10 Tips To Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Be the best version of yourself this year!

Writing your goals, expectations and bucket lists for the upcoming year is always fun and exciting, but sticking to each aspiration needs a good sense of self discipline and commitment. Are you ready to ace your new year’s resolution? Use these 10 helpful tips to get you pumped up!

1. Choose Doable Goals.

We tend to get all ahead of ourselves in making new year’s resolutions. There’s nothing wrong about dreaming big and wanting the best for yourself, but you need to consider if the goal is something you can really achieve without having too many difficulties.

For example, a meat-eater who’s not fond of eating vegetables since birth wants to completely change her diet and switch into an all plant-based diet right away. Talk about a huge pressure right?

2. Set Rules and Limitations.

Stay dedicated to one goal at a time. Don’t jump over another goal without finishing the previous one. Have limitations like having only one specific goal for a week or a month and try to finish it within that certain period of time. This will give you a rewarding sense of accomplishment and more confidence that you can achieve every goal in your new year’s resolution.

3. Organize Your Plan.

Ask these questions to yourself. How am I going to achieve this goal? What are the necessary steps to accomplish this goal? What would happen if I missed a step? What if something uncontrollable happened?

Have a plan b in every goal and make sure to make your plan as detailed as possible. This way, you’ll meet your expectations and achieve each goal accurately. Securing a planner or a journal to document everything is essential.

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4. Record Your Progress.

Regardless if it’s a small step or a big step, make sure to record everything. Don’t get all discouraged if your progress is taking too slow than what you’ve expected. Remember, progress is progress.

You filled your New Year’s Resolution list with things you haven’t achieved and this is all new to you. You are currently in the adjustment period. Take your time and observe yourself.

5. Motivate Yourself.

Look for inspirations to keep you going. It can be a person, an idea or a hobby. How about watching a movie or a documentary about someone achieving a dream, making a revolution or saving a planet?

Knowing that someone is experiencing hardships like you do before they achieve success and realizing nothing is impossible is comforting. The hope and positivity this movies and documentaries promote will instantly give you the inspiration that you need.

6. Have a Good Support System.

Share your new year’s resolution to family and friends. They might have the same goals as you do. Why not motivate each other, achieve goals and celebrate accomplishments together? Not only you’ll get to have a quality bonding time with your family and friends, you get to help each other change for the better as well!

7. Learn from Failures.

As you go through the process and realize what went wrong to some of your goals, try to reflect and carefully assess yourself. Am I exerting enough effort? What shall I do to prevent this from happening again?

Be honest to yourself. After you’re done reflecting, keep in mind that you know better now. Treat failures as a way to elevate yourself. Learn from them!

8. Keep your Momentum Going!

Now that you know how to motivate yourself and learn from your mistakes, stick to the plan. Take advantage of how you already know the ups and downs. Day by day you are getting used to the new lifestyle you’re preparing yourself for.

You might think you still have a long way to go, but just keep going! Don’t focus on how many goals you still have to achieve but look on the progress that you already made. Hold on to that positivity and stay focused!

9. Reward Yourself.

Yes, we still need time to unwind and de-stress. Have your me-time and reward yourself for working hard and giving it your all. Treating yourself when you do something good are like affirmations that help you stay motivated and give you something to look forward to.

Also, rest shouldn’t be taken for granted. Remember that rest helps you recharge and be more productive to face another challenging day!

10. Enjoy the Process!

Keep in mind that the reason we make new year’s resolutions is to become better versions of ourselves. Be excited for upcoming opportunities that will come to you as you achieve each goal. Thank yourself for making this year a year of self love and new beginnings. Enjoy the process!

Feeling inspired to take on the challenge of keeping your new year’s resolution? Awesome!
Share these 10 tips to your friends and have a fruitful 2021 together!


Written by Proudly Filipino

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