Best Korean Restaurant: KayaKaya Korean BBQ Cebu - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

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Excellent quality meats, other Korean delights, and an incredible number of unlimited banchang or side dishes, plus great service, hit all the sweet spots for its Best New Restaurant award last year. That it remains a really great and complete Korean barbeque experience, as proven by the waitlist queue it still maintains a year after opening, deserves it the best in its category, this time.

Best Japanese Restaurant: Soba Kamakura

Soba Kamakura - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

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After also having been declared “Best Japanese Restaurant in the Philippines” on a national broadsheet, Soba Kamakura is now definitely no longer a secret but holds its spot on our list. From scratch, made-to-order buckwheat flour noodles, soba and other specialties are still served in the nine seats per service window exclusivity. This time with a phone-in reservation window of at least two weeks from your lunch or dinner plans.

Best Italian Restaurant: Trattoria da Gianni

Trattoria da Gianni - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

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Home is where the heart is, and ours is in Trattoria di Gianni’s homestyle Italian menu. From a good start as Best New Restaurant in 2016 to Best Italian Restaurant in 2017 and 2018, simplicity, sincerity and a whole lotta love is the winning formula that takes it on the streak to bag its third.

Best Dim Sum: Fung’s Noodle House

Fung’s Noodle House - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

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People do com for the noodles in Fung’s identifies with on their brand name but orders for these never do without, at least, a servicing of their dim sum items on the side. Simplicity, again, reigns supreme with the transliteration for the steamed bites that, well, “ touch the heart”.

Best Vegetarian Restaurant: Planet Vegis

Planet Vegis - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

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Going plant-based in pork-country Cebu is a challenge that pushed several local subscribers to the lifestyle to step up to the plate. Enter Planet Vegis, a family-owned restaurant run by long-time vegetarians who’s aw the need to cater to this growing niche market. Fresh, organic ingredients go into their healthy and tasty plant-based fare that makes theirs a winning bid and one to, at least try, to go green.

Best Fusion Restaurant: Spice Fusion

Spice Fusion - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

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Southeast Asia, being the melting pot that it is, is rife for culinary odds and ends coming together. Through all the fusion confusion in the local scene, one concept that does it right–with different flavors that dance well together while remaining true to each home origin — is Spice Fusion.

Best All-Day Breakfast: Bicester Cafe

Bicester Cafe - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

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Bicester Cafe amalgamates the feel of the historic market center in Oxfordshire, England, with much success in what is best described as New Hipster. Their attention to their aesthetics extends and translates to their menu items with an all-day breakfast menu served up straightforward and ultimately satisfying.

Best Premium Buffet: Tides at the Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort & Spa, Cebu

Tides at the Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort & Spa, Cebu - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

Raw and Fresh, Western, Asian, Noodle and Soup Stations, Charcoal and Grill and even Kid’s sections present a wide choice of delicious all-day dining options. Signts, sounds and smells from the open kitchen add to the experience of this extensive international buffet that’s more than enough to, well, tide one over.

Best Seafood Restaurant: Oyster Bay Seafood Restaurant

Oyster Bay Seafood Restaurant

Image source:

Seafood restaurant concepts in the city are nothing new, and one of the oldies in the scene holds its ground for a rediscovery. Choose from a wide array of live items and fresh catch cooked to your liking or take your pick  from a delectable set menus, including more terrestrial options.

Best Value Buffet: Manuel’s at the Parklane International Hotel

Manuel’s at the Parklane International Hotel


Start with the choices of both local and international breakfast delights then plow through lunch or dinner at over eight interactive stations: salad bar, dim sum, Japanese, pasta, grill, dessert, shabu-shabu station, make-your-own-pizza plus a carving section featuring Cebu lechon and roast beef. Manuel’s Signature All-Day Buffet has you covered from morning to night at prices that are just right.

Best Merienda Buffet: Cebu Grand Hotel

Cebu Grand Hotel

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On-trend with the heritage food upswing, Cebu Grand Hotel services up a merienda buffet of a variety of Filipino “kakanin” with a focus on Cebuano favorites. Local street food items also beef up the roll to make it truly Cebu, truly grand and now, the best.

Best Cheesecake: Mango Cheesecake from Cafe Marco at Marco Polo Plaza Cebu 

Mango Cheesecake from Cafe Marco at Marco Polo Plaza Cebu 

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Threepeating with their deliciously dense and creamy cheesecake topped with luscious local mangoes on a crust of their Grand Slam award-winning Malicious Cookies now makes this number truly the best of the best.

Best Breakfast Buffet: Cafe Marco at Marco Polo Plaza Cebu Hotel

Cafe Marco at Marco Polo Plaza Cebu Hotel

Image source:

Take your pick from Western classics like pancakes and pastries to bacon and any-which-way eggs. All-time Filipino favorites include champorado and danggit to more local fare like puto, sikwate and Cebuano chorizo. As with their highly successful Culinary Journeys series and regular specials, breakfast at Cafe Marco gets your day started with the world of your place.

Best Restobar: Morals & Malice

Morals & Malice

Image source:

Signature poisons wash down sinful solids at the city’s scene to be seen in. Morals, more like the letting loose of these, meet the malicious intent to have fun in this premier lounge club “where art meets alcohol” and every somebody.

Best Sports Bar: First 5 Sports Lounge & Cafe 

First 5 Sports Lounge & Cafe 

Image source:

“Good taste, Good sport” and fee High Speed Fiber Optic Wi-fi connection up to 1000 Mbps? We’re already sold. The sports-themed industrial immerses guests in current sporting specials with strategically positioned monitors throughout the space. Western and Filipino favorites are served aside from drinks and bar chow to make it an incredible, even family-friendly, place for the sports to hang out in.

Best Themed Buffet: Spanish Night at La Terraza Restaurant of Montebello Villa Hotel

Spanish Night at La Terraza Restaurant of Montebello Villa Hotel


Montebello may perhaps b the last true bastion of the island’s old Spanish sociedad and Saturdays throwback to the heydays with their Spanish Night themed buffet. Classic tapas items fill the buffet tables akin to cerviceria spreads, including some exciting signature dishes like Pollo al Chocolate. Paella comes both Negra and Valenciana, and an array of postres could only elicit oles.

Best Brownie: Brownie at Montebello Villa Hotel 

Brownie at Montebello Villa Hotel 


Perfectly in-between super fudgy and cakey, this comes up to a crisp and crackly top and delightfully balanced bittersweet chocolate flavor.

Best Bread Basket: Kate’s Bakery 

Kate’s Bakery 

Image source:

Home is always a good place to start, and Kate’s Bakery continues to pour the same heart into its award-winning commercial operation. With high-quality and more health conscious products, the choices are almost endless with international specialties alongside more local classics and favorites.

Best Pie: Avocado Cream Pie and  Best Dessert Place: Treat Street Cafe

Treat Street Cafe

Image source:

The creamy, smooth avocado cream filling and delightfully nutty crust of this Avocado Cream Pie still hits our sweet pot. Fruit never falls far from the tree, and this one has many others ripe for your picking. Eschewing over the top desert novelties, Treat Street Cafe plays with nuances of sweet flavors in creative concoctions that satisfy the sweet tooth without knocking it out.

Best High Tea Set: Signature Afternoon High Tea at Dilmah T-Bar of the Lobby Lounge of the Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu

Signature Afternoon High Tea at Dilmah T-Bar of the Lobby Lounge of the Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu


One of the first to push the novelty of tea services locally, the Lobby Lounge began serving tea-inspired food in the British tradition to complement the tea selections from their Dilmah t-bar. Their three-tiered stand is filled with a lavish assortment—classic scones with jam and clotted cream, savory finger sandwiches and their signature tea-infused petite fours and bonbons. One can’t help but turn the proverbial pinky up, not just for etiquette, but in absolute approval.

Best Mall Food Court: SM City Food Court

SM City Food Court

Image source:

Size does matter, and the biggest mall food court by size also boasts the most number and variety of food choices. Warm and inviting elements of the furnishings and decor make even the simplest of meals special in the otherwise communal space.

Best Coffee Shop: Tightrope Coffee

Tightrope Coffee

Image source:

It’s never really just about the actual drinks at any joint nowadays. More than their excellent specialty coffees, a standout all-day menu and amazing pastries, the entirety being inarguably the most aesthetically pleasing, standalone-cafe in the city keeps Tightrope’s concept real tight.

Best Food Market: Sugbo Mercado Weekend Food Market

Sugbo Mercado Weekend Food Market

Image source:

The first, the biggest, the longest-running and Best Food Market in Cebu bags the title anew. Four years later and with over 60 vendor concepts, the incubator of startup food entrepreneurs remains the most exciting weekend food destination for locals, expats, tourists. Now, with a spinoff container van food park in Mandaue, The Market, it looks at expanding and starting new concepts in other vital areas beginning with all-new Street Food by SugboMercado by year’s end.

Best Catering Service: Cafe Laguna Catering 

Cafe Laguna Catering 

Image source:

This multi-awarded household name continues to keep abreast of the scene with exquisite food, unparalleled service and excellent presentation. Refreshments at events and occasions can also be make-or-break, and this winner will surely make yours one, too.

Best Outdoor Dining Experience: Azure Beach Club at Crimson Resort & Spa- Mactan

Azure Beach Club at Crimson Resort & Spa- Mactan

Image source:

Panoramic views of the sky and sea; your choice of posh leather seating on the bar on platform or recliners on the sandy shore; modern Asian cuisine down to the unique bar creations and specialty mixes; all to the pulsing beats from the live performances and the house DJ in the open concept design. We return to the beach for this title this year, and for sure, it’s azure.

Best Siopao: Siopao Asado from Harbour City

Siopao Asado from Harbour City

Image source:

The bola-bola variant winning these past few years, the sweet, tangy, smokey and meaty Asado one from Harbour City Dimsum House cajoled the team into kicking the plain Joe in its favor.

Best Salpicao: Cafe Sarree

Cafe Sarree

Image source:

Seared beef tenderloin chips take on the salty earthiness from olives, bittersweet bell peppers and the heat from chili in its sauce with the overall garlicky flavor punctuated by a topping of garlic chips. Kept warm longer in a single-serve cast iron pot, each piece is best enjoyed with a heaping spoonful of rice drizzled in the flavorful oils.

Best Corned Beef: Fresh Corned Beef at Beverly Cafe of Beverly Boutique Hotel

Fresh Corned Beef at Beverly Cafe of Beverly Boutique Hotel

Image source:

Done in New England boiled-dinner style, the fork-yielding, homemade, fresh pallor and chunky portions in a pool of the clear broth. Cabbage, carrots, potatoes and other vegetables round out the simply hearty dish.

Best Pizza: La Nostra Pizzeria Napoletana 

La Nostra Pizzeria Napoletana 

Image source:

It’s worth mentioning that proprietor and head pizzaiolo Mike Cancio was certified at No.  544 worldwide by Lassociazionne Verace Pizza Napoletana, but the pizza’s here really extoll their virtues themselves. The from-scratch, made-as-ordered items here male a case for freshly made and put a premium on premium.

Best Samgyeopsal: 4.15 Dining Room

4.15 Dining Room

Image source:

Meats here are hand-cut to preserve integrity and flavour. All ingredients and equipment are also washed with distilled water to maintain purity of tastes. All these do lend a notable plus above all other operations with unlimited samgyeopsal offers. A unique grill setup allows rendered pork fat to ooze into ring trough with eggs and kimchi for extra rich sides.

Best Steaks: Acacia Steakhouse

Acacia Steakhouse

Image source:

Their selection of ribeye, certified Angus beef ribeye and prime ribeye is charcoal-grilled to luscious, tender servings and to the doneness of your liking. Simply seasoned with salt and pepper, the actual, full flavor of the beef is made to take the spotlight as it should be.

Best Chicken Skin: Sunburst Chick N’ Crackers

Sunburst Chick N’ Crackers

Image source:

Subtly spiced and delightfully crunchy, this “Chicken Chicharon” has remained unchanged from a family recipe since inception. This all-time crowd-favorite that has transcended generations and may very well be the poster-product for the brand’s tagline: “The Taste That Sticks”.

Best Fried Chicken: Tagala’s Chicken Butterfly 

Tagala’s Chicken Butterfly 

Image source:

Coated in a seasoned batter and deep-fried to a crispy, crusty exterior while retaining juices in the meat, the treatment sounds pretty standard for any fried chicken. Without a secret herbs-and-spices formulation or catchy marketing slogans, this timeless local classic has an inexplicable appeal and could very well give those a run for their money.

Best Yakiniku: Kanyoen Yakiniku 

Kanyoen Yakiniku 

Image source:

There are merits to special handling of meats, and precision cutting done here optimizes how it cooks to deliver maximum flavor. High-grade meats are cut by the restaurant owner himself, and all that excellent quality and taste do not escape the more discerning meat-loving palates.

Best Burger Steak: Sizzling Burger Steak at Orange Brutus

Sizzling Burger Steak at Orange Brutus

Image source:

Cebu’s first favorite at “Cebu’s First Favorite” definitely hasn’t sizzled its last. While keeping its well-loved, classic defaults, the innovation of add-ons allow for much personalization to truly make it “the Brute you love.”

Best Liempo: Balamban Liempo

Balamban Liempo

Image source:

Crackling skin gives way to very tender layers of meat and fat flavored with herbs and other secret ingredients to prove itself “tastier than lechon.”

Best Ramen: Ikkousha Ramen

Ikkousha Ramen

Image source:

Rich, milky and altogether delicate pork-bone tonkotsu that is forward but does not take away from the noodles and toppings. This threepeater begs for this rephrase: the secret is in the broth.

Best Value Ramen: 99 Ramen

99 Ramen

Image source:

Spinning off from our best ramen threepeater, 99 Ramen serves up the same rich, milky, pork bone tonkotsu flavors from Ikkousha Ramen with more bang-for-your-buck pricing.

Best Local Premium Sausage: Specialty Sausages from Virginia Foods Inc.

Specialty Sausages from Virginia Foods Inc.

Image source:

These Ham, Pork Canton, Pork Mandarin, Hungarian Cocktail and Hungarian Cheese Sausages could sit comfortably aside from imported counterparts. Getting another nod from  our team, a serious reconsideration of their ever-popular tagline is in order: “Basta Premium sausages, Virginia!”

Best Local Tocino: Pork from Belcris Foods Inc.

Pork from Belcris Foods Inc.


Sugary sweetness, hints of tang and slight salinity that enhance the porks natural flavor all check out in Belcris’ Tocino to keep them on the list for their third year.

Best Local Bacon: Honeycured Bacon from Belcris Foods Inc.

Honeycured Bacon from Belcris Foods Inc.


The meaty sweetness of pork is pushed forward by salt. Honey caramelizes with the fat into the sweet umami you wouldn’t want to limit to just having for breakfast.

Best Value Burger: 21 South Burgers21 South Burgers

Image source:

Thick slabs of 100 percent pure beef burger patties, with no perservatives, or extenders, are made fresh daily. Served with a variety of accouterments in your choice signature specials, this rising dark horse serves premium goodness at relatively low prices.

Best Porkchop: St. Moritz Pork Chop at Luzern Steakhouse

St. Moritz Pork Chop at Luzern Steakhouse


Pork cutlets are tenderized in the style of old-fashioned Swiss Steak. Seasoned only with salt and pepper, it is grilled to a perfect fork-tender dlab that’s chockfull of meaty flavor.

Best Signature Dish: No. 9 Restaurant’s Fideo Negro

No. 9 Restaurant’s Fideo Negro


Noodles are tinted silky black and savory with rich, aromatic squid ink. Strips of squid meat push the subtle brininess while chunks of smoky, spicy and tangy homemade Spanish-style chorizo bring in some terroir with the pleasant pungency of garlic aioli.

Best Signature Cocktail: No. 9 from No. 9 Restaurant 

No. 9 from No. 9 Restaurant 


Their eponymous signature drink No. 9 balances the delicate blend of the rum’s fruity and floral sweetness with the raw freshness and tang of calamansi juice for a crisp, clean finish with a bright edge.

Best Takoyaki: Sachi Authentic Japanese Ramen and Okonomiyaki 

Sachi Authentic Japanese Ramen and Okonomiyaki 


Known more for its ramen and a win for that in 2015, Sachi does takoyaki too. Wheat flour batter is generously filled with diced octopus and other proprietary ingredients, grilled in special molded pan, sauced in assorted toppings for an authentic taste of this Japanese street food item.

Best Ribs: The Rib King at Everything Yummy 

The Rib King at Everything Yummy 

Image source:

Meaty, mid-cut ribs are marinated overnight to a mellow flavor with a hint of spice. It is then slow-baked to a fall-off-the-bone tender with a delicious caramel crust as only the purveyor of, as branded, “everything yummy” can.

Best Value Set Menu: Majestic’s Super Value Set Menu at Majestic Restaurant 

Majestic’s Super Value Set Menu at Majestic Restaurant 

Image source:

This price-driven market owes to Chinese influence. So it goes that six-dish lunch sets for four in variations of signature classics and best sellers from “teh Chinese food we love,” all at very affordable rates, make it to everyone’s list including ours.

Best Ensaymada: Special Ensaymada at Cebu Cardinal Bakeshop/ Cardinal Coffea

Special Ensaymada at Cebu Cardinal Bakeshop/ Cardinal Coffea

Image source:

Taking their cue from their Best of Cebu-winning Cheese Rolls, Cardinal pulls all the stops on a similarly ultra-yielding, spongy brioche covered with buttercream, sugar and generous grated cheese.

Best Specialty Bread: Cheese Rolls from Cebu Cardinal Bakeshop/ Cardinal Coffea

Cheese Rolls from Cebu Cardinal Bakeshop/ Cardinal Coffea

Image source:

Incredibly soft bread  dusted with sugar ooze creamy cheese centers in our perennial sweet savory consecutive win, these guys are definitely on a roll.

Best Cassava Cake: Cassava Cake from Don Benito’s

Image source:

From a home-made recipe, their take on the traditional Filipino snack-dessert turns out lightly sweet, soft and moist with a custardy top crust covered with cheese for the perfect sweet-savory combo. It comes in a variety of flavors too.

Best Chocolate Cake: Old-fashioned Chocolate Cake at Cafe Georg

Old-fashioned Chocolate Cake at Cafe Georg

Image source:

Dense, extra moist cake layers held together and frosted with rich chocolate ganache and sprinkled with memories of childhood birthdays past.

Best Sugar-Free Desserts: Cafe Georg

Cafe Georg

Image source:

Perhaps it is the ingredient focus and the specialization of prep that play up the arguably subtler flavors from substitutions. A diabetec’s delight or the low-carb lovers’ lane, Cafe Georg remains the trusted go-to for surprisingly delicious sugar-free, keto-friendly, low carb and gluten-free desserts and breads.

Best Rosquillos: Rosquillos from Titay’s Rosquillos 

Rosquillos from Titay’s Rosquillos 

Image source:

Titay’s has long been used to refer to rosquillos, and with good reason as what is now considered a local delicacy was originally a Frasco family recipe. What is bona fide is hard to beat, and the rest that follow are merely non-compete.

Best Specialty Cake: Green Tea Mango Avocado Cake from Chef’s Table

Green Tea Mango Avocado Cake from Chef’s Table

Image source:

A sponge base with the lingering complex vegetal sweet aftertaste of matcha is slathered with frosting infused with rich and buttery flavor of avocados and the fragrant sweetness of mangoes. The curious trio makes for strange bedfellows but rolls on the tongue as the consummate thruple.

Best Otap: Otap from Shamrock Bakery and Restaurant Corporation 

Otap from Shamrock Bakery and Restaurant Corporation 

Image source:

Flour, shortening, coconut and sugar combine in a home-style, age-old recipe into the crispy, layered puff pastry. What is actually a local delicacy is done by Shamrock so well that they have become the standard if not already made otap their own.

Best Torta: Torta Cebuana from Vicky’s Homemade Goodies

Torta cebuana from Vicky’s Homemade Goodies

Image source:

Buttery flavor hinting at the local wine, tuba, permeates through the golden, crumbly cake. Anise sweetness the scent as it does to the taste combined with the caramelized sugars, all ending in  a back of palate whiff of, somehow, and quite possibly from the lard, lechon.

Best Halo-Halo: Sol’s Halo-Halo

Sol’s Halo-Halo

Image source:

Sugar on sugar on sugar is pretty much a standard Pinoy dessert formulation, but Sol’s plays up the naturally sweet flavors of each ingredient instead. They also buck the sweetened coconut water shaved ice in favor of homemade, unsweetened milk ice for a healthier indulgence that’s nonetheless, and even more delicious.

Best Lemonade: The Lemon Co.

The Lemon Co.

Image source:

A cold, citrusy drink ultimately rejuvenates, and The Lemon Co.’s traditional-style fresh lemonade best fits the bill. Using hand-pressed lemon juice, you can add your choice of fresh fruit and vegetable puree or juice add-ons for uniquely satisfying, refreshing and reasonably-priced, healthy beverages.

Best Specialty Coffee: Linear Coffee Roasters

Linear Coffee Roasters

Image source:

As with their firm stand on serving coffee without any additives that distract from the beverage’s actual flavors, so do they here as the purveyor of the best specialty coffee. Beyond industry sweet talk, bean-to-cup perfection is not just in practice and product but is Linear’s very passion.

Best Native Hot Chocolate: Sikwate from Tablea Chocolate Cafe 

Sikwate from Tablea Chocolate Cafe 

Image source:

True to cultural tradition and from an heirloom family recipe, local cacao is transformed into the rich, thick, and indulgent all day treat, Sikwate. Exciting innovations come in many variations, but classic is the way to go and even better with their bestselling set with puto and ripe mango.

Best Multicourse Dining: Ibiza Beach Club

Ibiza Beach Club

Image source:

Mactan is analogous to the Balearic for the climate, it being a popular international tourist destination and, by default, the availability of a wide variety of food choices. This couldn’t be truer than at Ibiza Beach Club’s signature 15-course grill. This includes filet mignon, Angus ribeye steak, baby back ribs, lamb, buttery rock lobsters and Tiger prawns on top of an outdoor lounge with stunning ocean views and live entertainment make these eats even more worth the calories.

Best Craft Beer: The Cebruery 

The Cebruery 

Image source:

One of the pioneers in the local craft beer industry, Cebruery, also holds the distinction as multiple-awardee at the biannual Asian Beer Medal in 2016, they return for another twinset. Still rotating a set of over 20 beers, you may take your pick or make a beeline for the Wild Ale medalist, the only gold awarded to a Filipino brewery, their aged Anniversary Solera Lambic.

There’s a charm and holding a title that long has only raised the stakes for them to beat their best. Winning in their respective categories consecutively for 2016,2017, and 2018, here are our Grand Slam Awardees for 2019.

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies: Malicious Cookies at Cafe Marco

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies: Malicious Cookies at Cafe Marco

Image source:

There’s double chocolate chip cookies and then there’s this with an almost obscene, nay, malicious amount of it. This Cafe Marco signature remains so good you’d want to go at these and be bad.

Best Wellness Food Delivery: Diet in a Box

Best Wellness Food Delivery: Diet in a Box

Image source:

From basic calorie-counted and conveniently delivered meals, they now include Ketogenic and Vegan/ Vegetarian meal programs plus specific customizations on these rather exciting and delicious healthy meals.

Best Chicken Wings: Gibbs’ Hot Wings

Best Chicken Wings: Gibbs’ Hot Wings

Image source:

Perfectly seasoned, deep-fried chicken wings in their signature chili sauces of five intensities have kept them on hot on everyone’s lips and also on our list.

Best Local Chorizo: Tuding’sBest Local Chorizo: Tuding’s 

Image source:

Consistency has always been the key and none could be more constant than their chorizos of paprika-spiced pork with a sweet savory glaze.

Best Wine Selection: D+B Wines

Image source:

Wines in stock come with the guarantee of high quality and satisfaction as these are all personal favorites of the owners, both bona fide epicures.

Restaurant of the Year: No. 9

Restaurant of the Year: No. 9 

Image source:

Their Best Signature Dish cooked a knowing eyebrow in its direction and their Best Signature Cocktail added emphasis with a cheeky wink. Already two individual awards into this year’s list, there was absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t name No. 9 our Restaurant of the Year, from its 2017 win, yet again. Consistency is the key and this team unanimously agrees we have never had a bad meal here. If there were any changes, these would have been for the better. The same excellent and informed service now has even more to recommend across their Lattin-Mediterranean menu. Surprisingly at more affordable prices too.


Best Barbeque Place: Larsian

Best Barbeque Place: Larsian

Image source:

Awarded as Best Barbeque Place in 2015 and 2016, Larsian beats four other nominees, garnering 43.20 percent of 127 of the 294 total votes for the 2019 title.



Image source:

Mat-Mat keeps its title as Best Chicharon in Cebu with 48.15 percent or 1874 votes of the 3892 voters of the survey. Mat-Mat was also the Best Chicharon in 2018.

Best Crispy Pata: Kuya J

Kuya J

Image source:

Garnering more than 30 percent of the votes, Kuya J was voted Best Crispy Pata by Cebuanos, beating two other previous winners of the title, Alejandro’s and Golden Cowrie.

Best Lechon Belly: Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly 

Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly 

Image source:

Winning the title for the second time, Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly was voted by 437 of the 845 voters who participated in the survey. It bested two previous winners. Tatang’s and Belly Buster.

Best Lechon: Rico’s Lechon

Rico’s Lechon

Image source:

Rico’s Lechon is back. It was a neck-and-neck contest with CnT, the 2015 Best Lechon winner with 141 and 136 votes respectively of the 463 participants of the survey.

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Best Milk Tea: Macao Imperial Tea

Macao Imperial Tea

Image source:

Macao Imperial Tea bested four other nominees with 31.09 percent or 254 votes of the 817 total participants who voted. Coming in second is Bubble Tea Station at 184 votes.

Best Sisig: Gerry’s Grill 

Gerry’s Grill 

Image source:

A returning category for People’s Choice Awards, the Best Sisig goes to Gerry’s Grill, which outvoted Kuya J’s, the Best Sisig in 2016, with 154 and 110 votes respectively. It’s  the first time for Gerry’s Grill as a Best of Cebu winner.

Best Pochero: Abuhan


Image source:

Pochero is Abuhan’s signature dish. Abuhan bested 2014,2015 and 2016 winners as Best Pochero with 247 votes or 46.69 percent of the total votes.


Best Destination Resort: Kandaya Resort

Kandaya Resort

Image source:

Kandaya Resort is nothing short of magnificent. The luxury destination is a treat for visiting guests who seek detachment and adventure. The resort offers top-notch services and engaging activities like scuba diving and horseback riding amid a white sandy beach with turquoise waters. Kandaya Resort perfectly sits on the northern tropical landscape of the island of Cebu which makes it an idyllic getaway for locals and tourists alike.

Best Events Venue: Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino

Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino

Image source:

It’s no doubt that Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino is the leading venue for events and conventions with its two grand ballrooms and 10 function rooms. The flexible floor plan for any event size and purpose further proves that the hotel is indeed the best events venue in Cebu aside its prime location.

Best Venue for Meetings: Quest Hotel & Conference Center Cebu

Quest Hotel & Conference Center Cebu

Image source:

Providing businessmen with venues to hold corporate meetings and functions is the core strength of Quest Hotel & Conference Center Cebu. With intriguing concepts and personalized services plus value-packed menu options, the hotel easily redefines how it does meetings.

Best Resort: Shangri La’s Mactan Resort & Spa

Shangri La’s Mactan Resort & Spa

Image source:

A tropical piece of paradise enclosed by lush garden with a breathtaking oceanfront setting is Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort & Spa. The resort offers 530 guest rooms and suites  with a contemporary resort ambiance mixed with traditional Filipino accents and features. Its seven restaurants and bars provide guests an extensive dining option with Tides being the more popularly known restaurant and the resort’s all-dining outlet. The resort is enveloped by green and blue hues of nature making it an exciting environment to explore an array of activities such as island adventures and pampering sessions.

Best City Hotel: Radisson Blu Hotel

Radisson Blu Hotel - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

A premier business hotel located within the city that boasts of its 400 spacious and well-appointed rooms  and suites equipped with modern amenities is Radisson Blu Cebu. The hotel especially takes pride in its impressive on-site dining selections which are Feria, Urban Table and Sushisake.  Radisson Blu’s sophisticated indoor and outdoor spaces for all kinds of events are some of the grand features that the hotel is known for. Giving business and leisure travelers more reason to make the city hotel their number one choice for convenience is it’s situated only a walkway from one of Cebu’s biggest malls.

Best Resort Spa: Crimson Resort & Spa Mactan’s Aum Spa

Crimson Resort & Spa Mactan’s Aum Spa - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019 

Image source:

Offering reinvigorating massages and treatments within a relaxing environment relieving guess from stress is Sum Spa at Crimson Resort & Spa Mactan. The award-winning spa offers premium amenities that include a spa pool, Jacuzzi and yoga area. Aum Spa also features three outdoor pavilions and cabanas, eight indoor therapy rooms and separate shower rooms with sauna and steam rooms.

Best Water Park: Jpark Island Resort & Waterpark 

Jpark Island Resort & Waterpark  - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

Jpark Island Resort and waterpark is a five-star family destination where its six themed pools with three towering water slides and a pool with a beach-like shoreline plus a lazy river pool offer families an exciting water adventure that makes Jpark the country’s premier water park.


Best Play School: Gymboree Play and Music of Cebu

Gymboree Play and Music of Cebu - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

Gymboree has been the global leader in early childhood development programs for over 40 years now. Its age-appropriate activities are designed to help kids with their cognitive, social and physical skills as they play. Its programs also encourage parent involvement and its play environment are devised to deliver high-quality standard.

Best Fast Craft: Oceanjet

Oceanjet - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

This high-speed craft by wholly owned corporation Ocean Fast Ferries Inc. makes inter-island travel faster while still maintaining comfort, safety and cleanliness. OceanJet serves several routes in the Visayas, the most common one being Cebu-Tagbilaran-Cebu. The plush seats in the business class will make one doze off in no time but if not, there’s always the onboard entertainment.

Best Car Accessories Shop: Roadstar

Roadstar - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

The most reliable when it comes to automotive needs, Roadstar provides you with everything, from essential supplies to accessories. Well-stocked and service-oriented, the auto shop offers high-quality repairs, installations and upgrades plus a comfy lounge and snack bar while you wait.

Best Car Wash: Speedy1 Carwash

Speedy1 Carwash - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

Speedy 1 brings the latest in car wash technology to Cebu with its automated and touchless exterior washing which is convenient and cost-effective to get your car cleaned as frequently as needed. Aside from a speedy in-bay car wash, its other services include interior vacuum, tire dressing and steam engine car wash.

Best Music Shop: Music Lab

Music Lab - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

It’s not called a lab for nothing. Music Lab houses musical instruments at varying price points but all of good quality. It also accepts repairs and offers lessons on guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, ukulele, violin and even voice lessons. A passion project borne out of the owner’s love for music, Music Lab has proven to be a one-stop for music aficionados.

Best Pet Shop: Piper’s Pet World

Piper’s Pet World - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

From the most basic to the rarest, Piper’s Pet World has them all– and we mean both pets and pet products. From the well-loved domesticated furry friends to the exotic kind, and pet supplies such as food, vitamins, shelter, clothing and accessories, one doesn’t have to look further than Piper’s.

Best Shipping Line: Cokaliong Shipping Lines Inc.

Cokaliong Shipping Lines Inc. - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

You probably  have memorized its jingle by now but to reiterate, passenger safety is always of utmost importance of this shipping giant. In its 30 years in this industry, Cokaliong has had zero maritime accident, is licensed and certified by the International Association of Classification Societies and has 14 vessels in its fleet and 14 ports-of-call in Visayas and Mindanao. Each ship boasts an ergonomic design for a more comfortable interland travel.


Best Value Special: Kevlo Skin Clinic 

Kevlo Skin Clinic  - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

Kevlo Skin Clinic is a proudly homegrown brand that offers budget-friendly facial services for all skin types for both women and men from its regular facial, signature facial package, reverse aging facial to rejuvenating power peels.

Best Skin and Facial Care: DMV Dermatology Clinic

DMV Dermatology Clinic - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

Everyone dreams of a healthy, radiant and youthful skin. And Doc Malinda of DMV Dermatology Clinic makes sure to bring out the natural beauty within. The clinic has all your skin and facial needs from facial care to skin pampering from hair and nail consultations to non-invasive beauty treatments.

Best Salon Chain: Salon de Rose

Salon de Rose - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

Salon de Rose is a favorite one-stop hub for beauty, hair and skin needs with almost 30 branches and counting nationwide. Every branch offers quality products and the best services with highly-trained  welcoming staff. It’s safe to say that Salon de Rose is the home of good grooming, beauty, hair care and skincare.

Best Gym: Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

There’s no room for excuses as Anytime Fitness is open round the clock to perfectly fit into everyone’s busy lifestyle. It’s convenient, affordable and friendly where it caters to all your gym needs from zumba dance classes, yoga, cardio-vascular fitness training and personalized training programs.

Best Barber Shop: TUF

TUF - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

The Urban Fade, or more commonly known as TUF, is every gentleman’s place of refuge. It’s true that TUF offers more than just a haircut. The trendy barbershop always considers the unique look and lifestyle of its customers to give each one an awesomely tidy and trendy finish. This fast-growing concept barber shop brings out the gentleman in every customer with a sleek cut and an air of confidence once they step out.

Best Nail Spa: Nailaholics Nail Salon & Spa

Nailaholics Nail Salon & Spa - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

Melt away your worries and get pampered by expert technicians at Nailholics Nail Salon and Spa. Its beautiful Hamptons-themed interiors allow you to relax while having a mani-pedi at this go-to urban nail pampering destination.

Best Waxing Salon: No Strips Waxing Salon

No Strips Waxing Salon - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019Image source:

No Strips Waxing Salon is Cebu’s first homegrown waxing salon dedicated entirely to cold waxing and brow station services for both women and men. With its state-of-the- art waxing techniques and exceptional service and well-trained staff, wax worshippers are left with a smoother and more hydrated skin after every session. All four No strips branches are guaranteed the best wax xperts in the city as they create a better wax experience for everyone.

Best Blind Massage: Helping Hands in Parkmall

Helping Hands in Parkmall - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

Helping Hands on Parkmall led by visually impaired masseurs and masseuses with sensitive, strong touch will heal back aches and pains whether you prefer a soft rejuvenating massage or a hard invigorating therapeutic one.


Best Museum: Casa Gorordo 

Casa Gorordo - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

Formerly, the residence of Juan Goroodo, the first Filipino Bishop of Cebu, this 1850’s home has become a beloved museum that showcases a classic Cebuano home in 19th and 20th centuries. Located in Parian, a historic area in Cebu City, the museum take visitors on a visual trip back in time. The museums also hosts guided tours for an in-depth educational experience.

Best Art Gallery: Qube Gallery

Qube Gallery - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

This contemporary art space in Banilad is a venue for members of the local art community to showcase their work to a niche audience. Through the years, the gallery has given talented artists an opportunity to get their work out there and expand their network. Regularly, Cube gallery mounts new exhibitions featuring different media and styles.

Best Heritage Event: Gabii sa Kabilin

Gabii sa Kabilin - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

Running for 13 years now, Gabii sa Kabilin us an annual heritage event organized by the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) Culture and Heritage Unit and its Local Government Units (LGUs). Held every May, Gabii sa Kabilin features cultural destinations and historical sites in Cebu, Lapu-Lapu, Mandaue and even as far as Talisay. Aside from extended hours, there are also special performances, exhibits and interactive activities for participants during this one-night only event.


Best Indoor Playground: Kidzoona

Kidzooona - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

Owned and operated by Japan-based company Aeon Fantasy Group Philippines Inc., Kidzoona is an edutainment center aimed at providing kids and their families with an alternative environment that’s both entertaining and educational. Kidzoona comes equipped with engaging play sets such as play-pretend booths, inflatable slides and massive ball pit.

Best Beach: Santa Fe, Bantayan 

Santa Fe, Bantayan - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019 

Image source:

There is no arguing that Bantayan is blessed with blinding white-sand beaches and turquoise waters. One of its towns, Santa Fe, has its own stunning stretch of beach  and is lined with resorts and accommodation types for every budget. Local eats abound too but what truly makes it a big draw is its mellow vibe which sunseekers get to enjoy anytime of the year.

Best Outdoor Playground: SM Seaside Sky Park

SM Seaside Sky Park - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

With three playgrounds and picturesque views of the mountains and the sea, the Kenneth Cobonque-designed Sky Park at Sm Seaside City Cebu is a dream come true for kids and even kids at heart. Earlier this year, the “Plug and Play” live music series was launched, making the Sky park an avenue for people from all age groups to come together for music sessions.

Best Road Trip Stop: 21 Kilometers Coffee

21 Kilometers Coffee

Image source:

This pit stop in Sitio Cantipla, Brgy. Tabunan is just one of the many along the Transcentral Highway but what makes it particularly popular is its specialty coffee, handcrafted pastries and all-day breakfast options. Nothing on the menu is over P130 and the majestic mountainscape? Priceless. Bonus points of being just a few minutes away from the sunflower and strawberry farms.

Best Concept Party: Azure’s Foam Party

Azure’s Foam Party - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

Azure is best known for its superb dining and themed parties. One particular favorite among guests is its Foam Party which is held every Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Picture this: have unlimited helping of Azure’s signature dishes and drinks, get sudsy at the infinity pool and dance to beach beats by its resident DJ.

Best Road Trip Experience: Transcentral Highway

Transcentral Highway

Image source:

Always pick the path less traveled, they say. While the Transcentral Highway is a common option when going northwest, the experience is anything but. You can take this route for a variety of reasons: food in one of the roadside eateries; fresh local produce for less; tourist attractions such as flower farms, adrenaline-pumping activities at Adventure Cafe or Canso X; treks; or simply for an escape.

Best Mall for Foodies: Ayala Center Cebu

 Ayala Center Cebu

Image source:

As a premier-lifestyle destination in a prime location, Ayala Center Cebu prides itself in a lot of things but the best one would have to be its impressive lineup of local and free, homegrown to world renowned, the best brands and more are all here.

Best Family Destination: Anjo World

Anjo World

Image source:

Cebu finally has world-class amusement rides in the sprawling Belmont One Commercial Complex in Minglanilla. Anjo World features rides that are imported from accredited manufacturers abroad, so guests are assured of an exhilarating experience as well as a safe and secure one. The piece de resistance is the Anjo Eye, a 200 foot Ferris wheel with 32 air-conditioned gondolas.

Best Value Massage: Thewi Thai Massage

Thewi Thai Massage

Image source:

Cebu is teeming with massage places but Thewi Thai Massage is your best bet when it comes to value, skills of the massage therapists and standards of sanitation. Its master masseurs will work your body through various stretches and rubbing and kneading. Expect lower stress levels and improved blood circulation after each session.


Best Grocery Chain: Savemore


Image source:

Despite its smaller selling are of not more than 5,000 square meters, Savemore has everything you need in a grocery with its great merchandise selection from home essentials, toiletries, snacks, canned goods, fresh fruits and vegetables and meat to pet necessities and imported goods. This fast-growing grocery chain is dubbed the “neighborhood supermarket” because of its convenient locations– nearer to its growing clientele’ residences and workplaces– ideal for growing shopping or last-purchase.

Best Jewelry Selection: Oro China

Oro China - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

From its humble beginnings in 1967, Oro China Jewelry has been consistently dedicated to delivering exceptional, genuine and guaranteed satisfaction to its clients on its wide selection of exquisite jewelry pieces from its necklaces and pendants to bracelets, earrings and rings. Whether one is looking for a daily wear or personalized jewelry, one would surely fall in love with each piece.

Best Grocery Meat Shop: Rustan’s

Image source:

Rustan’s does not disappoint when it comes to offering excellent-quality meat, stored inside its well-functioning coolers. Should you prefer to have the meat cut or sliced on the spot, its friendly and knowledgeable butchers will be glad to assist you. Just remember to shop early to get the freshest meat available.

Best Strip Mall: Bonifacio District and Faustina Center

Bonifacio District and Faustina Center

Image source:

If you want to unwind, catch up with friends and relax away from the crowds without leaving the city, Bonifacio District and Faustina Center is an ideal place to go. The lifestyle strip mall does not only house a well-curated selection of dining,retail and leisure outlets but also a supermarket for a complete mall experience minus the hassle of locating the shop you’re bpund for and the long walks.

Best Home Depot: Cebu Home and Builders Centre

Cebu Home and Builders Centre - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

As this proudly homegrown brand envisions to help every Filipino’s dream to build a decent home, Cebu Home and Builders Centre continues to provide only the high-quality yet reasonably-priced home improvement and construction materials from both local and international sources, plus exceptional customer service. A well-stocked showroom highlighting the most up-to-date  quality interior materials makes it more like a haven for clients with a keen eye for design.

Best Department Store: The SM Store at SM Seaside City Cebu

The SM Store at SM Seaside City Cebu - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

Shopping is more convenient at the two-floor the SM Store at SM Seaside City Cebu. True to its tagline “We’ve got it all for you,” you can find a great selection of men’s wear, women’s wear, kids’ and babies’ wear, all kinds of beauty products, furniture, school and office supplies, electronic gadgets, toys, snacks and fun Philippine souvenirs. Beyond merchandise, this department store also provides services such as bills payments,ticketing,remittance, currency exchange, free gift wrapping and clothing alterations.

Best Mall with Community Initiatives: Parkmall

Parkmall - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

Parkmall understands the needs of its community and addresses these needs instantly through different programs and events such as its Fitness Month in September wherein the mall gathers men and women of all ages to shake off their calories through dance fitness; an event in partnership with the Island Rescue Organization where the mall accepts donations for animal rescues and strays; and its #MadeInCebu Campaign where every mall-goer gets a chance to taste and experience the finest of Cebu. “Diri sa Parkmall better” it is.

Best Fast Fashion Shop: ATE by Tatah

ATE by Tatah - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

In this world dominated by fast fashion, looking for clothes that perfectly suit and fit you can be hard. After working with thousands of women of all ages and sizes, ATE by Tatah, known for its unique take on alterations and its personalized approach to styling, focuses on “Altering to Enhance” to answer the need for accessible made-to-measure clothing. At ATE by Tatah, you won’t run into problems with the size availability and overall fit of the clothing piece that you fancy.

Best Place for Bazaars: Parkmall

Parkmall - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

Bazaars allow start-up businesses to showcase their products to a bigger customers to buy directly from the sellers and support local brands. Parkmall breathes new life into value shopping by setting up different organizations every now and then such as eco-friendly-themed bazaar, maker’s market and plant exhibit, to name a few.

Best Value Cellphone and Gadget Shop: Cellpod Shoppe

Cellpod Shoppe - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

With its slogan “we earn less to help you save more,” Cellpod Shoppe offers the lowest price guaranteed gadgets and accessories in the metro to give everyone an opportunity to own his gadget of choice. Ensuring only the best customer experience, security and satisfaction in every purchase, all units are warrantied at Cellpod Shoppe.

Best Bargain Shopping: Gaisano Capital

Gaisano Capital - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

Strategically located in the heart of the city, Gaisano Capital showcases a stock of both trendy and classic yet budget-friendly finds from dinnerware, home decor to outfits and costumes for men, women, kids and babies. Indeed, at Gaisano Capital, you can “buy more and spend less.”

Best Supermarket: Robinson’s Selections at Robinson’s Galleria

Robinson’s Selection at Robinson’s Galleria - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

Not having strategic sections and aisle locations can make supermarkets a little difficult to navigate but Robinson’s Selections at Robinson’s Galleria is here to change that. With its well-organized sections and extensive array of products from healthy and delicious food-to-go section, a fruit bar, gourmet deli section and a sushi bar, to its health and wellness section, Robinsons Selections provides a convenient and practical approach to lifestyle shopping.

Mall of the Year: SM Seaside City Cebu

SM Seaside City Cebu - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

Since it opened in 2015, this gargantuan retail development pushed the boundaries of what it means to be more than just a shopping mall, but a holistic lifestyle destination as well. There’s no shortage of things to do here: partake of a gastronomic feast in one of the many diverse dining outlets, shop for the latest trends from your favorite local and international brands or de-stress at the bowling alley, skating rink or archery range. SM Seaside is also home to many unique facilities like the Sky Park, an open elevated park and free play area for kids; the Sky Hall, an events space perfect for expose and corporate events; the Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod, a church with modern architecture; and the recently opened Cebu Ocean Park, the first Marine park in the Visaya and Mindanao and the biggest oceanarium in the country.


Best Budget Airline with the Most Number of Destinations: Cebu PacificCebu Pacific - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

This Cebu-headquartered low-cost carrier flies to 37 Philippine and 26 international destinations, covering Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and the USA. The airline also has the most extensive network of domestic routes, bringing Filipinos and foreigners across the country and the rest of the world. With reasonable base fares and regular seat sales, Cebu Pacific has made traveling for everyone, championing the “low fare, great value” concept.

Best Metro Bus Line: My Bus  

My Bus - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

Mybus operates via 12-meter long buses with Euro-5 engines, making it the first of its kind in the country. This form of public transportation has made commuting between the city and the airport a breeze, with strategic stops within the city such as SM City Cebu, Parkmall, and North Bus Terminal. For only Php 25-50 per ride with comfortable seating and air-conditioning, the MyBus is an inexpensive alternative to other public transportation.

Best Movie Theater: SM Seaside City Cebu

SM Seaside City Cebu - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

Aside from the regular cinema, SM Seaside City Cebu is also home to the exquisite Director’s Club Cinemas, which offer cinephiles a movie watching experience like no other: Luxurious leather reclining seats, a spacious layout, and a cinema butler that you can call with a push of a button. SM Seaside also has a Large Screen Cinema and Center Stage.

Best Membership Warehouse Club: Landers Superstore Cebu

Landers Superstore Cebu - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

It’s called a “Superstore” for good reason. On tip of its extensive array of merchandise, both local and imported, Landers is also an exclusive stocklist of certain products. But mind you, there’s more to do here than just grocery shopping: You can grab a slice at Landers Central, have your caffeine fix at Doppio, get a fresh haircut at Federal Barbers, and gas up (with an exclusive discount) at the Landers-Caltex gas station. Just recently, Landers also launched its online platform, where members can shop right in the comfort of their own homes.

Best Pharmacy: Rose Pharmacy

Rose Pharmacy - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

Aside from having a multitude of branches dotting the city, Rose Pharmacy also offers a wide range of products including beauty and personal care products and even its own line of generic medicine. The brand has also revolutionized the pharmacy business by launching the Rose Pharmacy, where your medicine can be delivered straight to your doorstep, with a Cash on Delivery option to boot.

Best Donut: Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin Donuts - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

For both kids and kids at heart, Dunkin’ Donuts is a beloved afternoon snack tradition, regardless of favorites. One can never go wrong with the classics such as the Nutty Choco and Strawberry Sprinkles, but loyal fans of Dunkin’ know the irresistible indulgence of the Choco Wacko and Choco Butternut Munchkins.

Best Palabok: Mang Inasal

Mang Inasal - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

Mang Inasal’s version of this Filipino classic is delicious in its simplicity. Well-cooked glass noodles, the signature yellow shrimp sauce, chunks of pork, slices of boiled egg and a piece of calamansi to squeeze over the noodles for acidity. Enjoy it solo, pair it with your favorite chicken inasal or order by the pan to share with friends.

Best Inflight Meals: AirAsia

AirAsia Santan Menu - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

Called the Santan menu, the airline’s inflight food offerings include Asian, International, as well as vegetarian dishes. Options include Chicken Inasal and Beef Tapa for those who fancy a taste of home. Nonetheless, if one’s craving international fare, there are also meals like Thai Basil Chicken and Nasi Lemal. AirAsia’s combo meals offer passengers delicious meals for great value. You can also pre-book your meals and get a complimentary drink, so you’re all set for your journey.

Best Fast Food Chain: Jollibee

Jollibee - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

There’s no doubting the comforting joys of Jollibee. Whether it’s partaking of a two-piece Chickenjoy feast, a Yum and Jolly Spaghetti combo or just a Peach Mango Pie. Jollibee’s place in every Filipino’s heart is undeniable and timeless. More than just great food of good value, Jollibee has become an integral part of the lives of many Filipinos. Not just in the country but also abroad.

Best Salad Place: Saladstop

Saladstop - Sunstar Best of Cebu 2019

Image source:

Debunking the idea that salads are bland and boring, Saladstop changed misconceptions about healthy eating and fast food. It becomes the first and largest healthy food chain in Asia. Championing the “ Eat Wide Awake” movement, SaladStop aims to make healthy eating more accessible and convenient. Some of the best sellers on the menu are the Big Bird, the Singapoeran-inspired Oh Crab Lah! And of course the classic Hail Caesar. There are also warm quinoa bowls for those who prefer grains in their meal.


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