Why I Chose to Experience Tranquility at Virgin Beach Resort

To relieve the stresses of life and work, a seemingly perfect solution would be an escape to the paradise where being one with nature is possible and rejuvenation is achieved. In the northern part of Cebu, a secluded resort is just waiting for those who want to get out from the urban noise and experience tranquility at its best.

Virgin Beach Resort in Sitio Suba, Malbago, Daanbantayan is where I let go my stresses that currently filled my system and dumped those worries in a sea where the current can take those negativities away and purify them into the ocean of serenity.

Over 120 kilometers from Cebu City, the distance going to the beach resort seemed exhausting if the travel time of 3 hours is taken into consideration. But if deciding for a vehicle for hire or V-hire would be a good move, especially on a night of less heat and humidity, then it is a recommendation I can throw to those who wish to get there.

The origin was at Cebu North Bus Terminal, so you’d know. I planned the flexible itinerary to bring two colleagues of eStratmedia and Escooped so we could share the experiences.

We went to North Bus Terminal at night, nearing 10, expecting to arrive at Virgin Beach Resort by 1 am. And since I arranged the booking before hand, I managed to ring the service crew that we would be arriving very late. And yes, expectedly, we arrived at the resort around 1am. Nothing much to do when we arrived except preparing the bed to sleep after a long day of work and travel time.

Just a word of caution though: Never go the beach resort at night.

We went there with brave heart but since this is a rural area in northern part of Cebu, expect for less street light and road lights. Thankfully, it was during the phase where the moon was at its brightest so we relied our fate to the stars and the brightly lit moon.

As for me though, regardless of day and dusk, I can appreciate the beauty of nature. It is during nighttime that I can breathe the gentle sea breeze that brings the vital life force for me to constantly regain a rebirth. Mysterious, it may seem but that’s what I take on life.

And though I couldn’t take a proper picture where people can marvel at the beauty of the resort during night-time(at early dawn), I decided to engage myself outside the resort room in an environment conducive for a brief meditation before a slumber.

Virgin Beach Resort

During the time when the sun was up, I was treated to a view typical to a rural beach area in Cebu. Moving trees dancing with the wind and a beach tide that permitted for a sea harvest, those sights took me to a realization where watching objects in action can also meditative.
Virgin Beach Resort cottage

Surprising, it is. Yeah.

It goes to show that the benefit of being in that place is more than what I bargained for. It was something I expected. At the same time, I reckoned to be otherwise. I mean, the place and the view and things that would bring me to a state where life can be this calm and serene despite the modernity of the resort, contrasting the lush greens and the sea waves where the beach shore couldn’t be truly appreciated but still the possibility of immersion for a rejuvenating bath and fun-filled frolicking can be attained.

Virgin Beach Resort pool

 Virgin Beach Resort takes the virgin quality to it. And though the modern design for the swimming pool and area where families can enjoy, take an outdoor meal and bask under the sun can be conflicting; for me, the structures are a reminder that sophistication in a place is not entirely improbable. The amenities have been built to create an environment where almost anybody can book a room or a cottage in the resort and experienced fun near where people can feel the saline-infused breeze.

Virgin Beach Resort

Breakfast was very important to me. And since, I brought in two colleagues, we ordered food that could satisfy our raging stomachs.

Virgin Beach Resort food

And we took a selfie before we hovered the food…

Virgin Beach resort dining area
And oh, we were satisfied. We took the food after a break for a planned video shoot. But I think, luck was not on our side because the files were corrupted, terminated… one of the flaws of technology and advancement.

Getting there

Virgin Beach Resort distance
Take the v-hire from the Cebu North Bus Terminal. It’s fast. For me, the v-hire can assist you where to drop off. Just let him know where you head to. I was a first-timer in this resort so I had to be prepared or otherwise, I would experience a wandering around moment.
It’s also important to arrange when you will arrive in the resort. Call or text these numbers:
Cell/Txt 0917-307-8341
Landline 032-354-8661
Arranging for a transportation going to the resort would help in easing the moment of cluelessness. Mind you. It’s important or otherwise  you will have to walk from the national highway to different road ways that won’t end you to the resort. You don’t want to get lost. Trust me.
Just ask for a motorcycle, where locals call them habal-habal and prepare to pay the driver around 50 pesos.

What to do in the resort

Just arrange with the front desk to get to know the available activities that the resort can offer. At that time, the pool was opened so we went there. Only Scotty, the Escooped Fit blogger, managed to dip in the pool.

As for me, I went near the shore to meditate.

Virgin Beach Resort has a lot to offer those who wish to escape from the city and experience the peaceful environment. A visit to its website can take you to the different rooms and cottages available.

There are rooms for couples, families and barkadas. This is something you should think about before booking a room at Agoda.

Should I go there again?

That’s the question I asked because after going through the whole resort and visited the different rooms. And here I thought I could feature the resort in a video or even three. But I think, knowing the unfortunate event, it may be taken that I would be going back to the place and experience again it’s tranquility. That is something I wouldn’t ever complain.



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