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Farine’s Chocolate Mousse Cake in A Can: Best Chocolate Cake of 2020 | Cebu City, Cebu

Chocolate-y goodness in every bite!

Looking for the perfect cake to give for Father’s Day? Farine’s Chocolate Mousse Cake are the staple for this kind of desserts! What is a celebration without a piece of chocolate cake? With all the cake shops showing up in Cebu, the competition for the best chocolate cake is heating up. But here’s what you need to know more about…

Farine Cakes and Pastries

Farine, also the French word for flour, is a home-grown Cebu pastry shop dedicated to baking fresh products daily. To Farine, every batch is always tested for quality before it goes out to their customers. When they first launched their dessert shop last 2018 with dozens of cans of their delicious chocolate cake mousse, stopping there was never an option for them.

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Farine’s Chocolate Cake Mousse

Photo courtesy of Farine’s.

You may know this cake as 2020’s best chocolate cake. Six layers of chocolate truffles may seem like a lot to you but with Farine’s chocolate cake mousse, there is no such thing as going overboard. The balance between the bittersweet chocolate and other cake staples are enough for a bite to melt in your mouth.

This also comes with a gluten free version perfect for those in a diet!

For those looking for pastries to pair with the chocolate cake mousse, here are some of the pastries that won the hearts of Farine’s customers that you just might want to try out!

American Ube Cheese Pandesal

Photo courtesy of Farine.

Their best-seller pastry also has something to say! What started as a trend is now their best selling item on their menu and customers always want to have a box. They also have a variant which is a Double Cheese Ube Pandesal and it is also a must-try!


Photo courtesy of SunStar Plus & Special.

Of course, Farine never fails to let us taste a bit of every dessert around the world. Bomboloni is an Italian doughnut with various fillings and is eaten as a snack food or a dessert. It’s a perfect pair to a creamy white latte!

Gourmet Ensaymada

Photo courtesy of Farine.

Want to switch up your regular ensaymada to something fancier? Farine’s gourmet ensaymada comes in delicious flavors of 5! The Ube Queso, Blueberry, Chocolate Walnut, Red Velvet and their best of the best, Roasted Almond flavors will surely captivate your taste buds.

Can’t choose one?Have them all and surprise yourself in every bite!

Korean Garlic Cream Cheese Bread

Photo courtesy of Farine.

You may have seen this bread already in social media sites, and this pastry actually originated from South Korea. So, if you want to have a taste of what it feels to be in Seoul, Farine is giving you a local experience with international flavors. It definitely melts in your mouth, and it gets better after every pull!


Address: Enzuri Living Spaces 66 Gervacio Quijada Guadalupe, Cebu City

Contact Number: 0956 985 2598

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram

Explore more of what’s in Cebu and be familiar with dessert trends these days through home-grown shops! If you’ve tasted Farine’s cake and pastries, what’s one item on their list that makes you want to keep on ordering again and again? And, if you want to order now, we suggest that the famous Farine’s Chocolate Mousse Cake make its debut in your heart!

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