How To Have A COVID-Free Valentine’s Date?

Have a safe Valentine’s Day ahead!

It’s less than a week before Valentine’s Day finally comes and we are all eager to spend it with our special someone. However, as some cities are still observing home quarantine and social distancing, planning for a a COVID-free Valentine’s date isn’t easy. 

While you’re thinking of what to prepare, we’re here to help you with your Valentine’s Day dilemma. Here are 7 Safe Valentine’s Day Ideas for a COVID-secure date!

1. Stay At Home

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While the key to a safe Valentine’s Day is to stay at home. If you are set on spending Valentine’s Day outdoors, we do advise that you plan your day ahead. Others would like to head out spontaneously but it might be best to steer clear away from public areas.

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Don’t forget that there are other subtle but still romantic ways to express your love on Valentine’s Day. For example, what ever happened to Valentine’s Day cards? Or ordering some ingredients online and cooking them at home?

You’d be surprise how little gestures can go a long way for you and your love ones.

2. Prepare Breakfast In Bed

Photo courtesy of All Recipes.

If you choose to stay at home this Valentine’s Day, why not try serving your family, or special other a classic breakfast in bed? Whether its home-cooked or you picked up their favorite breakfast meals, surely they’ll appreciate it more than you expected. Make them feel like royalty and surprise them early in the morning.

3. Do the Chores Together

Photo courtesy of Chicago Tribune.

Third in the Safe Valentine’s Day Ideas list is an activity we hate to do alone. Doing the chores together keeps the energy up so you don’t have to feel lazy at all. After an hour or two, you’d be surprised you finished all the chores in a small amount of time while still enjoying each other’s company!

4. Learn New Recipes

Photo courtesy of Top 10.

If you and your significant other are both foodies, then maybe it’s time for both of you to learn new recipes while in having a safe Valentine’s Day? Look up recipes and mixtures of your favorite food and have fun together while attempting to cook for a Valentine’s Day lunch or dinner!

5. Suggest A Game Night

Photo Courtesy of My Sweet Home Life.

Almost at the end of our Safe Valentine’s Day Ideas list, propose games that you or your loved one like to play, and have a sweet game night together. Whether it’s an online game, a board game, or a made-up game, amuse yourselves with a little fun and games!

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6. Netflix and Chill

Photo courtesy of Radio.

Chill this Valentine’s Day and plan to stay on the couch while watching shows or movies. Rather than designing a lot of activities, plan an all-day movie marathon. The lineup can include comedy, action, drama, and of course, romance. Don’t forget a lot of snacks!

7. Choose an Intimate Place

Photo courtesy of NOCO Style.

Lastly on our Safe Valentine’s Day Ideas list, if both of you don’t like to stay home, do the chores, and watch movies, you could opt for a date outside! Choose a location with no people, somewhere private and peaceful. This way you’re still adhering to social distancing protocols while enjoying your date. Prepare a cute picnic setup and a list of things to do while keeping each other company.

Now, you’re set for the perfect and safe Valentine’s Day date! What do you have in store for Valentine’s Day? Are all your gifts ready? Great! Hope you have a memorable and enjoyable Valentine’s Day this February 14!


Written by Rose Sangre

Bookworm | Organizer | Engineer to be | CONTRIBUTING EDITOR
📍Cebu, Philippines
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