10 Affordable And Thoughtful Gifts For HER On Valentines Day

The best gifts are those that comes from the heart.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we all know that it’s no ordinary day for couples. Still having trouble looking for the perfect gift this February 14? There’s no need to splurge on an extravagant gift, because for the girls, it’s the thought that matters.

Yes, the pressure of giving the best gift to your loved one on Valentine’s Day can take a toll on you so we’re here to help you with your indecisiveness. Here are 10 affordable and thoughtful gifts for her on Valentines Day!

1. Food Bouquets

Photo courtesy of Wrap Cebu.

First on our list is a classic Valentine’s gift. Gone are the flower bouquets, because if you and your girlfriend are two absolute foodies then she will love this gift. There are shops online where you can buy pre-made food bouquets, but if you want to customize the food to her liking, then making them is easy and because you made it, it holds a more special meaning for her.

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2. Jewelry Set

Photo courtesy of Fraser Hart.

Girlfriend is a fashion jewelry or accessories collector? As a lot of accessory shops are now open to the public, you can also shop online for such pieces at a cheap price. You can gift them affordable fashion jewelry without the need of spending too much money!

3. LED Couple Lamp Shade

Photo courtesy of Etsy.

Next on our list of Gifts for Her On Valentines Day are for all long distance relationship couples out there! This is a great gift to feel that you are still around them. This LED lamp shade can be customized into your favorite portrait photo together. Many online shops are making personalized lamp shades so now would be a perfect time to place in your order so it would arrive by February 14!

4. Cupcake Pot

Photo courtesy of De Silva Kitchen.

Quarantine surely made the moms of Cebu a plant lover, or what we would like to call them as Plantitas! If your wife is a certified plantita, these flower pots are a cute gift to give her for Valentines. Make an effort by baking cupcakes from scratch, or you can just buy a dozen from her favorite dessert shop and insert them into flower pots with the use of sticks. Mix and match flavors that are perfect to her liking!

5. Music Plaques

Photo courtesy of Slap Queen.

As we are halfway to the Gifts for Her On Valentines Day list, here’s a new addition to the presents you should give to your loved one. These are personalized plaques with both of your favorite songs embedded to it. You can ask the shops to add a different photo to the plaques.

Another great thing is you can also put a playlist on the plaque and put the code of the playlist for her to scan!

6. Couple Mugs

Photo courtesy of Awesome Stuff 365.

Indeed, coffee is best in the morning when you share it with the person you love. Take morning cups of coffee to the next level with these adorable couple mugs that you can either buy pre-made or have custom-made. A cup of joe couldn’t get any better than this!

7. DIY Thoughts Jar

Photo courtesy of Jamie Cooks It Up.

Everyone gets those bad days, and a nice way to cheer her up is by reminding her of how much you treasure her. A thoughtful gift for her would be these DIY Thoughts Jar that you can easily make by getting used container and designing them. Write down messages for her on a piece of paper and roll them fit to the jar. Have a designated jar for every emotion, for example, “Pick this up when you’re feeling unmotivated” and the likes!

8. Custom Candy Box

Photo courtesy of Mama Miss.

Nearing the end of the Gifts for Her On Valentines Day list, you can turn ordinary plastic organizers to something more special. Stock up with her favorite candy or chocolate and place them neatly in a box. One thing you can also do is to label the candies according to what she feels at the moment.

9. Skincare or Makeup Set

Photo courtesy of The Skincare Edit.

A girl will never get tired of receiving gifts like these! Guaranteed she will love it when she gets a makeup set or a skincare set on Valentines. Unsure of what to buy? You can check out the products that she has on her pouch or on her dresser and you can order them online. Also, it would be better to figure out which items she already has and what she is about to ran out of.

10. Afternoon Picnic Date

Photo courtesy of The Komorebi Collection.

Last but never the least on our Gifts for Her On Valentines Day list, a date will always complete her day. Spend time with her on the afternoon of the 14th with a simple picnic outside her house, on a flat area of a hill, a rooftop or you can also surprise her in her room! Bring in her favorite food, and play her favorite music. The time you will spend together is time well spent.

Now that you have an idea for the perfect Valentine’s Gift to give to your crush, girlfriend or wife, you can combine the items above to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day surprise! Add a touch of personalization to your gifts and she will surely love it.

Have you figured out the present for her? Great! We hope you and her have an amazing Valentine’s Day together!


Written by Rose Sangre

Bookworm | Organizer | Engineer to be | CONTRIBUTING EDITOR
📍Cebu, Philippines
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