10 Of The Chocolatiest Cakes You Can Find In Cebu

Cakes are forever!

Chocolatiest Cakes in Cebu

Chocolate cakes are forever! Who doesn’t love a well-baked cake, much less chocolates? While yes, there are other flavors that comes to mind but this time, it’s all about these chocolatiest cakes in Cebu! And finding out which ones are oozing with that creamy fudge.

So if you are craving some astonishing layered sweet-tooth delights, check out our list of the…

Top 10 Best and Chocolatiest Cake Shops in Cebu!

10. Yoyi’s

Photo courtesy of Yoyi’s Pastries and Desserts.

Last on our Cebu Chocolate Cakes is yet another head-turner! Yoyi’s Pastries and Desserts continue to prove themselves worthy of being the home for sweet-tooth cravings for their delicious array of cakes.

A must-try is their classic chocolate cake, and their cake in a can. A lot of people are waiting in line s if you want to have a taste of their cakes, you better be running by now!

9. Dessert Factory

Photo courtesy of The Dessert Factory.

A bite of nice creamy chocolate cake does a lot for us, and this restaurant here can make those who don’t like chocolate cakes get a second bite. The Dessert Factory proves they can be our accomplice to getting a bite of their chocolate cake. One of their best-selling chocolate cakes is the Achocolypse, and it is guaranteed fit for your palette.

8. Leona Cakes and Pastries

Photo courtesy of Zomato.

We know this bakeshop by heart as it is one of the established pastry shops to get a Cebu Chocolate Cake. Leona Cakes and Pastries started as home grown gourmet bakery and ever since they have been recognized for the premier desserts and pastries. Their most chocolate cake is one of the best cakes they have and you’ll be coming back for more.

7. Sans Rival

Photo courtesy of Cebu-Sakura.

Famously originated from Dumaguete City, when this popular restaurant made its way to Cebu, people came flocking over to taste their own pastries’ flavors. Grabbing a slice of chocolate cake with coffee to pair it with is heaven in a nutshell.

Aside from their moist chocolate cakes that are a crowd-pleaser, they also house their own Silvanas, a cookie version of the Sans Rival cake that comes in different flavors, including chocolate! So, if you want to head over to the nearest Sans Rival branch, you better do so because these cookies get sold out quickly.

6. Corner Bakery

Photo courtesy of the Corner Bakery.

Heading towards somewhere in the corner? To find the finest pastries and dessert, the Corner Bakery in Cebu has got it ready for you! The rich flavors of their chocolate cakes make it feel like you are in Cloud 9, so get ready to lift your fork for another bite because we all can’t get enough of one bite.

5. Angelica Bakeshop

Photo courtesy of Angelica Bakeshop.

They say you aren’t from Cebu if you don’t know the heavenly goodness of Angelica Bakeshop. For a classic chocolate cake, this bakeshop is ready to serve you with the delectable flavors. They take pride for their very own moist chocolate cream cake. Aside from the flavorsome chocolate, they also continue to have a wide array of quality baked products you can choose from!

4. Vanille Cafe and Patisserie

Photo courtesy of Vanille Cafe and Patisserie.

Looking for a fancy rendition of Cebu Chocolate Cakes for an affordable price? Vanille Cafe and Patisserie gives a gourmet feel to their desserts so you’ll be wanting more at the every bite. Feel the love and taste the sweet treats that Vanille’s cakes has to offer!

3. 10 Dove Street

Photo courtesy of 10 Dove Street.

When it comes to moist chocolate cakes, 10 Dove Street will never fail you. They house a number of chocolate-flavored cakes to your liking and each of them has a unique taste to it. With 7 branches all over Cebu, you’ll worry no more where to find your chocolate cake! You can also order online and have it delivered to your doorstep in a jiffy!

2. Fudge

Photo courtesy of Fudge.

We can’t talk about chocolate cakes without mentioning one of Cebu’s well-known pastry shops. Fudge Restaurant highlights their scrumptious desserts that are perfect after a full meal. You may know them from housing the Original Lava Cake with vanilla ice cream on top and delicious chocolate fudge inside, and surely, it is a must-try chocolate cake!

1. Chocolate Cakes by Nicole

Photo courtesy of Chocolate Cakes by Nicole.

First on our Cebu Chocolate Cakes list is none other than a Cebuano favorite, Chocolate Cakes by Nicole. What started as a hobby grew to something big, and by the time the number of customers multiplied, Chocolate Cakes by Nicole now has 2 kiosks in Cebu.

The moist texture that her cakes offer immediately melts into your mouth at that first bite. Crowd favorites are definitely her Super Moist Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Dream Cake In a Can. They indeed stay true to their saying, “baking the world a happier place, one chocolate cake at a time!”

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