7 Ways to Celebrate Self Love on Valentine’s Day

Spoil yourself this Heart’s Day! You deserve it!

For some people, Valentine’s Day can be a harsh reminder of one’s status of being single. As the stores are stocked with heart-shaped boxes, designs, and cards. Valentine’s Day continues to be seen as a holiday only about showing your affections for the people you love.

And there is nothing wrong with that at all. But when one isn’t in a relationship, does this mean that there is no point in celebrating this holiday? Have you ever considered celebrating Self Love on Valentine’s Day?

Self-love isn’t a common theme during Valentines, and is often mistaken as narcissism. But it’s certainly important especially when you are single.

In a society that believes romance and finding true love is the key to happiness and being single is synonymous to living an unfulfilled life. Loving oneself seems to take the back seat on during this time of year.

But we mustn’t forget that love isn’t something to be received from someone else. It is about appreciating yourself and your strengths.

Now, there are so many things one can do in order to practice love themselves. But it must begin with digging deep into the things you are interested in. What keeps you calm and relaxed? Take your time, even if you take the entire day to think about it.

To start you off in this exercise, here are some other ways to give yourself some appreciation and love at this time of the year.

  • Love Letter from Yourself

Why should we write a letter to ourselves? Think about it, when was the last time you ever listed down the things you think are your loveable traits? It’s not about being narcissistic but this activity is meant to give yourself the time to notice all the great things about you.

And we can do that by maybe writing them down to remind ourselves the good things we can offer our love ones.

  • Pamper Day

We have different definitions on what we consider as pampering ourselves. It could be about sleeping in bed all day, or binge-watching your favorite shows. However, moving past this, how about doing something else for a change?

You could try shopping, or get a new look and relax with a spa? If you have always wanted to try something, Valentine’s Day might just be the perfect day for it.

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If your body is aching from all the work you’ve done from the past weeks, now’s the time to give your body the massage it deserves! When you get home, you can decorate your the room with scented candles and have a relaxing time enjoying a movie or reading a book with some chocolates and wine.

Just do the things that makes you happy.

  • Self Love Journal

But loving yourself isn’t supposed to be about an annual activity. Its something that needs to be practiced everyday.

And it also means planning ahead your future goals that you want to achieve. Why don’t you try purchasing a journal and write all the things that you want to do that will help you become the best version of yourself.

Also, write the steps on how you can achieve each goal.

Take time and imagine yourself 5 years from now. What career do you have? Are you successful? Most importantly, are you happy? To love oneself is to help yourself grow and to become your number one supporter!  

  • Self Awareness Trip

Organize a solo trip and go to places you always want to go! No, this is not sad and lonely as you think. This trip is made just for you. The purpose for this trip is for you to be alone. Still not ringing any bells? Let’s talk about self awareness.

Self awareness means consciously knowing and understanding your own personality, feelings, motives and lifestyle. How will you do this on your trip? Go to a place you love that brings you peace.

Make sure there are no distractions around the area. Concentrate, forget all your worries and try to self reflect. Try to observe and understand what’s happening to you in your life right now. This trip will give you peace of mind, comfort in knowing that you’re self aware, and a well-deserved breather! 

  • Dessert Indulgence


What’s the best day to enjoy desserts? Definitely Valentine’s Day! Wherever you go, you can literally find cakes and chocolates in every corner! So don’t torture yourself and just let your sweet tooth have its day.

Forget about petty calories for a while. Valentine’s day only happens once a year. Why not make it a major cheat day? You can dress up, go to a dessert buffet or a fancy café and indulge on desserts to your heart’s content!

But do enjoy everything with restraint. We wouldn’t want you getting ill.

  • Self Love Savings

You might already have savings but do you have savings that’s just really for you? Saving up for your family or friends is good but saving up for yourself is also important. Plan your own future financials on this day of heart.

If you are financially stable and saved up a pretty good amount of money then you can give more to help other people. Use self love savings every time you need to reward yourself like travelling, spa treatments and even save up for another self love Valentine’s Day!

Nothing Is More Important Than Self Love On Valentine’s Day!

Before you find that someone you’re willing to love and commit yourself with, look inwards and ask if you are happy on your own first. Do you give yourself enough care and attention? Do you give importance to your own happiness? Do you consider yourself enough to love another person more than yourself?

The first step to a happy relationship is when you balance your mindset. After all, you can’t take care of others without first taking care of yourself. 

Want to share your new outlook in love? Promote self love and share these tips on how to love yourself this Valentine’s day to your fellow single friends! 


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