5 Restos in Cebu Where You Can Take Your Dad (and the Family) this Father's Day

Have you run out of gift ideas for your dad, pop, oppa or papa this Father’s Day?

Sure, you can give him a new iPhone 6S or perhaps, the new LG5.  If you don’t have the luxury (yes, money) to buy something extravagant to your dad, then why not give him a printable gift card?

But your dad is all macho and that. As much as you want to see your dad crying while reading the Father’s Day card, you may have the less chance to do that when your father is as tough as a brick. But, not all fathers are like that. So better take the risk, and give that card so you can father can read how much you appreciate him in all days of your life, I mean, some of the days of your lifetime.

Yes, today is Father’s Day.

We’ve been knocking ourselves out to write the right post that can help celebrate this special day. But we have run out of the simple ideas. So instead, we asked: “Hey, why not bring dad to a place in Cebu where he can experience the special Sunday with his loved ones.”

Definitely, taking dad out on a Sunday to one of the best dining places in Cebu is one of the best gift ideas for the spouses, who want their husbands to enjoy quality time with the family and for the children, who want to pay back their dad by paying the food bill.

Similar to Mother’s day among Filipinos, every third Sunday of June can be spent outside of homes. Eating out is now among the top ideas to extend how you appreciate your father on this special day.
In Cebu, we’ve got these 5 choices for you to bring your dad and make the best out this Father’s Day.

1. Laguna Garden Cafe

This is among the best places where you can take your family out on a Sunday. For your father, you should let him experience the ambience of this restaurant, named as one of the best family restaurants in Cebu according to Trip Advisor.
Make sure to order their best-sellers such as crispy pata and kare-kare. You may also opt for healthier options such as the fresh lumpia, crispy kangkong and kinilaw.

Crispy kangkong
Crispy kangkong


Laguna Garden Cafe is at the Terraces of Ayala Center Cebu. You can also dine at their branch in SM City Cebu at the Northwing. It prides itself to have the authentic Filipino cuisine.
It is open during mall hours in Ayala Center Cebu and SM City Cebu.

2. Parilya

Located in iL Corso, in Cebu City SRP, Parilya is one of the newest Filipino restaurants in Cebu that offer the best view of the open sea. It is now called a favorite seaside resto and I know you won’t be disappointed getting there.
Parilya offers Lechon, Seafood and Grill. And since I don’t eat pork, I’d settle for the seafood especially their baked scallops and grilled tuna, which is one of the best.
This is a choice for dads who like the Cebuano favorites such as the lechon and grilled tuna and seafood. You may use your hands here for eating their specialties especially the lechon if you desire.
Open at 10 am to 11 pm everyday, Parilya is becoming a favorite dining spot in Metro Cebu.
Experience it so you can share it with others who have these good reviews on Trip Advisor:
From Olivia-wandering:
Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 11.55.16 AM
From Deogracias:
Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 12.40.51 PM

3. Ulli’s

Oh, the chilled taho. I miss this. It’s classy and delicious and beneficial. One of the best tahos in Cebu is here in Ulli’s.

I have been in this resto many times and they don’t fail to impress me. Its specialties are a fusion of Singaporean, Malaysian and Korean cuisines. That’s why it’s called the Street of Asia. It’s Ulli’s and it’s in Ayala Center Cebu Annex area where one can also get to experience the al fresco dining at the 4th floor of the mall.

Open during mall hours, Ullis’ is where your chilled taho can be experienced from daytime to nighttime.

You dads may like it here especially if their taste buds are inclined to Asian food. You may not get to experience the Thai and Vietnamese cuisines in this resto though. But you can order their swabe and ebi tori, the prawn varieties you can enjoy. Or the Fisherman catch, if your dad likes the fish.

Ulli’s is also serving a promo for the dads. So, I think it’s better to check out the place and see how you can make your dad very cool.


4. Lemongrass

The idea of blending Thai and Vietnamese cuisines has given birth to Lemongrass in Cebu.

The world-renowned Thai cuisines especially the Phad Thai noodles can be set side by side with Vietnamese dishes such Goi Cuon or Vietnamese spring rolls.

To quench the thirst after devouring spicy food, the citrus and herb lemonade can be a good refreshment.

Here’s what Everything Cebu has to say about Lemongrass:

Citrus and Herb Lemonade (served in a pitcher) is the restaurant’s best selling drink. Its cool and refreshing taste is fit for a hot summer day! This tall pitcher of freshly squeezed citrus fruit juice mixed with slices of lemon, lime, orange, and cucumber, sprinkled with mint leaves and basil is just the perfect thirst-quenching drink.

If your dad has adventurous taste, then this is a good option for you this Father’s Day.

Lemongrass is at the 1st level of the Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu. It opens during mall hours in Ayala.

5. Rico’s Lechon

You don’t want to miss the famous Cebu lechon this Father’s Day. After all, most working fathers want to satisfy their aggressive palate with something meaty.
Cebu’s lechon especially served by Rico’s is undoubtedly the best. If you want it original or spicy, Rico’s Lechon has the options for you.
Cebu lechon
Starting out as a brand of lechon, which has become a favorite pasalubong from Cebu, Rico’s Lechon already has dining outlets in Cebu and Mactan islands.
At the Ridges in Panagdait, Rico’s Lechon serves lechon and other specialties including the “monggo guisado”. It has more of a Cebuano inato feel, typical of Cebu mid-range restaurants.
In Mactan, Rico’s Lechon serves the mid-range and upscale markets, who crave lechon every week, if not everyday. Its ambience is superb and the interior design is carefully planned. But of course, people there go for the  famous lechon.
Rico’s Lechon in Mactan Promenade is a good stop for those going to the airport and want to bring a lechon pasalubong before the bon voyage.

So there you have the choices where you can take you father this father’s day. It’s limited I know. But if you have other places in mind, just go to the comment section and suggest.

We take your suggestions to heart. Trust us.


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  1. Ulli’s crew are very accommodating. They really guide us where to stay in a table. The food is well presented. I gave the crew a tip for a great service.

  2. Very accommodating. The food is quite good. I love the ambiance of the restaurant. Good for everyone especially Filipinos to taste other Asian dishes.

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