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Versions Inspired by Sheena: Your Lifestyle Beauty Store

Versions Inspired by Sheena
Founder of Versions, Sheena Macapinig.

Versions Inspired by Sheena is a holistic platform that offers innovative beauty products and services for the Filipinos to discover, enjoy and pamper themselves.

Versions was envisioned and brought to life by proud Cebuana, Sheena Macapinig, who established the lifestyle store which stemmed from her passion for beauty, advanced skincare technology, and excellent service standards.

With the opening of her new store located at the 2/F Ayala Center Cebu, Versions incorporates services from the far reaches of the globe into one facility.

Sheena hopes to bring the best benefits of your health, beauty and wellness clinics, which are greatly in demand but are sorely lacking providers, to be readily available in the Philippines.

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“Beauty has been my passion since high school,” Sheena stated in an interview with SunStar.  She graduated with her degree in business management-accounting all in pursuit of her passion for skincare.

She believes that beauty is not just about treatment but therapy. It is about working holistically from inside out and providing you with the experience to cultivate your mind and not just the body. This is the promise of the experience you will receive at Versions.


Sheena believes that the product doesn’t have to cost much for it to be good. Being a Cebuana herself, she understands how Cebuanos are picky and would always want value for their money. Bringing the best of the skincare services from abroad, discover your empowered version with the services they offer down below.


Thera Cafe - Versions Inspired by Sheena

Short for Therapeutic Cafe, Versions offers a little humble cafe with organic selections in the store. TheraCafe offers dairy-free products and organic choices for coffee beans, fresh fruits, and tea leaves.

TheraCafe provides plenty of scrumptious treats and even personalized whole meals like Keto to help you eat intelligently towards your beauty and personal wellness goals.

Also, the coffee beans served are sourced from Sagada. Versions make it so that every time you order coffee from the cafe, you are also supporting local farmers from the Cordillera Mountains, within the Philippines’ Mountain Province.


XBODY - Versions Inspired by Sheena

Versions understand that as working professionals or as we age, exercising can be difficult to insert into one’s schedule.

Located right next to the cafe, you’ll find Versions Inspired by Sheena very own fitness studio. The studio provides a bodysuit that helps you achieve the results of a 90-minute workout in only 20 minutes.

If you are new or experienced in full-body workouts, Versions’ certified trainers will assist, interview and monitor your performance with up-to-date devices and modules which are all personalized for your body.

NXFIT - Versions Inspired by Sheena

The highlight of your visit would be the XBody (NXFIT) which comes with a full-body training regime fit for 20 minutes. The suit stimulates all the major muscle groups at the same time with the help of electric impulses making you do a 90-minute workout in just 20 minutes.

These EMS are generated by the XBody device and deliver the shocks through cables to the electrodes on the skin surface above the muscles. These additional impulses are stimulating muscles via the adjustable XBody Training Suit. They don’t tingle or offer any discomfort so they are a perfect companion for your exercises.


BEAUSPA - Versions Inspired by Sheena

Further inside the lifestyle store, Versions lets you step into a whole different area filled with the soothing scent of oils and the relaxing designs of nature.

Perhaps after your workout at Versions fitness studio, you can enjoy, relax and recover your strength with a rejuvenating spa.

The BEAUSPA consists of services that range from face contouring and slimming, stress-relieving massage, facials handled by trained technicians and therapists, Japanese style foot and hand spa and luxurious body scrub and baths.

And that’s not all, it’s also built with the state of the art steam room or dry sauna to help you release those body toxins and relieve your muscle pains.


SLIMYONIK - Versions Inspired by Sheena

Other than the extensive workouts you do at XBODY, Versions also offers a different health and beauty device that is currently the best to help boost your metabolism and lymph drainage.

Through various programs of pressure, SLIMYONIK is a natural and completely painless procedure that can provide you with significant and immediate results.

It performs wave pressures massages that provides

  • Skin Texture Improvement
  • Purification
  • Stimulation of the Lymphatic System
  • Increase in Metabolism
  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Loss if inches
  • Tightening of tissues
  • Slimming the figure

With SLIMYONIK, you literally lose weight while lying down or even if you sleep throughout the entire process.


YASU ITO - Versions Inspired by Sheena

Versions hair studio offers a SCALP SPA to primarily remove any build-up that can solve many other related hair issues. With their specially treated water, or as they call it SODA water, it restores your hair’s shine and deeply cleanses the head for a healthy scalp. One of the customers stated that she felt like a great deal of pressure and weight was relieved from her after just one wash.

Japanese hairstylist and scalp care specialist, Yasu Ito.

The studio is also a hair salon that is handled by Japanese hairstylist and scalp care specialist, Yasu Ito. Ito-san came from the management of Fuga Salon and Hair Mates Salon that are popular brands in NYC, Paris, and Vancouver.

Ito-san is a great advocate of proper hair care. He specializes in low chemical hair color to minimize the damage done due to colorant chemicals and uses NANO Steam technology that allows better absorption and retention of your hair color, hence you don’t need to re-color so often.

All the products offered and used in the service are top quality Japanese products that are strictly prescribed by Ito-san. This is to ensure quality and not compromise the founder’s commitment as adhered by the Japanese trait “pursuit of perfection.”

  • Retail – CAILYN Cosmetics and DOUBLE DARE Skin Care Products

Versions Inspired by Sheena is the exclusive distributor of the international brand from California; Cailyn Cosmetics and Double Dare Skin Care Products in the Philippines.

CAILYN has been a leader in creating advanced cosmetics that are all-natural and mineral-based. While, DOUBLE DARE offers the finest lifestyle-driven brands for women and men to provide that effective and attainable beauty, anytime, anywhere and on-the-go!

The cosmetics were designed to nourish adventurous individuals and fuels their passion. They do the hard work for you so that you can always look effortlessly beautiful.


Memberships are also offered by Versions Inspired by Sheena. If you want to know more about their membership packages, you may contact them at +63 917 701 2472, (032) 326 5723 / (032) 340 0686.

You can also visit their shop located at the 2nd Level of Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City.

Visit and experience holistic serenity at Ayala Center Cebu!

Revitalize your beauty and be empowered at Versions Inspired by Sheena!


Written by Rose Sangre

Bookworm | Organizer | Engineer to be | CONTRIBUTING EDITOR
📍Cebu, Philippines
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