Single on Valentine’s Day? Here’s How You Can Still Have Fun!

Fun-filled activities made for happy singles like you!

Most of us, if not all, think about Valentine’s day as a celebration that’s meant only for couples and romance. Well in fact, it’s not just about roses, chocolates and candle-lit dinners. Valentine’s day can be celebrated in numerous ways whether you are in a relationship or not! 

We decided to be angels this Heart’s day and give you exciting ideas on how you can enjoy being single on this day of hearts.

  • Bake Festive Valentine’s day goodies!

Feel the Valentine’s day spirit by baking rose-shaped cupcakes, heart-shaped cookies, cake pops with heart sprinkles and many more! Bake with love and send these yummy desserts to your family and friends.

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Add a flower or a small letter to your single friends to make them feel loved this Heart’s day! You may be single on Valentine’s day but you’re definitely the sweetest! 

  • Have a Valentine’s Day Makeover with Your Best friends! 

Ask your friends if they are free and go have a new look together! You can all get your hair done and dress up for the day. Feel the love of heart’s day while feeling good about yourself! Plus, there’s never a dull day with your best friends!

Go out with your friends and enjoy all the pretty shades of red and pink along your way. Valentine’s day only happens once a year. You wouldn’t want to miss its festivities! 

  • Play a Dating App Roulette with Your Friends!

Connect your phone to your tv or laptop and gather around with your single friends. Don’t worry this is just for fun and laughs with your best buds. This won’t defeat the purpose of the whole article.

You are not going to decide who you will marry. Though, swiping right and left for potential ones won’t hurt! You go girl!  

  • Take Advantage of the Holiday Sales!

Can’t afford that bag you’ve been eyeing for months? Well guess what, it’s cheaper now! This holiday sale is just one of the best things about Valentine’s day. Grab your best friend or sibling and go enjoy a hearty discounted dinner or a soothing massage. Single on Valentine’s day? Doesn’t feel like it with these many treats! 

  • Have a Movie Marathon Highlighting Your Celebrity Crush!
Photo Courtesy of BuzzFeed

Not feeling the love in the air? Why not have a movie marathon featuring your ultimate celebrity crush that will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside! Get all giddy and squeal your heart out while gazing at his eyes on tv or in your laptop! It’s like having a date with the man of your dreams!

Eat your favorite Valentine’s day sweets while watching to match the butterflies you’re feeling! 

  • Make this Valentine’s day a No Social Media day!

Just got single recently? Don’t worry, you don’t have to force yourself to be lively and happy for Valentine’s day. Take your time to process your feelings. If you don’t feel like seeing Facebook My days and Instagram Stories of couples, you can always disconnect from social media for.

You can stay at home and do things that make you feel loved and happy. Order your favorite food, have a mini spa time or just bond with your family. Surround yourself with people who remind you that you are loved.

  • Prepare a Romantic Dinner for Your Parents!

Cook your parent’s favorite dishes and set a table for two in your dining area or garden (or at your balcony/terrace to make it more romantic!) Decorate the place with roses and candles. Ask help from your siblings if it’s too much work! Your parents will appreciate this sweet gesture because they are probably too busy to celebrate.

You may be single on Valentine’s day but this didn’t stop you from wishing your parents to have a wonderful Valentine’ day date for themselves. Aren’t you just the sweetest?

Valentine’s Day is a Celebration of All Forms of Love

Love is indeed beautiful. Too beautiful that someone invented and dedicated a day just to celebrate it. Valentine’s day is such a wonderful holiday to just be sad and disappointed that you don’t have a date.

Remember Valentine’s day is not only for couples. It can also be a celebration of other forms of love. May it be from family, friends or your precious pet. Spend time with people who make you feel loved this Valentine’s day.

Later on, you’ll realize that being single on Valentine’s day is not the end of the world. You’ll learn how to value and appreciate the people who truly love you and blessings that you already have in your life.

Do you have some friends and relatives who are also single on Valentine’s day? Be a sweetheart and share these fun-filled Valentine’s Day activities to them!


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