Depths of Love at Cebu Ocean Park

Philippines’ first and only Valentine’s day Underwater Dining Experience! 

Photo Courtesy of Cebu Ocean Park

Wondering what it’s like to live underwater? Okay, as amazing as that sounds, let’s narrow it down. Wondering what it’s like to have an underwater dinner date with all the beautiful sea creatures surrounding you and your special someone? You now have the chance to experience a magical and romantic underwater dining at the Depths of Love at Cebu Ocean Park!

Where Will the Magic happen?

Photo Courtesy of Cebu Ocean Park

Just like how Cinderella’s fairy godmother turned a pumpkin into a golden carriage, Depths of Love at Cebu Ocean Park will melt our hearts by turning their main tank and viewing tunnel area into a breathtakingly romantic restaurant. Sparkling blue waters, rose-colored decor and elegant white silk tables and chairs set up the perfect atmosphere for Valentine’s day! 

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Photo Courtesy of Cebu Ocean Park

Imagine entering the beautiful ocean scenery with the person you love the most right by your side. Feels like a dream right? 

Tip for the Gentlemen: If she didn’t know about the place yet, try blindfolding her eyes and gently guide her way to create thrill and anticipation before revealing the magical scenery of the Depths of Love at Cebu Ocean Park! Prepare to be showered by hugs and kisses! 

What’s for Valentine’s dinner?

Photo Courtesy of Cebu Ocean Park

Prepare your palettes because you’re about to experience a gorgeous gastronomical 5-Course Gourmet Dinner with a fascinating view of colorful and lively sea animals welcoming you in their world! Relive your childhood Little Mermaid fantasy as you savor each bite of your dinner. We won’t blame you! The place looks like it’s straight out of a fairytale book!  


Setting the Mood: Moringa, Pumpkin Veloute, Caviar

Photo Courtesy of Cebu Ocean Park

Awaken your palette with this heavenly appetizer! Earthy taste of moringa balances the richness and sweetness of Pumpkin Veloute and freshness of the caviar. What a splendid way to start your dinner!   

Prelude to a Kiss: Carpaccio of Tomatoes, Black Olive Slaw and Smoked Boursin

Photo Courtesy of Cebu Ocean Park

The lovely arrangement of vegetables screams in the most elegant way. The refreshing tanginess and earthiness of the Carpaccio compliments the creaminess of the Smoked Boursin Cheese. Healthy never tasted this good!   

Main Course

One night in Tuscany: Salmon Papillote Morrocan Spiced Couscous, Glazed     Carrots, Lime Vinaigrette

Photo Courtesy of Cebu Ocean Park

Taste the rich flavor of the sea with this fresh slightly pink salmon. To match the saltiness taste the perfectly glazed carrots’ mild flavor. Bringing the heat to the dish is the Morrocan Spiced Couscous. Last but not the least, the tartness from the lime vinaigrette brightens up the whole dish. Definitely a party in your mouth! 

A Love that will last like Fine Wine: US Certified Angus wet-aged Beef Cheeks, Potato Mille Feuille, Wild Mushrooms, Reisling Poached Raisins

Photo Courtesy of Cebu Ocean Park

It ain’t a celebration without a glistening slice of meat right? Savor the good quality Angus beef with the crispy and decadent layers of Potato Mille Feuille. Don’t forget to grab a bite of the wild mushrooms and Reisling Poached Raisins to experience the harmony of all the ingredients. Pair this hearty meal with a sparkling red wine!   


A Thousand Splendid Sunsets: Olive oil and Orange Gateau, Labneh, Cinnamon glazed Citrus Peel

Photo Courtesy of Cebu Ocean Park

Be ready for kisses and cleanse your palette with this aromatic and refreshing citrus dessert with a hint of cinnamon! As romantic as the dessert’s name sounds, we are also amazed by how the chef placed all the delicate elements of the beautiful dessert with finesse. The dessert’s visual is a work of art itself. It definitely resembles a thousand splendid sunsets! 

Will there be a Mermaid?

Photo Courtesy of Cebu Ocean Park

Yes! Yes! Yes! The mythical creature that most of us are fond of is gonna celebrate with you this Valentine’s Day! If it isn’t obvious enough, we’re very excited too! It’s one of the main attractions of the celebration. Mermaids definitely make the event more magical as it completes your whole underwater dining experience! The Live Entertainment Mermaid Show will take place during the Valentine’s dinner.

Making the most out of Valentine’s Day

If you are a busy couple and Valentine’s day is just one of the few days to spend time with each other, then celebrate heart’s day to the fullest! Don’t take your time with your partner for granted.

Expressing how much you love your partner should be a never-ending mission. Continue to make efforts and delight your partner with new amazing experiences like the Depths of Love at Cebu Ocean Park!

Valentine’s Dinner Promo!

Squealing with excitement? Avail the whole experience of Depths of Love at Cebu Ocean Park at only Php 1999 nett per pax on February 13 and February 14, 2021 Saturday and Sunday! Tickets are running out! Register now!

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