Color The Noche Buena Table With These 15 Filipino Christmas Desserts

Excite your guests with these easy-to-make desserts for Noche Buena!

With Christmas fast approaching, the Filipinos are rushing out to prepare a wonderful feast to fill the noche buena table with scrumptious food and desserts! From the pinoy favorite pancit, lumpia, spaghetti, and lechon as part of the main dishes. The festivities are still incomplete without some delightful treats. If you want to prepare an exciting “handaan” or bring a surprise for your friends and family, here are some 15 Filipino Christmas Desserts you can add to the table.

1. Leche Flan 

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At the top of our Filipino Christmas Desserts list, Leche Flan will always be the crowned king. This creamy flan layered with a golden caramel syrup on top will surely catch the eye of your guests. It is one of the most sought out desserts by the Filipinos. And you can even see the excitement it brings to your guest’s faces when they hear that this sugar deluxe is available!

And that’s not all! With Leche Flan being one of the most iconic desserts for the Filipinos, you can even test out your skills by adding flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, ube and even mango float into the mix. If mixed well, the Leche Flan might just make you the star of the household.

2. Ube Halaya

Ube Halaya
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If you liked the creamy leche flan, you and your guests might also like Ube Halaya or Ube Jam. This smooth concoction is a mix of ube, coconut milk and butter. It’s a crowd-pleaser because of its soft consistency which melts in your mouth. To enjoy it even more, you can definitely add it to cakes or ice cream.

3. Biko

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What’s Noche Buena without the traditional Biko? This Filipino Christmas dessert is made with malagkit or glutinous rice, coconut milk, and sugar, topped with the right amount of latik. Biko can also be prepared with the use of other variants such as ube to make ube-biko, or pandan to make pandan-biko.

4. Buko Salad

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With plenty of meals and flavors you have offered on your noche buena table, you might want to add a palate cleanser for your guests. The Buko Salad is a mix of soft and creamy dessert combined with coconuts. It can be a refreshing item that can help your guest in chasing away those strong aroma and seasonings from your main dish.

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5. Buko Pandan

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We mentioned Buko Salad, and a lot of people do mistake Buko Pandan as its equivalent, but they are two different desserts. Buko Pandan, is made of pandan jelly, with the right consistency of condensed milk, all-purpose cream, coconut strips and sago pearls. You can actually make the pandan jelly by boiling the Pandan leaves in water, or you can just buy a packet of Pandan flavoring at the mart.

6. Espasol

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You may have heard of this dessert but probably not as Espasol. That’s because the word Espasol is from Laguna, but this is also known as baye-baye in Western Visayas and tajada in Nueva Ecija. This chewy rice cake is easy to do, with 3 key ingredients of rice flour, coconut milk and sweet coconut strips. Those little crunches from each bite can definitely bring a smile to someone’s face.

7. Puto Cheese

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Don’t forget the beloved Puto Cheese! This fluffy delight You’ll certainly see one or two people serving this Filipino delicacy out fresh from the steamer during the holidays. Puto cheese is derived from the traditional puto, but is finer and smaller with a slice of cheese inside that will automatically melt in your mouth. Create a rainbow of colors by serving this dessert flavored with ube, chocolate, or pandan.

8. Bibingka

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Halfway through our list is the baked rice cake, Bibingka! It is a type of rice cake that is native in the Philippines and it mixes up an exquisite contrast of flavors and textures from the egg, cheese, butter, and crunchy caramelized sugar. Aside from serving this on the Noche Buena table for dessert, you can also eat this for breakfast during Christmas morning.


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If you want to add another dish to be served during Christmas morning, one can also include another type of rice cake, Suman! It is made from glutinous rice cooked in sweet coconut milk, and then wrapped in banana leaves left to steam. Pair this with caramel or chocolate drizzle to make up for the unsweetened Bibingka.

10. Mango Float

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From the unsweetened desserts we’ve provided, let’s offer you something creamier. The Crema de Manga, or Mango float is a cake-like dessert made by layering graham crackers and mangoes in a container and topping it with a mix of condensed milk, whipped cream. This is best served when chilled because it gives the cream a rich texture and it can definitely bring a sweetened chill to the palette.

11. Puto Bumbong

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One of the most popular Christmas desserts of all-time, people usually line up for this after the Christmas Eve mass from food stalls.Puto Bumbong, is a mixture of Puto and Ube Halaya, made from slightly fermented rice dough, and is served with shredded coconuts and muscovado sugar on top. This is a simple dessert that can surely elevate the Noche Buena dinner.

12. Maja Blanca

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You are likely to find the Maja Blanca in plenty of Filipino Christmas Desserts recipe lists. And this is because this dessert is a creamy and flavorful pudding that’s mixed with corn kernels and bits of toasted coconut. Some are using sugar as a sweetener but we do recommend using condensed milk to make it creamier.

13. Pichi-pichi

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Should you want to serve something small and is also an easy-to-eat Filipino dessert, Pichi-pichi is chewy goodness all in one bite. This delicacy from the Quezon province, is made out of grated cassava and coconut juice. You just have to mold, steam and let it cool. It is best paired with grated coconut, and you can also add pops of color.

14. Black Sambo

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This Filipino Christmas dessert is definitely a cut above the rest. The Black Sambo is a two-layer gelatin concoction that consists of milk and chocolate. It may be a challenging item to make but the final product is definitely worth the effort. And after a little bit of practice, you can improve this towering delight into a 4-layered dessert or you can mold it to any shape that you like.

15. Kutsinta

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To end our list of 15 Filipino Christmas desserts, we have saved the best for last. The Kutsinta is another crowd favorite of ours. As it is made out of lye water, all-purpose flour, cassava flour and brown sugar.

And if those didn’t sound tempting enough. Once can finish it off  by topping the Kutsinta with grated coconut! It’s easy and the perfect balance of flavors will guarantee you compliments from the dinner table.

Happy Holidays!

Are you ready to make these desserts? Great! Out of these 15 Filipino desserts, which owned a spot in your heart? Now, have you decided what to serve for the Noche Buena? We hope that you were able to find the perfect dessert mix for your guests  as they will definitely looking forward to seeing what desserts you prepared for the Noche Buena!


Written by Rose Sangre

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📍Cebu, Philippines
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