Tips on how to get over from wearing the same style by trying street fashion.

Confuse of what to wear when you head out to malls to meet your friends and your acquaintances?

Even though you just wanted to chill you just can’t figure it out what to wear. Worse is you’re running late already and you still haven’t decided on what clothes to wear.

You have tried mixing your neutral color clothes but you have been wearing the same fashion all the time. All you need to do is to worry less and just think of what you comfortably want to wear and that’s what we called STREET FASHION.

Street Fashion is being who you are.

You don’t have to complicate things just wear what you want. You can go to all white to all black or the crazy ideas you have for your fashion.

Escooped Fashion Street-1

Your fashion style reflects who you are. People will notice and judge you the way you dress.

I really don’t care if I wear the same pants or shorts and even shoes for three straight days (of course, every day I change my shirt or polo and “duh” my underwear).

I just want to wear these types of clothes that can best describe me. This is, fashion is not just about the appearance. It’s also about comfort. I wear a type of fashion that is comfortable, fit and make more stylish.

Escooped Fashion Street-3

My friend, Rence Rundina, is an example of street fashion. He has tons of clothes to wear but never gets so confused on what style to flaunt on any single day.

Rence just chooses whatever he desires to wear to bring in his stylish, comfy and attractive personality. see him at malls, he has this style of fashion that makes him stand out and that’s street fashion.

As I see him at malls or anywhere when we have found the chance to acquaint and rekindle the best buddy moments, he always relishes this style of fashion that makes him stand out. Well, that’s street fashion.

Escooped Fashion Street-2

Fashion is simple and it does not need to be complicated as math. Street fashion is being who you are.

Still confused on what to wear?

Wear the clothes that best describes you or wear clothes that make you comfortable. Fashion is not how expensive your clothes are nor how designers create fashion lines but fashion is a way to introduce yourself without having to speak.

Escooped Fashion Street-4
MODEL: Rence Rundina


Written by Proudly Filipino

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