How To Be A Responsible Pet Owner

Pet owners, eyes here!

We all love our furry companions, and it’s not a secret that they also love us too. However, we still must be cautious at all times when we deal with them. One wrong touch and they might react differently than expected! 

To the new pet owners, a guide to being a responsible pet owner is one that you should be familiar with. To those with experience handling pets, share your thoughts at the end of this article and what’s one tip you would suggest to the newbies?

Republic Act No. 10631

Photo courtesy of 6ABC.

Many animals have been subject to abuse, and it is through this act, we call for the end of animal cruelty. Also known as the amendment of Republic Act No. 8485 (Animal Welfare Act of 1998), the purpose of this act is to protect and promote the welfare of all animals in the Philippines by supervising establishments and operations of all facilities utilized for treating or training of all animals either as objects of trade or as household pets.

This Republic Act also involves the animals’ psychological and physical well-being, as it is unlawful for any rightful owner, or person in contact, to harm, neglect, and deprive adequate care to any animal. 

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As a responsible pet owner, you must take good care of your pets, provide them with adequate attention and sustenance of shelter. Any violation of this law is subject to imprisonment, and as such, animal welfare enforcement officers will seize and rescue maltreated animals.

Republic Act No. 9482

Photo courtesy of Parkland Veterinary Clinic.

Of course, pet owners should also be protected against any harm that may arise. Most known as the Anti-Rabies Act of 2007, under Section 5, this act requires pet owners, especially dog owners, to do the following:

  1. Have their dogs regularly vaccinated against rabies and should maintain an animal card which shall contain all vaccinations conducted on their dog for accurate record purposes.
  2. Submit pets for mandatory registration at veterinary clinics.
  3. Have control over their pets and not let them wander the streets or any public place unleashed.
  4. Providing their respective pets with proper grooming, adequate food and clean shelter.
  5. Once bitten, report immediately within 24 hours after the incident, and cover all expenses if another person was bitten other than the pet owners.

Being a Responsible Pet Owner

Photo courtesy of Numerator.

As February is “Responsible Pet Owner” month, how do we practice responsible pet ownership? There isn’t an exact definition for the occasion since we handle all our pets differently, but here are some things on our list that we can share to you, and you can also share to the rest of the pet owners out there!

1. Make them part of the family

Photo courtesy of City of Casa Grande.

Our pets need companionship, and they crave the attention and warmth that we are supposed to give them at any given time of the day, or night!

2. Pet proof your home

Photo courtesy of Petcube.

A lot of things in our houses can be a danger to our pets, so it is our responsibility to keep them away from them. This includes food, and their objects that can be within their access.

3. Care for them at all times

Photo courtesy of UCLA.

Having a pet is like having a baby, or another sibling. Taking them to regular visits to the vet and groomer are a must!

4. Give them the exercise that they need

Photo courtesy of Lone Tree Veterinary Medical Center.

Take them out for a quick walk, or let them run around in your garden (gates closed, of course) for a short exercise!

5. Socialize and Love

Photo courtesy of The Happy Puppy Site.

Aside from you, let your pets meet new people and other pets as it improves the confidence of your pet. Also, you are your pet’s favorite person in the world, he deserves hugs and kisses everyday!

To the new pet owners, we hope you’ve learned something with this guide! And to those experienced pet owners, what are some memorable experiences with your pets? We’d love to know your thoughts! 

Be a responsible pet owner, everyone!


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