Creative and Budget-Friendly Gifts for Him On Valentines Day

Charming Ways to say I Love You this Heart’s Day!

Hey girl! Do gifts like wrist watches, branded colognes, designer shoes and white sand beach trips in Cebu sound too expensive and common for a Valentine’s day gift? Yes, we totally get that! But did you know that affordable and thoughtful gifts for your man also exist? We decided to play cupid and give you gift ideas that will make him say “Awwww!” without hurting your wallet! Here are Gifts For Him On Valentines Day!

1. Love Notes in a Jar

Image from Samel

All you need to have is a mason jar (or any jar empty jar in the kitchen), colored construction papers, scissors, pen and that’s it! Cut construction papers big enough to write small notes and fill the jar with it. Thinking about what to write? Why not cut 50 small papers and write 50 reasons why you love him? Don’t limit yourself and write as much as you want!

2. Water Bottle with Motivational Time and Marker

Image from Pinterest

Nothing more thoughtful than reminding your man to stay hydrated. Cebu has unpredictable weather. It can get really hot at most days. Bringing his own water is also safer considering the pandemic we are facing.

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He doesn’t have to go somewhere far just to buy water and expose himself to possible virus carriers. Plus this water bottle has cute motivational time markers to encourage him to hydrate. This gift is quite simple but very thoughtful! 

3. The Ultimate Game for Couples

Image from BT

Why not buy something both of you can enjoy on that special day? This game is packed with fun dares and challenges for couples. Exchange playful banters and romantic gazes! This will give you and your man a good laugh and butterflies in your stomachs! This game is a sweet ending after a beautiful Valentine’s day dinner date you just had with him. 

4. Small Indoor Plant

Image from

Does your man have a green thumb? This will be the perfect gift for him! Many Cebuanos started planting in the middle of the pandemic. They find it enjoyable, relaxing and somehow therapeutic. When the plant grows it gives the owner a sense of accomplishment amidst the dreadful pandemic.

Lift up your man’s spirits every time he looks at the plant  and be reminded by how much you love him. Attach cute notes like “Grow with me.” before handing him the potted plant. Too cute? Not a problem!

5. Memory Cake

Image from The Inspiration Edit

You know those money cakes with a money roll stacked at the center of it? Yes, this is a budget-friendly list and we won’t let you create that one. How about instead of money, you put pictures inside the cake?

Roll a line of pictures and stack it inside a cake. It doesn’t have to be a pricey big cake. You can just choose a regular one or make one if you can (you’ll get more love points for this one!). You can find a lot of affordable ingredients at your local grocery store for baking.

Now back to the memory cake. Choose the most memorable pictures you have with him that show your sweet journey as a couple. Imagine him being touched for baking him a cake and being more touched by what the cake actually contains!

6. Wooden Rack Storage Stand

Image from

Is he a busy man with a hectic schedule and doesn’t have enough time to clean up his working area? Here comes another thoughtful gift. Help him make his tasks easier and more organized with this storage stand. He’ll appreciate that you are supporting him in his work and helping him achieve his goals. Like the water bottle gift, this gift  is also something that he can use everyday!

7. Neck Massager

Image from Health Magazine.

Nothing more safe and convenient than a massage at the comfort of your own homes during this pandemic. Since most of us are working from home, neck pains are very common after long hours of sitting.  He can use this as a way to relax after work.

Even though you’re not there to take care of him, he’ll be reminded by how you take all his stress away when you’re around. Attached a thoughtful note like “Don’t forget to take a break!” on the gift box.     

8. Wireless Charger

Image from PCMag

Messy jumbled long wires? We can all agree that this is annoying. This wireless charger charges faster than usual chargers without the burden of long wires that would tangle with your other gadgets especially when you pack them all up in a bag. Wireless and fast charging time to play Call of Duty? I bet somebody will get a lot of kisses on Valentine’s day!

9. Shaving and Grooming Gift Box

Image from Country Living Magazine

Something that you might have a competition with? Yes, it’s his beard. Men love their facial hair. They probably jumped up and down the bed when they had their first hair strand on their face. You can’t really blame them.

Facial hair adds that strong attractive masculine look to any guy. Well, this is when you shave and groom it properly. Fill the gift box with affordable shaving and grooming products. Look your best together and help your man boost his confidence and self esteem! 

10. Man Bouquet

Image from

Last but definitely not the least, a man bouquet! Yes, that’s not a typographical error. You read it right! How about you switch things up and be the one to offer a bouquet. But of course, it doesn’t have to be roses inside.

You can fill it with things that he likes like that trending delivered bouquets filled with food and other goodies. You can fill it with his favorite snacks, liquor (in small containers), cologne, tools (not the heavy ones of course)  pictures of you together and other things that would make him smile! 


Now that you’ve reached the end of the list, always remember that no matter how much or how less you spend on a gift it’s always the thought and effort that counts!

Squealing with excitement? You have all the time that you need! Share these Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him to your girlfriends and be the sweetest dates ever! 


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