The Most Beautiful White Sand Beaches in Cebu: Where to Take a Dip This Summer!

Vacation, here we come!

Cebu houses the finest tourist spots in the Philippines and is considered as one of the country’s top destinations! Cebu continues to bring satisfaction and amazement to sightseers’ faces other than its rich history and great food! Cebu is internationally famous for its white sand beaches

Explore the wonders of the province, all the way from the north to the south, with these 10 White Sand Beaches in Cebu that you must visit!

The Most Beautiful White Sand Beaches in Cebu

10. Logon Beach

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At the tip of our White Sand Beaches in Cebu list, we cannot end this post without mentioning one of the beaches located at the famous Malapascua island in Daan Bantayan! With stunning crystal clear waters and is a popular diving area. It is also a place to spot some manta rays and thresher sharks swimming in the ocean!

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To get there, it takes about approximately 3 hours away by car or by bus from Cebu City to Maya Port in Daan Bantayan and a 30-minute boat ride from the port to Malapascua Island.

9. Maravilla Beach

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Just so you didn’t know, beaches are found even on the northwestern side of Cebu! Maravilla Beach, situated at Tabuelan, is a gem with a long white sand beach and the nice turquoise water. It is perfect for families because the water reveals a cute sandbar in the middle of the beach during the low tides.

Ride any bus or “V-Hire” bound for Tabuelan, asked to be dropped off at Tabuelan Public Market, and ride a motorcycle that will take you to Maravilla Barangay Hall. From there, you can walk towards the cozy coastline that awaits you!

8. Carnaza Island

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A new addition to Cebu’s tourist spots, Carnaza is a small island located in the northern part of Cebu, Daan Bantayan. With only a few thousand residents of the isle, its unspoiled beauty is why tourists are now adding this to their vacation itinerary. A popular rest place is the Carnaza Eco Park, where you get a beachfront view of the clear waters.

It is a relatively far travel spot, but it is worth the effort! From the city, ride a bus going to Tapilon Port, Daan Bantayan that will take up to more or less 4 hours depending on the traffic. Once reaching the port, ride a 2-hour long pump boat that will take you to Carnaza Island.

7. Lambug Beach

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Another south entry would be the pristine water, white sand, and blue skies of Lambug Beach in Badian, Cebu. Known as the “Little Boracay of Cebu,” Badian is stepping up their white sand beach game with Lambug Beach! It is also near the famous Kawasan Falls that you might have heard of.

With an approximate 3 hours travel time, ride a bus to Badian or Oslob, and ask the driver to drop you off at the town center or “lungsod” of Badian. From there, hire a motorcycle to take you to Lambug Beach.

6. San Remigio Beach

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Making our way back to the northern part of Cebu, this town houses a beach with a very long coastline, making it one of the tourists’ destinations that you should think of visiting next. It is popular among locals, and it should be on your itinerary for your next vacation!

To get to San Remigio from Cebu’s bustling city, a 3-hour bus ride bound for Hagnaya is the key. Ask the driver to drop you and your friends off near the church of San Remigio, and the beach is just a short walk from there.

5. Hidden Beach

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Halfway through our White Sand Beaches in Cebu list is an unfolded secret of Cebu. Hidden Beach in Aloguinsan is named that way because of the clear beach’s unspoiled beauty.

Getting there is just like getting to Alcoy and Moalboal; all you have to do is hop on to a 2-hour bus trip bound for the town of Aloguinsan and ride a motorcycle, or “habal-habal” as locals like to call it, that will take you directly to the entrance of Hidden Beach.

4. Basdaku Beach

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Basdaku comes from the two Bisaya words, “bas” and “daku” which means sand and big, respectively. The locals named the location Basdaku because the coastline of the beach stretches a kilometer long. Found in the town of Moalboal, in Southern Cebu, the beach is a paradise waiting for you!

To visit the beach, ride a 3-hour bus trip bound for Moalboal via Barili or Badian. Ask to be dropped off at Gaisano Grand Mall Moalboal, and from there, you can hire a tricycle to take you to Basdaku beach

3. Tingko Beach

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In Cebu’s southern portion, Tingko Beach in Alcoy is the town’s pride for their entry on our White Sand Beaches in Cebu list. Tourists love the beach because their powdery white sands and azure waters are a perfect pair that screams relaxation!

Reach Tingko Beach by riding any bus bound for Oslob at the Cebu South Bus Terminal, and ask the bus’ conductor to drop you and your company off at Tingko Beach, Alcoy.

2. Santa Fe Beach

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Second on our White Sand Beaches in Cebu list is none other than the tourists’ sought-out travel destination, Santa Fe Beach in Bantayan Island. Situated at the northern-most part of Cebu, this island exceeds expectations for their crystal clear beach and fine, white sand that they have to offer.

The moment you dock at their port, you immediately get to see a closer look at their beach and makes you want to dive immediately! To get to Santa Fe, Bantayan Island from Cebu City, all you need to do is hop on a 3-hour bus ride that will take you directly to Hagnaya port, pay the ferry fee, and ride a 1-hour ferry trip to Santa Fe.

1. Sumilon Island

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Finally, one of the treasures of Oslob, Cebu, Sumilon Island is a 10-15 minute trip away from the main island of Cebu and is your dream escapade waiting to happen. Although Sumilon is a tiny island, one of the things tourists like to do is spend leisure time in the public sand bar, watch the tides shift, and enjoy the remarkable sunset view!

You can also enjoy other activities in Sumilon, such as diving, snorkeling, and windsurfing. Sumilon is great for day-use, but Sumilon Bluewater Resort is the only resort on the island offering night stays to tourists if you want to spend a night on the island.

Unleash your inner adventurer in you and spend leisure time in these 10 White Sand Beaches in Cebu! Do you now have a plan in mind? Great! Make sure to invite your friends on a fantastic escapade, and don’t forget to stay safe always!

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