The Top 15 Best Beaches in Cebu: Take A Dip In The Beautiful Waters!

When tourists visit the Philippines, they always include the beaches on their list! And Cebu is definitely an unbeatable contender. But where are the best beaches in Cebu, the Queen City of the South?

Cebu is covered with beaches from the north to the south, and with all the beaches you can choose from it can be hard to keep track which are the best in Cebu. To jumpstart your planning phase, here are the…

15 Best Beaches To Take A Dip In Cebu

15. Bakhaw Beach

As we start with our Best Beaches in Cebu list, situated in the island of Camotes, Bakhaw Beach is a secluded public beach and is actually one of the secrets of Camotes island. It’s untouched and undeveloped beauty is what attract visitors the most. You’ll mostly find cottages in the area but inns and resorts are quite far from the beachfront.

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14. Bounty Beach

It’s no secret that scuba diving is one of the most sough-out activities to do while in Malapascua, and Bounty Beach is a fairly nice spot to do water activities while in the island. Many locals and tourists visit this beach because of the white sand and clear water.

13. Sumilon Island

Located at the southern portion of Cebu is another islet that tourists are fond of going to. Sumilon Island has a public sandbar that you can spend a few hours lounging at or you can also opt to check in with the only resort in Sumilon, Bluewater Sumilon, where you can get a bigger access to the beach.

12. Basdaku Beach

Next on our Best Beaches in Cebu list, Basdaku Beach is one of Cebu’s best beaches and it is found on the municipality of Moalboal. With a very cheap price, locals prefer to spend the day getting their tan on Basdaku White Beach and enjoy a nice time with friends and family.

11. Tulang Diot

Also known as the “Boracay of Camotes,” Tulang Diot is a separate offshore island in Camotes and is famous for the beautiful stretch of white sand in the islet. It is a serene and rustic islet perfect for those who want some peace and quiet. You can also try snorkeling when you’re in the islet together with some adventurous friends.

10. Logon Beach

Logon Beach is a wonderful spot located in Malapascua Island if you want to go sight-seeing for manta rays and thresher sharks. It is also a known dive spots for the risk-takers and those who want to see the island’s coral reefs!

9. Budyong Beach

When you get to Bantayan Island, you would most likely stay at the area near the dock. But, did you know that the other side is also houses beaches that are not usually as crowded? Budyong Beach has powdery white sand and its own sandbar which makes it an enjoyable spot for tourists!

8. Tingko Beach

Photo courtesy of The Traveller’s Diaries.

Halfway through our Best Beaches in Cebu list, nestled in the southeast part of Cebu, Tingko Beach is a crowd-favorite because of the powdery white sands and azure waters that the beach has to offer. It is definitely Alcoy’s pride when it comes to Cebu’s best beaches!

7. Hidden Beach

Photo courtesy of Anew Tagupa Loquias.

Another unspoiled beauty is Aloguinsan’s own Hidden Beach. It is named such because of the untouched wonder it has to offer. With clear waters, you can definitely find serenity once you arrive at the beach!

6. Kota Beach

Adjacent to Budjong Beach is Kota Beach or much more known to the public as “Camp Sawi.” Kota Beach is famous for its curved shoreline, and you can also make arrangements for kayaking!

5. Pescador Island

As we near the end of our Best Beaches in Cebu list, Pescador Island is one of the popular tourist attraction in the municipality of Moalboal. It is named after the Spanish word for “fisherman” because of the abundance of coral reefs in the area. Enjoy a dive with the sardines and take a look at the marine creatures residing below!

4. Paradise Beach

Looking for a rustic scenery to spend a day at? Paradise Beach in Bantayan Island boasts of the beautiful strip of sand and shallow, crystal clear water perfect for those beach-hopping!

3. Lambug Beach

Stepping up their game is Badian’s very own “Little Boracay of Cebu!” Lambug Beach truly takes pride of their pristine waters, white sand, and blue skies that make a perfect combination for those seeking tranquility!

2. Panagsama Beach

Panagsama Beach in Moalboal does not boasts of its white sand beach but it certainly has a lot more to offer. The underwater activities that you can do at Panagsama Beach are unparalleled and exploring the what lies beneath is really an exciting experience!

1. Sta. Fe Beach

Photo courtesy of Agoda.

And at the tip of our Cebu Best Beaches list, we cannot move forward without mentioning the splendid beauty that Sta. Fe Beach in Bantayan Island has to offer. From the moment you dock at the port, the long coastline of white sand and clear blue waters is already a relaxing sight to see!

The beach lovers are probably at the edge of their seats at this point and we can’t blame them! Just imagine taking a dip at those beautiful beaches, how lucky to be in Cebu? Start planning your next vacation and make sure to include one or two of these Best Beaches in Cebu to kickstart your trip!

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