7 Simple Gestures To Show Your Love On Valentine’s Day

Cue romantic music for the lovers!

Every year on the 14th of February, it has become a tradition to exchange gifts for their special someone. With Valentine’s Day coming up, many couples are surely thinking of ways to plan how their day will go. Every once in a while, all it takes is an unexpected act of romance to show someone how much you care.

Still lacking a few more surprises to the list? We’re here to lend a helping hand. Here are 7 Simple Valentine’s Day Gestures to show your love to your special someone!

1. Prepare Breakfast in Bed

Photo courtesy of Country Living Magazine.

Most days we would all love to sleep in, but Valentine’s Day is an exception. A simple breakfast in bed for your special someone can make his or her mornings complete. You can find many recipes online if you’re new to the cooking thing, and it will surely bring a smile to their faces.

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2. Leave Sweet Notes

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Sometimes what we all need to hear when we start the day or when we end the day is an assurance. A great idea on the Simple Gestures for Valentine’s Day list is to write sweet notes and leave them in places where he or she can read them when they are feeling unmotivated.

3. Plan a Movie Date

Photo courtesy of Love to Know.

Nothing beats the classic. Prepare a small yet cozy movie setup in your television, laptop or even with a projector. Whether it be romance, comedy, drama, horror or action, if you and your significant other are big fans of movies they will surely love this sweet gesture. Don’t forget to bring in more pillows for extra comfort!

4. Consider Helping with the Chores

Photo courtesy of Global News.

Halfway through the list of Simple Gestures for Valentine’s Day, calling all husbands, you might want to consider this one. Yes, the fancy gestures are sweet, but doing the chores for one day won’t hurt, right? Treat this day as her rest day and offer to do the dishes, or watering the plants.

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5. Compliment Him/Her

Photo courtesy of Beyond Ages.

Words of affection can always bring a smile to their faces. A mere “You look so beautiful” or “You look really handsome” is and will forever be appreciated. Compliments can make their day complete!

6. Give Him/Her a Photo Book

Photo courtesy of CEWE Photoworld.

We all have dozens of photos together with our loved ones but they are either on our phones or on our laptops. Have you ever considered putting them all in photo books? Choose to separate photos depending on the event they were taken from or put all the favorite photos in one book!

7. Reenact the First Date Together

Photo courtesy of Groupon.

To end the Simple Gestures for Valentine’s Day list, the first date will always be memorable. Live the moment again when you first felt butterflies in your stomach when he or she made a move. Whether it was a simple dinner date, or a long drive at night, the fun is never-ending. Make memories happen!

Nothing is more romantic than showing the people you love how you cherish them. Is your list all set up? Great! February 14 is going to be a day well spent with the right person. Make everyday a Valentine’s Day!


Written by Rose Sangre

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📍Cebu, Philippines
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