How To Bathe Your Cat and Survive Scratch-Free

Everything you need to know on how to properly bathe your cat! 

Cats are well known for their general cleanliness and personal hygiene. But sometimes kittens and long-haired cats need all the help they can get especially as they grow older when they’ll find it difficult for them to clean themselves.

But dipping your cat in water is sometimes a dangerous journey and it is quite stressful not only for the owner but the poor kitty as well! So if you don’t know how to bathe a cat, both of you could end with bruises, scratches and a broken bond.

As dramatic as that sounds, you don’t need to worry! We’ll show you 12 simple, easy and purrfect! steps on how to bathe your cat properly.

1. Bond and play with your cat before bathing.

Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Before you bathe your cat play with them first and make sure she’s in a good mood and a little bit tired. This will make the bathing process go smoothly because she won’t have the energy to say no. She’ll also think that you don’t deserve scratches today because you played with them beforehand. (It’s your lucky day! Just kidding! )    

2. Make sure to carefully trim your cat’s nails before bathing.

Photo Courtesy of Coxwell Animal Clinic

Even though these fur babies may be all gentle sweet angels to look at, there’s nothing wrong about doing some safety precautions. Cats find bathing really stressful and this will make them aggressive. You’re human, you’ll bleed when they scratch you. Let’s make this bathing time a relaxing time for you and your cat not a horror movie!

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3. Gently brush your cat’s fur beforehand. 

Photo Courtesy of Fear Free Happy Homes

If you don’t want to have a big pile of fur on your bathtub or sink, gently brush your cat beforehand to get rid of loose hair and other dirt stuck inside their fur. This will also make the shampooing procedure easier because you already removed the tangles. Plus, you’ll also save some cleaning time after bathing! 

4. Put cotton in your cat’s ears.

Photo Courtesy of Zoetis Petcare

If you’re uncomfortable with clogged ears imagine how cats would feel! Place small-sized cotton pads or cotton balls in your cat’s ears to prevent the water from getting in. Press the cotton slightly and not too hard that it might get stuck in the ears. Don’t forget to take the cottons out after bathing.

5. Place a rubber mat in the sink or bathtub.

Photo Courtesy of YouTube

Placing a rubber mat in the sink or your bathtub will prevent your cat from slipping and hurting herself. This mat will keep cat-bathing stress-free! It will give you more control of your cat if it tries to escape. It will help your cat be steady and ready to be deeply cleaned. 

6. Use a spray bottle to wet your pet.

Photo Courtesy of iStock

Using a spray bottle will slowly help your cat be used to the water instead of giving her a heavy shower right away.  Knowing how to bathe a cat is also knowing what bathing style your cat is most comfortable with. Slowly but surely, spray some water to your cat. Do not spray directly in the cat’s eyes, ears and nose. 

7. Pour a few drops of cat shampoo on your cat and lather it with water. 

Photo Courtesy of Purina

Gently massage the foamy solution on your cat starting from the head to tail. Please avoid the face, ears and eyes to prevent tears and irritation. Massage thoroughly and make sure you get rid of all the dirt especially the sticky ones that get stuck while your cat’s playing who knows where! 

8. Rinse your pet using lukewarm water. 

Photo Courtesy of Meow Guide

Now, your cat finally gets to shower! Even though your cat already had a water spray warm up, make sure the water flow of the shower is not raging. This will overwhelm your cat. Most importantly, set the water into a soothing lukewarm temperature to prevent your cat from temperature shock. Remember, cats are very sensitive to water. 

9. Get a washcloth to wash your cat’s face with water.

Photo Courtesy of The Happy Cat Site

The face is the last area to wash because you need to be extra careful while washing it. Given that it’s super sensitive, use a washcloth to gently wipe the face area with water or with a watery solution of shampoo. 

10. Cover your cat in a large cozy towel. 

Photo Courtesy of Purely Pets

Cover your cat in a large cozy towel and dry her in a warm cozy place. We keep saying cozy because your cat might still be water shocked. You can use a blow dryer but on its lowest capacity and brush her fur with a wide-tooth comb to get rid of the tangles. 

11. Brush your cat’s teeth.

Photo Courtesy of BeChewy

Slow down and don’t just shove the toothbrush in her mouth right away. Let them sniff and touch the toothbrush. Let them first have a taste of the toothpaste to introduce the flavor. If she likes it, lift your cat’s mouth gently and brush the surface of their teeth around the cheek area. Start with just the canine teeth. If everything’s going smoothly, slowly proceed to the other parts of its mouth. 

12. Reward your cat a special treat for behaving well at bathing time! 

Photo Courtesy of Reader’s Digest

It’s never easy for cats to just be good girls and follow you inside the bathroom. Show them great appreciation and reward them a treat you’ll know they’ll enjoy! This will make them think that if they always behave well, they will receive a special treat after! 

My Cat, My Responsibility. 

This isn’t just about how to bathe a cat. Having a pet is a big responsibility. There’s life depending on your hands. Don’t just buy a pet for fun, peer pressure and worst, just for social media posts. Show your pet some love even when you’re offline. Have a quality bonding time with your cat, arrange veterinarian appointments, listen to her needs, buy vitamins for health maintenance and last but not the least, give her a home. Not just a mere physical house but a home she can call her own.

Just got a new pet?

How exciting! Use these helpful tips to be a responsible pet owner! Don’t forget to share this guide to your fellow pet owner friends! 

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