Top and Best 15 Man-Made Attractions in Cebu, Philippines

These Man-made wonders must be in your bucket list!

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Cebu is truly living up to its name as the “Queen City of the South”, it has plenty of attractions that keeps popping out from all over its cities and provinces. And these aren’t only limited to natural wonders but also man-made attractions in Cebu!

Cebu has been developing rapidly. From flower farms, ranches, isolated paradise islands, theme parks, themed beaches, and of course, stunning views from the top of the city.

But with all the other art museums and historical landmarks that tourists frequent in Cebu. Are there other attractions that relate to the current trends and fads of today’s social media inclined generation?

The answer is a big YES!

Top 15 Man-made Attractions in Cebu

Here are 15 man-made attractions in Cebu that you should definitely visit!

(1) Cebu Safari and Adventure

Our first man-made attractions in Cebu is the Cebu Safari and Adventure Park! It a premier park in the country that rivals other animal parks and zoos worldwide.

It is situated atop of the beautiful and scenic hills of Carmen and is a perfect avenue for those seeking the wildlife adventure.

The park is a 170-hectare property that is owned by Cebuano pawnshop tycoon, Michel J. Lhuillier and it features more than 100 species of animals in their natural habitat. This includes lions, giraffes, camels, tigers, zebras and others.

The park also offers 7 adventure rides including a zip coaster. It is also the 2nd longest zipline in the country (1.2KM). And you can expect a bird show every Wednesday to Sunday & Holidays from 1:45PM to 2:15PM.

But before you head over to the park, it might be best to make a reservation as the park only accommodates to just 2,000 people per day. If the park is full, they will not allow entry.


Address: Toril, Corte, Carmen, Cebu 6005 Philippines


Phone Numbers:

(+63) 917 839 6758 (GLOBE)
(+63) 917 837 2243 (GLOBE)
(+63) 917 805 2973 (GLOBE)
(+63) 961 298 6336 (SMART)
(+63 32) 344 1095 (during office hours: Mondays to Fridays 8:00 am – 5:00 pm)

Cabin Reservations: (+63 32) 266 1608


Office Hours: Monday to Fridays 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Social Media: Website, Facebook and Instagram

(2) Cebu Ocean Park

The next man-made attractions in Cebu that you should visit is Cebu’s Ocean Park located in the the South Road Properties (SRP)/ It is the first marine park in the Visayas and was established in the hopes of bringing more tourists to the Queen City of the South.

The park occupies 10,000sqm which is larger than Manila’s Ocean Park that is occupying 8,000sqm. The oceanarium is seven-meter deep that is equivalent to two ceres buses.

The oceanarium also houses more than 200 species of marine life and is also a home to several spices of bird, insects, and reptiles.


Address: Cebu Ocean Park SM Seaside Complex Mambaling, Cebu City Cebu, 6000.

Phone: (032) 888-5288 ext. 805, 804


Social Media: Website, Facebook and Instagram

(3) Anjo’s World Theme Park

Another new man-made attractions in Cebu is Anjo’s World theme park. It is the very first outdoor theme park in Cebu, so everyone’s probably been there already. It’s great for weekends with your family or an outing with your group of friends as the activities and rides at the theme park are not only for kids, but also for kids at heart.

Located also in Minglanilla, Cebu, Anjo World also houses hotels and spa accommodations for those not looking for the thrill and adventure of roller coasters and vikings rides. Other attractions at the park include their selection of entertainment, and of course, the Snow World.


Address: Belmont One, Cebu South Road, Upper Calajoan, Minglanilla, Cebu

Landline: 032 4901000
Guest Relations: 0917 878 7000
Sales Marketing: 0919 069 2101

Social Media: Website, Facebook and Instagram

(4) La Vie in the Sky

La Vie in the Sky is one of the most elegant restaurant and bar in Cebu. It is a mountain-top destination that offers a unique dining experience for their guest by only serving the finest food and beverages.

This restobar is inspired by French bistros which provides guest their freedom to take their time and browse though their products with ease.

The exact location of the La Vie in the Sky Cebu is at Brgy. Busay, Cebu Transcentral Highway. It merely takes 2 20 minute drive from JY Square Mall in Lahug. There is also a designated by parking space.


Address: La Vie in the Sky, Cebu Tops Rd, Cebu City, Cebu

Entrance fee: ₱100 per head (all consumable for food & drinks)

Operating hours: 7AM to 2AM daily (Mondays to Sundays)

Contact numbers: (032) 260-4388 / (032) 505-0274

Social: Facebook

(5) Heritage of Cebu Monument

One of the most fascinating man-made attractions in Cebu is the Heritage of Cebu Monument. A tableau of sculptures made of concrete, bronze, brass and steel. The monument shows scenes about varying events and structures that are related to the history of Cebu.

Built by the local artist Eduardo Castrillo, the construction started in July 1997, and was completed in December 2000. And it was placed in the historic Parian District where during the Spanish period was home to the most prominent families in Cebu.

The Heritage Monument depicts the baptism of Rajah Humabon, a procession of the Santo Niño, a Roman Catholic mass, and the Battle of Mactan between Lapu-Lapu and Ferdinand Magellan. The persons depicted in the monument include the late president Sergio Osmena Sr. and Blessed Pedro Calungsod.


Address: The Heritage of Cebu Monument, Cebu Transcentral Hwy, Cebu City, Cebu

(6) Temple of Leah

The first of its kind in Cebu, Temple of Leah has been one of the main attractions when touring the highlands of Cebu. Built in honor of grandmother Leah Villa Albino-Adarna, the Temple of Leah is Cebu’s take on the famous pillar attractions of Europe.

Overlooking Cebu, Temple of Leah’s architectural design is also something to appreciate. The temple also houses a museum, a library, and an art gallery, aside from its main attraction, a statue of a lion and the depiction of Leah.


Address: Temple of Leah, Cebu, Cebu Transcentral Hwy, Cebu City, Cebu

Phone Number: +639063245687

Social Media: Facebook

(7) Archival Eco House

Image from Archival Eco House Official Website

If you are an eco-warrior and a lover of nature, this new tourist spot in Cebu is a must-visit. Engineer Nestor Archival’s dedication to inspire many to go green and live an eco-friendly lifestyle inspired him to translate his wants to something more concrete– an Eco House.

For many years, Engineer Archival and the entire Archival family has been living a green life by starting with the 3R’s. This time, he wanted to take this advocacy a step further.

The Eco House is located in the Earth, Wind and Sun compound in Talamban, Cebu. It has the power to cool and heat itself with no use of electricity whatsoever. For those looking for an adventure, they also have wall-climbing and zip-line activities, other than different art murals and mini-museums that catch your eye.

When you find yourself at the backyard, you’d see different types of scrap materials made to suit gardening needs– another eco-friendly plus!


Address: Archival’s Eco-House, Sitio YlayaTalamban, Mandaue City, 6000 Cebu

Contact Number: +63 32 233-8760, +63 32 253-2184


Social Media: Website and Facebook

(8) Strawberry de Cantipla Farm

Same question– Cebu grows Strawberries now? Within the Transcentral Highway in Cebu (Busay-Balamban Road), you can now visit a Strawberry Eco Farm without going too far from the City. If you’ve always wanted to go to Baguio to pick strawberries and eat them fresh from picking them from their stems, then this is the place for you.

Not only are there strawberry picking activities, you could also enjoy their fresh strawberry flavored treats straight from their eco farm! From shakes, to ice cream, to pancakes to burgers, this attraction is about to become a gem in Cebu. Get your strawberries fresh from their farm and help the farm’s caretakers in developing the area.


Phone Number: 0919 231 7924

Social Media: Facebook

(9) Sunflower Farm Dalaguete

Image from

Another man-made attractions in Cebu that you need to visit is the Beautiful Sunflower Garden in Dalaguete. Dalaguete is famous for its scenic mountain peaks that doesn’t lose to the grandeur of Osmeña Peak, Kandungaw Peak, and Casino Peak.

But of course, even if it is widely known as the Sunflower farm, it also offers other species of flowers. Just remember that you respect the garden’s rules and help to protect the flowers by being responsible of your own trash and leave no trace of yourself behind.


Social Media:  Facebook

(10) Adlawon Vacation Farm

Image from

Have you ever wanted to stay over in a farm? Although waking up surrounded by nature is a dream come true for most people. Spending some time at Adlawon Vacation farm can offer you an intimate glimpse of how relaxing and satisfying it is to live in the province.

Adlawon Vacation Farm also offers delectable dishes that were made from their grounds and carefully prepared to reach your plate. They also offer room accommodations with a free breakfast for two.

They also offer a cheap P100 walk-in entrance fee if you simply want to escape the bustling city.


Mobile No: 0942-266-7392

Social Media: Facebook

(11) Sirao Flower Farm

A famous spot that never gets old is the Sirao Flower Farm. Located up in Busay, Cebu, if you want to see a breathtaking variety of flowers on top of Cebu overlooking its skyline, then this is truly a must-visit for you and your peers.

Hectares of land filled with flowers, this Sirao Flower Farm was the first of its kind in Cebu during its launch. The flower farm is likened to that of the flower farms in Amsterdam in Netherlands. The main flower grown in the farm is the Celosia flower, an edible ornamental plant. Other flowers grown in the flower farm are sunflower, chrysanthemum, daisy and aster.


Entrance fee: P50 P100 per head
Operating hours: 6AM to 6:30PM
Contact details: 0943 706 3437

(12) 10,000 Roses Cafe (Cordova)

Located in Cordova, Cebu, the ten thousand roses is a cafe that greets you with over 10,000 LED light flowers at its entrance. With a great view of the lagoon surrounding the cafe at day, and a view of a pool of lit roses in the day, 10k roses Cafe is the first of its kind in Cebu and a unique attraction for those looking for photo-worthy moments.

Their cafe features sweet treats and coffee choices. When visiting, stop by their souvenir shop and take home an LED flower yourself! They also have other items rose-inspired, so just drop by and see anything you might like aside from their view and the treats they serve.


Exact Location: Day-as, Cordova, Cebu (beside Lantaw Floating Restaurant in Cordova)

Operating hours: 10:30AM to 10:00 PM

Entrance Fee: P20 per person

Social Media: Facebook

(13) Buwakan ni Alejandra

Located at the mountainous barangay of Balamban on top of Cebu, this creatively curated flower form exudes color, if not a gem of nature. If you want to be surrounded by a sea of flowers coupled by a cold breeze on the top, Buwakan ni Alejandra is a must-see!

The flowers are real, alright! No matter how pretty they look and how colorful the varieties of flowers are, these sea of flowers are authentically grown and maintained at the highlands of Cebu. With many spots perfect for portraits, you can witness the blooming of flowers such as roses, dahlias, wax begonias, hibiscus, angel trumpets, and cleome or spider flowers.

If you’re more of the history-loving tourist, Cebu’s got all the museums and heritage houses you can visit, each telling a story of Cebu’s colonization in the past by foreigners. If you’re the religious type, churches that have been in Cebu even during its Spanish colonization is still up and sturdy up to this day, each church filled with devotees that visit from day to late afternoon.


Mobile Number: +639218129664

Social Media: Facebook

(14) Papa Kits Marina and Fishing Lagoon

If you want a man-made attraction in Cebu that offers both fishing and other water adventures, you might want to take a look at Papa Kit’s Marina and Fishing Lagoon! It was originally designed simply as a fishing and dining destination for guest.

But resent expansions and designs turned this northern getaway into an adventurous destination. It provides commodities such as an 800-meters zipline, jungle obstacles, wall climbing, horseback riding, biking and aquatic sports such as paddle boat and kayak. They also offer the newest inflatable water park Aqua Quattro.

With these exercises, one can feel tired and sore afterwards. But worry not, they also offer overnight accommodations which are modernly designed for guests who wants to stay away from all the hustle and bustle of the city life.


Phone Number: (032) 424 1086

Social Media: Website and Facebook

(15) Sky Experience Adventure

Another man-made attraction in Cebu that’s worth your money is when you take a nerve-racking experience in the Sky Walk Extreme! This service is offered by the Crown Regency Hotel and Towers where they let you walk on translucent glass flooring on the edge of the hotel. This experience is a spectacle and it is a kind of adventure that you can do or boasts to your family and friends.


Phone Number: (032) 418 7777

Social Media: Website and Facebook

Celebrate Cebu

Image from Rads Travel and Tours

Be sure to stay in Cebu for more than just numbered days as there are more to see, more to experience, and surely, more to eat. Cebu is a one-stop place for all your vacation wants and needs for some alone time, family time, or even an outing with your squad.

As long as you’re not afraid of the sun, and the exhilarating adventure you’re about to have in Cebu, you’re good to go. Be sure to learn some Bisaya words along the way, if you’re a tourist, to interact with the locals a lot more and establish new lasting relationships in the Philippines.

Create new memories with these man-made attractions in Cebu for your loved ones to cherish. Cebu’s really an underrated City in the Philippines as it continues to become a hodgepodge of different vacation and tourist spots. Head on over to the Queen City of the South and experience Cebu in your next vacation.


Written by Rose Sangre

Bookworm | Organizer | Engineer to be | CONTRIBUTING EDITOR
📍Cebu, Philippines
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