Pet Grooming 101: Properly Bathing Our Dogs

When we look at movie scenes with people bathing their dogs, it looks and sounds like a fun activity. But let’s be honest, it is one of the most difficult things to do as a pet owner. As much as they love playing in the dirt, they hate having soap in their fur!

One mistake in handling them during a rinse can lead to a series of accidents in the shower. To all the new pet owners, and confused pet owners, here’s a guide how to bathe a dog: the proper way!

How Often Should You Bathe Dogs?

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Most dogs do fine with a once in a month bath. This allows natural oils to coat their fur. It should also be up to the prescription of the vet and it sometimes depends with the breed of your fur buddy. You can also bathe them once every 2 weeks or once every week. However, a big no is bathing them for more than once a week. Excessive bathing can lead to drying out their skin and damaging their fur.

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The Proper Way of Bathing

Let’s go back to the question: How to bathe a dog? Pet groomers have different opinions regarding the matter so here’s what we got from them!

1. Keep their toys close by

Photo courtesy of Top Dog Tips.

It’s just like bathing a toddler. Keep their chew toys close by or put them in the water with them so that it distracts them from all the rubbing and soap!

2. Bathe them in lukewarm water

Photo courtesy of Modern Bathroom.

Next in our “How to Bathe a Dog” guide, a common rule with bathing a dog is that you don’t use very cold water or hot water. Water that is lukewarm is best for them to avoid getting the chills. It’s also best to bathe them in the morning rather than when it’s late in the afternoon or at night.

3. Use dog shampoo

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Yes, just like humans, they also have a separate shampoo for them. The shampoo formulated for these little one are safe for dogs even if it gets near their eyes, nose or mouth. Be sure to also check with their veterinarian in case they have any allergies or prescriptions for your fur buddy!

4. Start from the neck

Photo courtesy of Splash and Dash For Dogs.

Work your way down from the neck to their limbs. This is to avoid getting shampoo or water into their ears. You can do this by using a sprayer or a dipper to trail your way down to their tail when washing.

5. Protect their eyes and ears

Photo courtesy of iHeartDogs.

An essential in our “How to Bathe a Dog” guide, you have to be very careful not to get water into your dog’s ears during a bath or shower. It can cause discomfort for them, and it can also arise to certain health problems for the dog.

6. Use a wet washcloth for the face

Photo courtesy of K9 of Mine.

A safe way to make sure that water and shampoo does not get into their eyes, ears and nose, you could wash their face with a wet washcloth. It should be wet enough to get the dirt they accumulated for the past days. Make sure the towel isn’t rough so they don’t feel uncomfortable.

7. Dry them properly

Photo courtesy of Petsovia.

And lastly on our “How to Bathe a Dog” guide, dry them properly and accordingly. When you’re using a hot blow dryer, make sure that it’s not too hot for them. Keep a safe distance from the dryer to your dog. If it has an option for a cool breeze, then that should do the trick!

Brush their hair with an appropriate brush so their fur doesn’t entangle while they shake excess water on their bodies.

To the new pet owners, we hope you’ve caught a thing or two with the guide on how to bathe your dog properly! And to the experienced dog owners, what’s one tip you would want to share to those who just got to be a fur parent? 

Stay safe with your pets and always remember that “there is nothing truer in this world than the love of a dog!”


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