Rejuvenating Hot Springs in Cebu: Relax and Soothe Your Well-being!

Heal and Surrender yourself to Nature’s Serenity!

Our bodies are not machines. Rest shouldn’t be taken for granted. A weekly or monthly breather is essential for your body to rejuvenate and be more productive as you face another busy day. And there’s definitely nothing better than taking a hot springs baths in Cebu!

Benefits of Taking a Hot Spring Bath

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Why should we take time to discover these “Hot” spring destinations? do you know the wonders hot springs can do to your body? Getting excited? Here are some of its benefits:

  • Enhance Blood Circulation– Hot springs don’t just improve blood circulation but also soothe nervous imbalances and help hypertension.
  • Heal Skin Infections–  Hot springs in Cebu are rich in Sulfur that heals the infections and irritations of the skin like eczema, rashes and many more!
  • Relieve Stress-  Hot springs relax your mind and body. This will make you sleep better and acquire more nutrients that your body needs when you eat.
  • Detoxify- Due to the heat coming from the hot springs, sweating cleanses and releases toxins from your body.
  • Improve Immune System- Iron is a mineral present in hot springs it can help boost your body’s immune system. This will make your immune system stronger and more capable to fight infections. 

Hot Springs in Cebu

Sit back, relax and be amazed by these breathtaking hot springs in Cebu and their wonderful health benefits! Here are the…

IV. Mogambo Springs

Photo Courtesy of Plantation Bay

Now you don’t have to go to Japan to experience the oriental feel of their health and relaxation spa! Plantation Bay’s Mogambo Springs is designed to emulate an 18th century Tokugawa Japanese village!

They even have their own thundering waterfalls, creek, and fog-like mist. How cool is that? Channelling some historical anime vibes? We won’t judge you! You’d think it can’t get any better than this but they have a dry-heat sauna to release the toxins out of your body! You can also pamper yourself with  aromatherapy, body scrub, classic massage and reflexology. Sweet! 


Open Hours: 10 am – 11 pm 

Entrance Fee: varies in spa packages 

III. Mabugnao/Mainit Hot Spring and National Park

Photo Courtesy of J&F Photography

Just by looking at this inviting picture of Mabugnao/Mainit Hot Spring and National Park, you can already sense the calmness of the place. Imagine if you’re actually there? This Eden-like hot spring is a guarded park that secures watershed mountain reserves in the mountain range of Mantalongon.

The water in Mabugnao Mainit Hot Spring is from an underground spring that is used as a source of water by the locals of Carcar City. You can take a stroll and be amazed by the saint statues around the area. Just like most hot springs in Cebu, there’s also fun trails that lead to different caves! Up for an adventure? 


Open Hours: not stated

Entrance Fee: Students – P5

                         Adults – P10

                         Foreigners – P100 

II. Mainit Hot Spring

Photo Courtesy of Journey Era

Mainit Hot Spring has four different pools, each has a signage indicating water temperature level. This is nice and we love that they are considerate to their customers! Not everyone has the same cup of tea when it comes to water temperature.

Feel free to choose which pool you’re most comfortable with! The hottest pool temperature is around 42 degrees Celsius while the least warm has a temperature of almost 36 degrees Celsius. Also, this hot spring is developed by the government and maintained by well-trained citizens who value our natural resources. You know you’re in good hands!


Open Hours: 6 am – 5 pm  

Entrance Fee: P20 per head

I. Esoy Hot Spring

Photo Courtesy of Steemit

This hot spring is one of the most beautiful hot springs in Cebu. The caves surrounding the hot spring screams paradise. The place is very instagrammable so take as many pictures as you can! This breathtaking hot spring has a perfectly hot water temperature ranging from 40-60 C.

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Imagine dipping into the soothing warm water on a rainy day! There’s also other fun activities you can enjoy like river trekking, rock formations tour in which you can get a closer look of the cave’s stalagmites and stalactites, fish feeding and strolling on the hanging bridge. 


Open Hours: 8 am – 5 pm

Entrance Fee: Kids – P175

                         Adults – P350

Packing your bags already? Be mindful that we’re still in a pandemic. Don’t forget to follow safety precautions as you travel! Happy travelling! 

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