MUST WATCH: Three Children Were Locked Inside The House for Three Days Without Food

MUST WATCH: Three Children Were Locked Inside The House for Three Days Without Food

It hurts whenever we see these children abused by their parents. Child abuse is quite common nowadays and it is a serious problem in this society. A child who has been abused would need special support and treatment as early as possible. I cannot even imagine the horror they have experienced.

Word of caution, you may probably have to skip watching this video because it might be too graphic for you. The parents locked the children inside the house for three days without food. According to John, their neighbor, the parents always hurt the children and leave them unsupervised for days.

John wanted to help the children but he doesn’t want to be caught up in the complexities of such a serious issue. The Social Services Department of Quezon City rescued the children and they immediately brought them to the office of SSD (Social Services Department). According to the doctor who examined the children, they were severely dehydrated, and malnourished. They also contracted bacterial infection which may lead to death if not treated immediately.They were eventually brought to the hospital for further treatment.

Full story here:

This footage was taken from ABS-CBN

I was loved by my parents the way i wanted to.I feel uneasy when I see children begging on the street for money or food because my parents always took care of me and provided my needs.For me, it is unfair for those kids to get incarcerated by their parents. And why would our society let these things happen to these poor kids? They are meant to experience happiness and love, not cruelty and sadness. Children will not stay as children forever, unless they are Peter Pan.

I hope the parents will realize their lapse in judgment and take proper action. And let’s hope the rule of law will settle things down, shouldn’t we?

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